Nutrilite Double X Vitamin Review and Testimonial

Today, we’re going to review the Nutrilite Double X vitamins.

Nutrilite is a subsidiary of the Amway Corporation. It traces its roots back to 1934 and was founded by Carl Rehnborg. Nutrilite owns their own farms where they grow their own vegetables and supplements to manufacture the Nutrilite Double X multi-vitamins. They use the finest ingredients to manufacture this product.

What should you know about Nutrilite Double X multi-vitamins?

Here are a few basic things you should know.

  • Multi-vitamins were first created in 1934 by Carl Rehnborg (founder of Nutrilite)
  • The Double X vitamins are designed around a simple nutritional principle: To provide an essential nutritional foundation for people who understand the many benefits provided by vitamins, minerals, and plant concentrates (phytonutrients)
  • Double X is power-packed with vitamins, minerals, and plant concentrates, supporting your active and healthy lifestyle
  • Double X has phytonutrients with antioxidant protection, targeting key groups of cell-damaging free radicals
  • Ingredients include alfalfa, parsely and other plant materials
  • Double X is the flagship product of Nutrilite
  • Promotes heart, cardiovascular, healthy bones, teeth, eye and skin care health
  • Come from certified organic farms
  • One month supply retail cost is $82.45, plus tax and shipping (as of 2013)
  • NSF Certified for Sport
  • Endorsed by NFL MVP Kurt Warner

Source: Amway Website

If you look on the nutritional label, you will see that the vitamins provide at least 50-100% or more of the recommended daily dosage for vitamin A, C, D, E and thiamin, Riboflavin, vitamin B6 and so much more.

Each container features gold, silver and bronze tablets.  It contains a powerful blend of 12 vitamins and 10 minerals manufactured from certified organic farms. I just checked the current price on Amway’s website and a one month supply retails for $$82.45, plus tax and shipping. The distributor’s cost is approximately 20% to 30% cheaper. This product traces its roots back to 1948.

During my 2.5 years in Amway, this was one of my favorite products. I took these vitamins like clock-work, every day. They gave me great energy and made me feel healthy. One thing I didn’t like about the Nutrilite Double X multi-vitamins was the cost. Even though I liked the vitamins, I thought the price was a bit steep; especially if you compared it to similar products in the market place. You could purchase similar multi-vitamins in the grocery store, or at GNC, for less than $15.  So for someone on a budget, this is not the best option.

Another thing I didn’t like was that you had to take three tablets, twice a day. That equals 6 tablets per day. To most people that’s not that big of a deal, but I don’t enjoy taking pills all that much myself. I took them anyway, because they gave me energy and helped me generate sales volume for my business. Despite the couple things I didn’t like about this product, I still thought this was a fantastic product.

On a side note, I would love to hear from you. Please share your experiences taking the Nutrilite Double X multi-vitamins. Just leave a comment to this post to share your thoughts. Please know that I am not affiliated with the company in any way. Amway and Nutrilite are both registered trademarks.  Thanks.

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32 thoughts on “Nutrilite Double X Vitamin Review and Testimonial”

      1. Thank for reply massage, yup i have compared other supplement. I would like to try double x for 6 months first and hope have good result for me.

        1. I’ve used Double XX for 40 years and swear by them. Many folks who use them (full dose) for 3-6 months can feel the loss when they STOP. How did YOUR trial turn out?

          As for quality, I trust the factual statements from the Amway website and materials. (Testimonials from enthusiastic distributors and not always so trustworthy!) Give the vitamin and mineral contents, the amount of organic material used, and the fairly unique presence of so many phytonutrients (i.e. tiny “food values” not found in synthetic vitamins), I think Double XX is a great value. If you want to save money, they product (in my opinion) is strong enough to be of great value if you take only one dose a day! Certainly better that just about any off-the-shelf vitamins.

          1. I will tell you that my doctors notice when I am not taking the Double X. I have tried other competitive and lower priced vitamins.
            I had an opportunity to visit the farm and had it not been for their pesticide free process, I could easily have switched to a cheaper brand.
            But given my distrust of the FDA and what they classify as organic, I will stick with the nutrilite brand. As I walked around the farm, there were plants that you could eat fresh off the vine. That is how safe the product is.

  1. I would need for there to be some drastic difference between what these vitamins provide and what the ones I currently use offer in order to pay such a steep price. Even if I did have the money to spare, I can’t really stomach the idea of spending more than I need to on a product. I too am kind of turned off by the idea of having to take pills twice a day simply because I’m prone to forget. However, from a business standpoint this seems like a good company with a valuable product that people who like it would continuously come back to purchase. I guess it would just be about really promoting the benefits and hoping people saw the value enough to not care about the price so much.

    1. My wife and I have been taking these Nutrilite Double X vitamins for almost 1 month now. I must tell you they completely blow the one a day vitamins I take away. My only issue was the same as Chucks, taking six pills a day is difficult. I am the type of person that gags on a small aspirin. I also do not care for the taste. I found that taking them with a glass of grapefruit juice helps relieve that awful taste they leave, but the energy I feel is unreal. Don’t get concerned when you urinate, the color may be almost orange, that is just toxins being flushed from your body.

      1. Just keep in mind Greg, that you don’t take medicine, but pure food that supplies you with vitamines, minerals and fytonutrients. So few people eat the minimum potions of fruit and vegetables the World Health Organisation advises in order to stay healthy. So ensure to fill that gap not only to feel good, but instead to feel great!
        Enjoy your day!

