Nu Skin My Victory AC Chocolate Vanilla Shake Review

In today’s post I want to provide an independent review of the Nu Skin My Victory AC Shake.

It’s important to know upfront that I am in no way affiliated with the company.

Also, I am not a doctor and I have not tried the product myself.

However, I have read and collected information and testimonials online and put everything in one place so you can make an educated decision as to whether or not this product is right for you.

Let’s get started.

Facts about the Nu Skin My Victory AC Shake

Here are a few quick facts about the product:

  • 30 servings sell for $105.50 plus shipping and tax (if applicable)
  • It helps control appetite and reduce cravings
  • You add two scoops to eight ounces of water
  • Recommended use is twice a day
  • One serving contains 140 calories, 19 carbs, 15 grams of protein and 6 grams of sugar
  • They contain protein, carbs and fiber
  • It’s recommended that you use this product with the AC Complex
  • The shake helps maintain lean muscle mass
  • Contains more than 1400 mg of botanicals (more than any other shake)
  • It comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors

You can learn more about this product itself by visiting the official company website (see references below)

Pros and Cons of Nu Skin My Victory AC Shake

No product is perfect.

Every product has good and bad things about it.

Listed below I will share the pros and cons of using the shake, as I see it (from my research).

Please keep in mind that these are just my opinion.

Once again, I am not a doctor or distributor.


  • Tastes great
  • Loaded with nutrients
  • Easy to make


  • Very expensive compared to similar products
  • Contains a lot of sugar for someone who is diabetic or watching their blood sugar

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Testimonials for the Product

If you’re looking for some testimonials, please visit the company’s website.

You can also check out the comments below to check out what others are saying.

My Recommendations

After reading the review, if you decide to purchase the Nu Skin My Victory AC Shake, I highly suggest you do the following things first.

  1. Before you start any new weight loss program you should consult with your doctor to make sure the product is a good fit with your body and specific situation
  2. Conduct a a price comparison and quality comparison with this product and at least three other similar products, so you can find out if this product offers a real value with other similar products
  3. If you are going to use the product, shop around so you can get a discount (or become a distributor)
  4. If you get started, follow the program and suggested use for at least a few months to give it a chance to work; don’t just try it for a week or two and then stop using it

nu skin my victory ac shakeAbout the Company

Nu Skin is one of the largest and most successful multi-level marketing companies in the world.

They specialize in skin care, personal care, wellness and other products.

The company launched in 1984 and has produced many of millionaires and six figure earners.

Two of my favorite distributors are Nathan Ricks and Kenton Worthington.

I personally consider them to be one of the top 10 best MLM Companies around.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Nu Skin My Victory AC Shakes are a great product from Nu Skin.

They are designed to help people control their appetite and lose weight.

At approximately $3 per serving they are by no means the cheapest thing out there in the marketplace.

However, from the stories I’ve read online, most people who actually use the product are very satisfied with how it tastes, and the quality of the ingredients.

What are your thoughts?

Have you ever tried the Nu Skin My Victory AC Shakes?

If so, I would love to hear from you.

Please leave a comment below to tell us what you like about them, how long you have been using them, and what type of results you have experienced.

I look forward to hearing from you.



I am in no way affiliated with Nu Skin.  The name is a registered trademark.  All sources are cited in the reference section.  Individual results will vary.  Consult with a doctor before starting any weight loss program.

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29 thoughts on “Nu Skin My Victory AC Chocolate Vanilla Shake Review”

  1. I just tried some of the Nu Skin shakes for the first time the other day. My brother is a distributor and he sent me some samples. They are really delicious. Even though they are a bit pricey, I think they are good quality and worth the price.

  2. I like protein and meal replacement shakes, but have not tried the Nu Skin products yet. I will definitely have to look into them and see how they taste, how much they cost and whether or not they are worth ordering and reordering. Thanks for the review.

  3. These are some great shakes. I can easily justify the cost of the Nu Skin shakes considering the quality. I’ve lost 40 lbs in three months with the shakes and I’ve never felt better. How much is your health worth to you?

