Norm and Pam Kizirian: Amway WWDB Executive Diamonds

Norm and Pam Kizirian are Executive Diamonds in the Amway Business.

They are affiliated with the World Wide Dream Builders line of sponsorship.

During my time in the Amway business, I heard Norm speak at several different events.

I would describe him as an intense and passionate guy.

He was always fun to listen to. He always shared great leadership tips and wisdom to other distributors.executive diamonds

When the Kizirian’s first saw the Amway business plan, they were heavily in debt and were separated.

Norm believed in the Amway business opportunity right away, but Pam was very skeptical at first.

Even though Pam was skeptical about Amway, Norm built their Amway business anyway.

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Norm Kizirian plugged in to the WWDB system and started showing the plan.

He prospected strangers, approached friends and family, and built his business mostly through one-on-one presentations and in-home parties.

He got good at sponsoring and working in depth.

Within a short amount of time he had a few key leaders and was growing a large organization.

As a Ruby, Norm Kizirian retired from managing two different nursing homes.

A couple years late, they achieved the status of Diamonds.

The Kizirian’s qualified Diamond in 1990 and Executive Diamond in 1999.

From what I remember, they were down line from Double Diamonds Terry and Linda Felber.

Iā€™m trying to find out if Norm and Pam Kizirian are still involved with the Amway business.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. If you know them or have worked with them personally I would love to hear your story.

Please share how you met them, when you worked with them and how they helped you with your Amway business.

Just leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

Disclaimer: Amway and WWDB are registered trademarks. Ā I am in no way affiliated with the company.

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Chuck Holmes is an author, blogger and network marketer. He is a top producer in his network marketing company. He is happily married and lives in Florida with his beautiful wife, Rachel.

36 thoughts on “Norm and Pam Kizirian: Amway WWDB Executive Diamonds

  1. Norm and Pam are some of the kindest, most non-judgemental people I know. My fiance and I are their downline are both consistently mentored by them. They are still in the Amway business and going strong! He’s been free for 31 years, and has sown into countless lives. Both are selfless, full of grace, extremely wise, loving, forgiving, and some of the most patient people I’ve ever met. He still shows the plan, and we can’t WAIT to be Diamonds in his business!!!

  2. My uncle met Norm & Pam back in the early 2000’s on a business trip and said they were so straight forward and easy to talk to. I never got into Amway but I am considering it because I feel like it will increase my knowledge and business savvy. I hear nothing but good things about present and past members.

    • Norm and Pam are really, really awesome. I would love to spend a day with them and pick their brain.

    • Britanica, it’s the best business out there that will create financial freedom, and holistic wealth for your family. Do yourself a solid and check it out, along with World Wide Dream Builders. Ask for me! I’d be happy to see if I can open a door for you! šŸ™‚ Ryan and Alaine Jackson šŸ˜€

  3. Three down from Norm & Pam 1994 – 2006. Grew up with them mentoring my parents. Became friends with the Kizerian kids since we were same age. Kinda grew up together. To this day grateful the Kizerian family. Helped save my parents marriage and I became a Christian at one of WWDB functions. If not for Norm our family would still be in Scientology. Norm treated me like a son and gave me advise to be a good man. Always wanted to be a diamond to pay him back. Wasn’t in the cards. Ended up working for a church. Got me thinking I should send him a Father’s Day card tomorrow for him. I literally cannot say one bad thing about him or Pam and I spent years by their side. Norm in his heart believed in this business and other people.

    • Thanks for the comment, Scott. Do you know if Norm and Pam are still building the business?

      • Chuck , my wife and I were in Amway with Norm and Pam for several years in early 2000’s. We visited them in their home several times. The Lord led us in a different direction , but Norm and Pam are still doing exceptionally well in their Amway business. Matter of fact , they helped a mutual friend of ours start a new church in Fresno and we attended the 10th anniversary dinner last weekend. My wife and I spoke with Norm at that event. He and Pam are still excelling in the WWDB Amway business and still live in the same home in Fresno. They have continued to be used by God in many facets of many people’s lives. “dream building true relationships”

    • As a Christian, it warms my heart to see this. I have heard many Christians claim that Christianity and Network marketing do not go together. I try to explain that everyone needs to work and eat, and we can keep our Christian morals in Network marketing.