  2. Those do sound like expensive vitamins. And since they are large, six a day sounds like a lot to be taking. No wonder they are so full of everything. Hopefully that many pills fills you up, too. Are they also a diet suppressant? If so, perhaps that is why there are still so many people willing to pay that price. I like Amy’s presentation where she was able to show that the whole pill dissolved in about 15 minutes, unlike a competitors, but really, whether it dissolves or not, your body gets just gets rid of what it doesn’t need.

    It might be a great vitamin, but the price is definitely off-putting.

    1. I had to cut the dose to once a day. So I am only taking 3 pills a day. Plus. when I was taking the 6 pills a day I had a lot of energy. I have to get lab work for my doctors every 6 months. When I am not taking my 3 vitamins a day, the doctors notice.
      I had an opportunity to visit the farm. The farm is pesticide free and ALL TRUE ORGANIC. All the plants are maintained with manual or natural labor.
      given the FDA lax in true organic products. I will pay more for my vitamins knowing that the process is true organic. In other words you pay for what you get.

  3. I love the Double X and the quality of the vitamins. Is it expensive compared to other things? Yes. But I believe it is worth the price. Cheaper is not always better. Quality and value are also important factors to consider. After all, you get what you pay for.

  4. Most days, I don’t take all 6 pills, so I only take 3 which is half of the recommend dose. A half dose is probably 10x better than not taking any pills at all. Are the vitamins and minerals that you get at your local GNC natural? Unlikely. Can you guarantee that each supplement has been studied and researched scientifically? Unlikely.

    1. I took the Double X for nearly a decade. I stopped when I lost my job, but I really loved these vitamins. They gave me so much energy and made me feel great all day long.

    2. Thanks for the comment, Michael. Taking three pills a day is a good option if you are on a budget or don’t like taking lots of pills. As far as the research goes, I’m not going to go down that lane since vitamins are not endorsed or approved by the FDA. When I took them, I did like them though.

      1. Vitamins that have unnatural fillers do have to be FDA approved. GNC and Herbalife boast that theirs are FDA approved. Maybe that tells you something about what is in them.

  5. I’m not a big fan of the Double X. Taking 6 pills a day is crazy. The pills are big. And the price is absurd. You have much better options by visiting your local GNC Store.

  6. This vitamins are very effective and break down in your body. Many vitamins simply pass through your body and never get processed. Even though the Double X vitamins are expensive, I personally think they are worth every penny of the price.

    1. Chantel,

      I’m glad you like the Amway Nutrilite Double X vitamins. They are good quality. And you are right, if a vitamin just passes through you it doesn’t do you much good.


  7. My husband and I have been taking the Nutrilite Double X vitamins for more than 20 years now. And while I do agree with you that they are a bit expensive, I can also say that they are worth the price to the two of us. The vitamins give us great energy that lasts the entire day. We take our vitamins with breakfast in the morning and again with dinner at night. They work very well. And for any skeptics out there, I am not a distributor. My brother is a Platinum level distributor and we have been customers of his more than 20 years.

    1. Good for you, Joan. I have to agree with you that the Double X vitamins are really awesome. I simply don’t take them because of the price, but I enjoyed taking the vitamins while I was a distributor with the company.

    2. Not sure why anyone would spend more than $50 for some overpriced vitamins when you can get some at Wal-mart for about $5.

      1. OMG.. you’re joking right? The vitamins Walmart (and Target) provide end up in your toilet pipes… they are full of synthetics and fillers (just ask a plumber). It’s absurd that you made that statement. I guarantee you are NOT someone who takes vitamins seriously. Go back and read what’s in these vitamins, the amount that is in them, read a little more about the Nutrilite company and how they grow their plants, the grounds that they grow them in and then go and compare that with other vitamins out there. Double X gives you 3 different types of vitamins for $90… If I got each of those vitamins alone (not in the medley), with the same quality.. It would run each bottle about $50 bucks because they are GOOD vitamins… Seriously, don’t make shallow remarks when you’ve done no research!

  8. Like you, I took the Nutrilite Double X Multivitamins while I was with the company, and loved the product, but not the price. One differentiating factor for the Nutrilite Double X Multivitamins is that the body absorbs the whole tablet, as opposed to a number of other multivitamins that are only partially absorbed. I remember demonstrating this process by dropping a Nutrilite Double X Multivitamin into a small cup of vinegar, simulating the body’s digestive chemicals, and a leading multivitamin into another. The Nutrilite product completely dissolved after approximately 15 minutes, while the competing multivitamin often only partially dissolved, if at all. It was a fun sales tool, but the price often overrode the quality of the product.

    1. I did the same demonstrations, too. The problem I had (just like you did) when dealing with customers and prospects is getting them to spend $60 or $70 for a month’s supply of vitamins when they could buy a competitor product at Wal-mart for $5 to $10. I’m not saying that the Nutrilite XX wasn’t great. It was. The price just put most people off.

      1. Natural costs money. To get the same nutrients naturally, you’d have to graze the local vegetable stand all day to get everything you need to be healthy. Compare the cost of natural foods to synthetic foods and you’d likely come up with similar results. IMHO, poor comparisons and low data points make not a good hypothesis.

        1. My wife has been taking the Double X vitamins since before I met her, probably for 10+ years. She swears by them. I think they are a bit expensive myself, but if my wife is happy and I’m cool with it.

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