  4. Nu skin has 75 scientists formulating their products. Many have a PHD. These shakes were extremely studied and well thought out. I drink one every morning and I look forward to it. It’s the first shake I have ever tried that I can drink at 6 am and not be hungry till 12 pm. I use the chocolate or vanilla and mix 10 oz coconut milk, one banana, one tablespoon of peanut butter and some ice. Super Yummy! Also, I react badly to sugar and artificial sweeteners. I get a head ache or stomach ache from those. I love that the Nu Skin shakes have neither. I feel so good after drinking them!!!! That is hard to find in other shakes!!! I think they are well worth the money and way cheaper than grabbing something at a drive through on the way to work. You are welcome to visit my site to learn more or buy some. I have been a distributor for 6 months and am more and more impressed with the company the more I delve in! There is a new fat loss product coming out in October called TR90 too, check it out…

    1. I like that you as a distributor are someone who likes the product for yourself. I can sense that you are satisfied as a user and you make a compelling case for the product and its benefits. I like when a company takes the time to really research a product to ensure that it is not going to harm my body. Plus the benefits of these shakes seem to go beyond weight loss which I like because ultimately I am not trying to lose weight but live a healthier lifestyle.

  5. I personally enjoy the Nu Skin shakes. I think they are great quality and worth the price. If you want something cheaper and lower quality, go to Wal-mart or Sam’s Club. But for someone like me who chooses quality over price, these shakes are probably just what you are looking for.

    1. Allison,

      I agree with you that the Nu Skin shakes are good quality. However, I also think the price is a bit steep. Just my thoughts though. Thanks for your comment.


  6. I see a lot of folks are complaining about the price of the Nu Skin AC Victory Shakes. Yes, they are expensive. But they taste great and are high quality. And when was the last time Wal-mart, GNC or any store paid you a commission to be a customer?

    1. I’ve never received a check from Wal-mart. That would be nice since I’ve spent so much money with them. However, even if I did get a check from Nu Skin it would be hard to justify the money spent on the product.

  7. I say hogwash. If you’re going to spend this much money on a weight loss shake, you are a FOOL. Whey spend 3-4 times as much on this when you can get almost the exact same thing at Sam’s Club for at least 80% cheaper? I can’t believe people actually fall for this stuff.

  8. This stuff is way overpriced at nearly three dollars per serving. I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would spend that much on a weight loss or fitness shake when you get something similar at Sam’s Club or Wal-mart for almost 80% cheaper.

  9. I think the Nu Skin AC Shakes are complete garbage. You can buy a similar shake at any store (GNC, Walmart or Sam’s Club) for almost 80-90% cheaper. Why would anyone in their right mind waste their money on these shakes?


    1. The Nu Skin AC Shakes contain an ingredient not found in the average protein or supplement shakes, which is garcinia cambodia, often referred to by just garcinia. Reliable resources verify that garcinia has been clinically proven to reduce appetite and block fat absorption, decrease belly fat, increase serotonin levels, and manage the level of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body. These are all factors in weight gain and loss, addressed by one fruit. Interesting.

  10. I can see there are a lot of people on this page that have a lot of bad things to say about the Nu Skin AC Victory shakes, especially the price. I am in agreement that the suggested retail price is a bit steep. But if you shop around on Amazon or eBay you can get a GREAT deal on this product, about half the price you would pay if you bought it directly with the company. With that type of discount, I personally believe it is a real bargain!

  11. I find the Nu Skin shakes to taste really good, and I’ve used them before as a healthy snack (not exactly what they are intended for)–trying to cut down on the chocolate. They were, and maybe they still are, significant competition for Quixtar (Amway) when I was involved in that business.

    1. Nu Skin is definitely a big competitor with Amway. Both are great companies with great products, but it takes a special person to build a large and profitable business with either company.

  12. I just tried one of these Nu Skin shakes at my neighbor’s house yesterday. It tasted good and I liked what was on the label, but they are just too expensive for my budget.


  13. I’ve never had any luck with diet shakes or mixes in the past. Either they taste so bad I just don’t want them off the bat, or they’re actually pretty good and then I end up drinking way too many of them. If this Nu Skin Victory AC shake mix is as good as you make it sound I would probably overuse it.

    1. I can totally relate James. I like the different shakes that Nu Skin and many other companies make, but like you, if they taste good I want to drink several of them! I’ve had much better luck losing weight simply by reducing my daily carb intake.


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