      I plan on showing this comment to some people that have that opinion. I try to explain that if that is true, a Christian then could own no business, because MLM is no different than owning a traditional business, just lower starting costs.

      The key is: follow the golden rule. Treat others as you would want to be treated.

      What are your thoughts?

  4. I was part of their Amway team for about six years. They are a really nice couple. Big hearts, friendly and nice to everyone on their team. That’s how I would describe them.

    • Glad you got to spend six years on their team, Hannah.

  5. My wife and I have known Norm and Pam for many years now. We are not in Amway, but they are close friends. I consider them a great couple.

    • That’s good, Dan. They seem like such a nice couple to me. I would love to be able to spend a day with them and learn some things from them.

  6. I spent three years in the World Wide Dream Builders line of sponsorship in the early 2000’s. I never met Norm and Pam, but I did listen to several of their tapes. They were definitely a classy couple with lots of passion for the business.

    • Who was your upline Diamond, Karl? I was in WWDB at the same time that you were.

  7. Great couple. I was in their downline from 2002 to 2005.

    • Good for you, Sheila. What made you decide to leave Amway?

  8. We met Norm and Pam Kizirian at Free Enterprise Day, many years ago. That was the only function my wife and I attended and we really enjoyed it. We really liked the couple, but decided that the Amway business wasn’t for us.

    • Glad you had the chance to meet Norm and Pam, Bobby!

  9. I was cross line from them in the Howie and Theresa Danzik organization. I met the Kizirian’s at several different events. I really enjoyed this couple.

    • I was in the Danzik organization too, underneath Mike and Barb Popovich. I really enjoyed WWDB.

  10. I listened to Norm speak on stage at a Spring Leadership Event, more than a decade ago. He was a great speaker and was very passionate. Something about him resonated with me.

    • I’ll have to agree with you, Louie. I always enjoyed listening to Norm speak at events.

  11. We met Norm and Pam and Free Enterprise Day back in 2005. They were such a nice couple. Although I’m not really active building my Amway business I still purchase products every month. I’ve really enjoyed my experience with WWDB.

    • Good for you, Lisa. I’m glad you liked Norm and Pam and are still in the business. I got a lot of good things from my experience in Amway, too.

  12. There is great value in one-on-one presentations. That is your opportunity to make your pitch and really cater it to the individual or group you are presenting to. Being in the same space as a person and getting the chance to speak to them in person adds a personal touch that a phone call or e-mail just cannot offer. Most people prefer this method when being approached anyway because they get the chance to ask questions immediately and seek further clarification or pursuit of the business right away.

    • Good points, Diamond.

      From what I know about Norm and Pam Kizirian, they built their Amway business primarily through one-on-one presentations.


  13. I was personally sponsored by Norm Kizirian into the Amway business. He was really nice and really helpful. I went on to build a 4000 PV business before I eventually fizzled out. I’m glad I had the opportunity to work with him and his wife.


  14. I met Norm and Pam Kizirian at a WWDB Family Reunion Event back in the 1990s. Norm was such a great speaker. He was very passionate about the business opportunity and WWDB. He was my favorite speaker at the event.


    • Hi Fred,

      Norm and Pam Kizirian are awesome. I listened to all of their tapes and heard them speak at many conventions during my time in Amway. They were some of my favorite Diamonds in World Wide Dream Builders.


  15. We med Norm and Pam Kizirian and FED many years ago. We were way down in their downline, but they took a few minutes to introduce themselves to use at the function. I was very impressed with how nice they are.

  16. Back in the mid 1990s, I was part of the Norm and Pam Kizirian team. I was about 15 levels deep on their team, working closely with one of their Platinum level distributors. Norm always provide great insights and tips for his team. He was accessible and friendly. I only did Amway for a few years, but I learned a lot from Norm during that time. I went on to build my own successful screen printing business.


    • Rafael,

      I’m glad that you enjoyed your experience in Amway, associated with WWDB and Norm and Pam Kizirian. I agree that that they are great leaders and people. Thanks for sharing your story.


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