November 2014 Month in Review for My MLM Blog and MLM Business

Here is my month in review for November 2014 for my blog and my MLM Business.  This is my second month of doing this.  I post this to stay accountable and show others the power of incremental growth.

My Business Goals for November 2014

Here were my business goals for November 2014.  I have them broken down into two categories: one for my blog and one for my MLM Business.


  • Publish 22 new blog posts on this website
  • Add 300 comments to website
  • Finish recording and publish 6 new training CDs
  • Mail out newsletter on last day of each month

MLM Business:

  • Personally sponsor 6 people
  • Send out mailed newsletter
  • Train all new team members

My Daily Mode of Operation for November 2014:

This is basically what I did each day to build my business in November (Monday through Friday).

  • Publish one new blog post daily (Monday through Friday)
  • Revise one old blog post
  • Post 3-5 updates per day in my Facebook Mastermind Group
  • Send training email to list every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Follow up with new leads
  • Send out training newsletter in mail on last day of the month
  • Mail out two hand written notes per day
  • Read for 20 to 30 minutes daily
  • Exercise daily (5 days a week)

*** This takes me about 90 minutes to do per day!

Stats and Results for My MLM Blog and MLM Business November 2014

  • Total Visitors: 17,657 (previous month: 21,714)
  • Unique Visitors: 14,464 (previous month: 17,714)
  • Total Page Views: 26,061 (previous month: 32,698)
  • Visits Per Day: 588.6 (previous month: 700.5)
  • Unique Visitors Per Day: 482.1 (previous month: 571.4)
  • Page Views Per Day: 868.7 (previous month: 1054.8)
  • New MLM Boot Camp Leads: 234
  • New MLM Company Specific Leads: 49
  • New Weight Loss Leads: 12
  • New Requested free CD Leads: 17
  • Total New Leads: 312 (previous month: 453)
  • Published 26 blog posts
  • Added 215 blog comments
  • Published 12 podcasts
  • Personally sponsored 4 new distributors who placed an order (sponsored more than that, but not everyone ordered)

I hit all of my business goals for the month except two.  I wanted to personally sponsor 6 people, but I only personally sponsored 4 people (who placed an order).  In addition, I finished five of the six audio CDs, but didn’t have them published yet.

What I Did for Advertising in NOV 2014

Within MSN Ad Center I had one campaign and got 165 clicks for $6.01, at an average cost of four cents per click.

Personal Development in November 2014

Here are the books I read in November 2014:

I also did some mastermind calls with some of my mentors.  I was supposed to attend the MLM Mastermind Event in Orlando, but had something come up and couldn’t make it.

What’s Ahead for December 2014

December is going to be a great month.  I plan on launching my blogging course for network marketers.  I’ll keep growing my MLM Business and wrapping up the year with a big BANG!

Final Thoughts

In summary, November 2014 was a great month for my blog and network marketing business. I’m excited about finishing the year strong and reaching my yearly goals.  I learned a lot of good lessons this month that should help me propel my business forward in the months to come.

What are your thoughts?  What do you think about my results for the month?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Chuck Holmes is a Network Marketing Professional, author, and blogger. He's been in the industry since 2002. He is one of the top producers in his network marketing company. He is happily married and lives in Florida with his beautiful wife, Rachel. He enjoys flea markets, reading, writing, walking, fishing and funny movies. You can call Chuck during business hours at (352) 503-4816 EST or you can email him at

6 thoughts on “November 2014 Month in Review for My MLM Blog and MLM Business

  1. At the risk of sounding repetitive, I am going to echo the other comments, but I too am impressed with your reading progress each month. As an avid book blogger and book nerd in general, that I usually the first thing I look for on your monthly summary posts! I also enjoy the reviews you do on each book.
    ALSO, great job on the rest of your goals! Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Kristen. I am an avid reader and do what I can to learn something new each day. Setting goals has really helped me be productive and step out of my comfort zone.

  2. As an author, it always puts a smile on my face to see that there are people who still make a habit of reading. As Diamond mentioned, reading is a great way to learn and grow. When I take a look back over the years, I have discovered that much of what I have learned has been from reading.

    I appreciate you sharing reviews of the books you read. I take special note of many of them and add them to the list of future reading. I do need to set apart a certain hour of each day to read, as the way I do now is off and on with no set schedule. I have those moments where I get in reading moods and will read for hours until I fall asleep.

  3. I love that you read for 20 – 30 minutes each day. I definitely think that if you want to succeed at something you have to learn everything you can about it, and reading is a good way to go about learning. There are so many reputable people in the MLM industry that have published books or training material that the potential to grow in your business is great. I personally have come across so many great books through your blog that have enhanced my business knowledge as well as enhanced me personally.

    • Every successful person that I know of reads every single day!

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