Never Lead with Your Business Opportunity

Never lead with your business opportunity!  Whenever you are advertising to grow your network marketing business or are talking to prospects, NEVER lead with your business opportunity.  Search the internet, YouTube or Facebook and you will find MILLIONS of people pitching you their business opportunity.  People spam your Facebook wall and even your email inbox telling you how their business opportunity is the best thing since sliced bread.

If you’re like most people, you don’t like to be pitched and you don’t like to be sold.  You probably even find these ads annoying, just like your prospect does.  Well, if it annoys you, do think your prospect will like it?  Nope!

When you lead with your business opportunity you come across as amateurish and unprofessional.  You are doing the same thing that tens of thousands of other people in your network marketing company are doing.  And as a result, you will get the same results that they are getting.  HORRIBLE RESULTS!

The problem with leading with your business opportunity is that most people are not interested in your business opportunity.  They already have a business opportunity or job and they definitely don’t want another one.  BUT, your prospects do you have problems.  And they are looking for ways to solve those problems.

Rather than leading with your business opportunity, the key to success is to lead with INFORMATION.  That’s right.  Information.  Focus on your target market and then lead with a free DVD, course, video, report, eBook, white paper, training program or something that provides value and helps them solve their problems.  Here are just a few examples of information you can advertise:

  • A free MLM Boot Camp (that’s what I use)
  • A Free eBook That Teaches People How to Generate Leads
  • A Free 15-Minute Coaching Session
  • A FREE Video That Shows People How to Set Up a MLM Blog
  • An Audio Program That Shows 33 Ways to Get Leads
  • A Report of Sample Scripts to Use When Calling Prospects

never lead with your business opportunityThese are just a few examples that come to find.  Keep in mind that you are only limited to your creativity.  Look at what everyone else is offering online and try to find something unique.

When you lead with information, you get less resistance and objections.  People love information, especially if it helps them solve their problems.  As a result, people will give you their name, email, address and or phone number to get the free information from you. When they do this, they become a lead.  Once they become a lead, you can market additional products and services (and your business opportunity) to them in the future.

Your key to success is to give away something with a HIGH PERCEIVED value so people want it.  If it is a high quality, in demand, and relevant information product, people will HAVE TO HAVE IT.  And then you must collect their contact information in order for them to get the information from you, preferably with an email auto-responder.

If you do things right, your information will PRE-SELL YOU and YOUR BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.  And it will position yourself as an expert.  It will also promote multiple streams of income.  For example, my MLM Boot Camp that I give away promotes eight different income streams for me.  Everyone who gets the Boot Camp will have the opportunity to purchase the products and services that I promote in it.  In essence, my information does the selling for me, so I don’t have to.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that it’s really foolish to lead with your business opportunity.  In fact, I bet that if you spend all your time and money trying to advertise your business opportunity you will go BROKE fast.  People simply don’t care about your business opportunity.  Instead of leading with your business opportunity, make it a point to lead with INFORMATION instead.  And make sure your information is HIGH QUALITY, relevant, AND that it does the selling for you.

This is one of the most important lessons I learned from Mike Dillard.  I hope you will do the same thing in your business.  What are your thoughts?

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7 thoughts on “Never Lead with Your Business Opportunity”

  1. I once read that people only do business with people they know, like, and trust. If you are making an attempt to do business with someone on the street 9 times out of 10 they will think you are crazy. I have learned to strike up a short conversation get to know the person before I just start spilling all my business over them. Its much more effective.

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  3. I’ve never liked having my facebook wall filled with people talking about their businesses and how its a great time to invest and things. I stay clear of that and I focus on leads or people that are actually wanting to hear about my products and services. One good way to find good leads and interested customers is from This lead source has earned me a lot of money thanks to their qualified leads. It’s all about the quality of leads and type of leads.

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  5. These are really good tips. Having leads that are targeted toward your specific product is the most ideal situation and will get you better results. And you’re right – people love the idea of getting something for free. This strategy is tried and true. But if you have a reliable lead source that gives you targeted leads leads you can still do just as well.

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  7. Chrystlyn Edwards

    Again, Mike Dillard has done given excellent advice for those who desire to be successful in the network marketing business. I agree that promoting your business through information, instead of the business opportunity itself is more professional. People, like me, love information because we like to see what we are getting ourselves into before we commit, especially when it comes to money. This is a great article.

    1. What’s great about promoting information is that you don’t get as much rejection. And if your information is good quality, you can have it pre-sell your prospect on what you are selling so they want to buy from you.

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