Network Marketing Unplugged by Odessa Hopkins – Book Review

Today, I want to do a quick book review of “Network Marketing Unplugged: What My Upline Never Told Me!” by Odessa Hopkins.  While searching for some good network marketing books to buy on Amazon, Amazon recommended this book to me.  I took a chance on it since I love to read and I’m always looking for new sources of information to help me grow my network marketing business.

The book is short and to the point.  It has a few golden nuggets in it.  Overall, I give it 3 of 5 stars.  What I want to do in the paragraphs below is share some of my favorite quotes from the book and also provide my own two cents on the quote.  Each quote is in bold and italics and is listed in no particular order.

# 1 The point is not to join a business based on what someone else did. Your success, as with any business, is based – first – on your own effort. Individual results will always vary (in any business).  Just because someone else made a lot of money in your company, or lost their shirt, doesn’t mean you will get the same results as they did.  For example, in every town in America there are restaurants that make a lot of money and others that go out of business.  It doesn’t mean the restaurant business model is bad.  Your success is ultimately up to you.

network marketing unplugged# 2 While they will hit their quota when I come in the business, once they do, I will go to the bottom of their priority list. No one should enter into any business with the expectation of getting paid for doing nothing.   Never expect your upline or sponsor to build your team for you.  Yes, it’s their job to support you, train you and encourage you.  However, at the end of the day it’s your business and you must accept responsibility for your own success or failure.  If you’re counting on someone else to make you successful, get ready to eat a big lunch!

# 3 People buy things they want – not things they need. They buy on emotion.  When you are talking with your prospects, focus on their emotions.  Don’t try and be logical.  Logic will get you nowhere.  People make emotional decisions and then justify their decision with logic.  Focus on benefits not features.  Focus on wants not needs.

# 4 Family members are often the least likely candidates to support you in any business – and network marketing is no exception. Don’t be surprised if your family does not support you in your business.  Don’t be surprised if your family is negative and condescending.  Most family members won’t be supportive.  It’s just a reality.  Don’t take it personal.  Accept it and move on.  Most family members don’t want you to be successful because it will make them uncomfortable with their position in life.

# 5 Always invite someone who turned down the opportunity to become a customer – especially supportive friends and family members.  If someone tells you no to the business opportunity give them the opportunity to become a retail customer.  Most people don’t want their own business, but just about everyone loves to buy.  I’d take it a step further myself, and tell you to lead with the products not the business.

# 6 The first advantage of entering into business, particularly while working a traditional job, is the tax benefit. Very few people talk about the tax advantages of network marketing, but they should!  In the first year or two of your business, while you are getting your business established, a majority of your income will come in the form of tax savings.  Most network marketers can save an extra $3,000 to $5,000 per year in taxes (or more), just by keeping good tax records.

# 7 I must have different types of systems for each part of my business.  Your secret to success is to develop simple systems that work for you.  You want a lead generation system, a training system and a follow-up system, at a bare bones minimum.  By no means do you need to use your upline’s system, but you do need to find something that is simple and works well for you.

# 8 You must really go through a lot of people to find the true leaders.  You have to work the numbers.  Selling is a numbers game.  MLM is a numbers game.  Not everyone will be interested in your products or business opportunity.  Most won’t.  Just like looking for gold, you have to go through a lot of dirt and rocks before you find gold.  What you lack in skills you can make up for in numbers.

# 9 How simple it is to sponsor or bring people into the business if you relax and act like you are talking to your best friend.  Calm down!  Take a chill pill.  Control your hype and enthusiasm.  Don’t be so overexcited that you blow your prospect right out of the water.  There is something said for being calm, cool and collected and having posture and poise when you are talking with your prospects.

# 10 The fortune is in the follow up.  Did you know that most people need to be followed-up with anywhere from seven to twenty times before they make the decision to buy?  Sadly, most people never follow-up with their prospects more than once.  And they wonder why people don’t join their team.  What you need to do is develop is a follow-up system that stays in touch with each person you talk to FOREVER.  Basically, you want to follow up with people until they die or buy!  That being said, you don’t need to chase, annoy, pressure or bug people.  Instead, you want to walk people through your standardized follow-up process and stay in touch with them UNTIL the timing becomes right for them to buy.

# 11 People join people, not businesses. This is so true.  People join businesses because they think YOU can help them get what they want.  People join people they know, like and trust.  Most prospects want to know if you are serious about the business and if you’re going to be there to help them succeed!  People are always sizing you up.

# 12 The first year is a building period. Don’t expect to make money your first year in business.  In any business, it’s going to take at least a year to get established and get things off the ground.  Good things take time.  Have some patience and do the work.  If you really need IMMEDIATE income make sure you focus on retailing.  It takes some time to build up your residual income and get your business established.  This is true in ANY business.

About the Book

The book is available on Amazon for $5.38.  The ISBN is 9780615825410.  It has seven reviews with an overall rating of 5 stars (as of March 2015).  The book is available in soft-cover and Kindle editions.  The book features 62 pages and was first published on June 8, 2013.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, “Network Marketing Unplugged” What My Upline Never Told Me” by Odessa Hopkins is a pretty good book with some tips and golden nuggets that can help anyone.  If you haven’t read the book yet yourself, you should check it out.

What are your thoughts?  If you’ve read this book before I would love to hear from you.  Did you like the book?  What is your favorite quote listed above?  Just leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “Network Marketing Unplugged by Odessa Hopkins – Book Review”

  1. So often I see people who are trying to duplicate the success the another person and that is the primary reason they choose a specific MLM company. However, duplication should never be the goal. Why? Because it is impossible to do everything exactly the way another person did. Where you end up in the MLM business is a direct reflection of the effort, time, and energy you put into it. A point that needs to be reinforced over and over again.

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