7 thoughts on “Network Marketing for Facebook by Jim Lupkin and Brian Carter – Book Review

  1. One thing I wanted to mention is Facebook advertising has adapted and changed. Now is the time to utilize Facebook advertising as it has started learning about the friends of your friends and their friends, so on and so forth. When you develop a Facebook advertisement, the system will make sure that the people who truly fit in the category you are basing your ad on see it. If a friend of a friend of a friend has been looking at other network marketing items on Facebook, you can be sure your ad will be shown to them.

    • I personally like Facebook advertising for my military site, but haven’t had much luck using it for my MLM site.

  2. One of the keys I learned in one of my Communications courses was the power of relationship building as well as how to effectively go about building those relationships. Finding common bonds and taking the time to really understand the other person goes a long way in showing that you are invested in them as a person and not just a wallet. In turn, you get loyalty and referrals that help the business grow.

    • When you can find common ground with someone it’s much easier to build the relationship.

  3. Based off of your opinion as well as my own opinions I formed from the quotes, the book sounds fantastic. I will, along with other books you have shared, being checking this out. Awesome!!!

    • Yes, it’s a great book. I really enjoyed it. It’s very helpful for anyone looking to leverage Facebook for their business.

  4. This does sound like a great book. I see all of these quotes being right on the mark. I believe a person could also use all these principles for network marketing on other social sites like Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and others. I believe one of the most important things we must always be cautious of is coming off as a spammer. We do need to just tell people, but not be pushy or obnoxious.

    I am going to get this book. It sounds like one that would benefit me greatly. Thank you for the review of it Chuck.

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