Omnitrition Review: A One-Time Huge MLM Company

In this post, I will provide an independent Omnitrition review…

When the MLM company called Omnitrition was first founded, it gained immediate prominence in the world of multilevel marketing. It seemed everyone was signing up with this weight loss and nutritional MLM company.

Omnitrition grew huge.

But times grew difficult for multiple reasons. Still operating today, Omnitrition is trying to once again gain a strong foothold in the network marketing industry. Will they do so?

The rest of the information in this post provides and Omnitrition review. I will look at the history, the leadership, the products and the compensation plan for Omnitrition independent business owners.

I will try to determine if Omnitrition has a good chance of becoming a MLM powerhouse once again.

I want you to know that I am not in any way affiliated with Omnitrition. This review is completely unbiased to help readers determine if Omnitrition may be a good business fit for them.

Omnitrition History

Back in the mid 1980’s. Roger Daley had built a large home based business with Herbalife. But Roger dreamed of more and he foresaw the founding of his own MLM company.

The creative entrepreneur he was, Roger developed a nutritional supplement he called Omnilife 4 and he used that as the flagship product to start a MLM company.

In 1989, Omnitrition was founded by Roger and headquarters are in Reno, Nevada.

Immediately after its founding, Roger and other Omnitrition team members began developing various other weight loss and nutritional substances. Omnitrition grew quickly and the products were quite popular until…



What happened is 2 individuals brought a class-action lawsuit against Omnitrition claiming it was a pyramid scheme. The case was ferocious and the landmark Amway case was brought to the forefront which helped show that Omnitrition was operating legally.

The case was eventually dismissed but the damage was done.

Many distributors left Omnitrition and the company felt a huge drop in revenues. But Roger Daley and his wife stood strong and Omnitrition is still alive.

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Daley Is The Leader

Overall, Roger Daley is the Omnitrition King. He controls the operation. There is not much information about other leaders in the company.

Omnitrition Products

Omnitrition offers an array of products that primarily fall into the nutritional and weight loss areas. Many people have claimed the products are good and work, but that the prices are outlandish. And with the heavy competition in these areas, it can be difficult for independent Omnitrition reps in selling the products.

Some of the top selling Omnitrition products are:

  • Omni Drop
  • Omni 4
  • Charge Capsules
  • Smart Multivitamins
  • and more

Omnitrition Compensation

Unless you actually join, getting information about the Omnitrition compensation plan is difficult.

It seems that to earn commissions, distributors must purchase a package for approximately $50 and pay a yearly fee of $60.

It seems supervisors can make up to 40% commissions on retail sales.

While we know that Omnitrition has been deemed to be legit by a court of law and they have been operating for a long time, I must say that I do think it odd that it is so hard to find information a person should have before joining a MLM company.

My Opinion Of Omnitrition

When I look at everything I can find about this MLM company, I can completely understand why they have faltered. If they continue to keep such secrecy and outlandish high prices, I doubt they will ever grow anywhere near the size they once were.

But, if you think Omnitrition would be a right fit for you, you can visit their website at:

A better choice

Now I am affiliated with a MLM company that offers weight loss and all organic products that are priced fairly. Not only that, the compensation plan is the best I have ever found in a MLM company.

With no GMOs and fully organic, you will feel and look healthier.

The company I speak of is RegenaLife and I recommend you visit the website here. Take a look around and know that there is no cost to join other than the products you purchase for personal use.

Final Thoughts

I hope this post helped you understand more about Omnitrition.

I do wish I could have supplied you with more information so if you have info about Omnitrition that I did not write here, feel free to tell us in the comment area.

If you have any questions, you can post those below too.

Thank you for visiting and have a great day.



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