Nathan Ricks Nu Skin Team Elite One Team Global Founder

Nathan Ricks is a legend in the network marketing industry. He is one of the most successful distributors of all time, having built a team of more than 500,000 distributors and earning more than $40 million in commissions (at the time of this writing).

Within 24-months of joining Nu Skin Enterprises, he built a team of more than 100,000 distributors. Think about that for a minute! Most successful distributors never get to that level, let alone in 24-months.

He has been a Team Elite member since 1989, now some 30-years! His team has more than 500,000 distributors and does business in more than 43 countries. In fact, his team accounts for approximately one half of Nu Skin’s total sales.

Nathan Ricks is also the founder of One Team Global.

About One Team Global

The purpose of One Team Global is to train and motivate Nu Skin distributors on how to build a successful business. They offer seminars, training, coaching, and educational products.

One Team Global offers Team Elite University, which has a variety of training classes to help you grow your Nu Skin business. Also available is the Success Summit, which is another system via One Team Global to aide you.

On the One Team Global website, you can download the Regional and National Nu Skin events. There are also conference calls with Team Leaders who will explain strategies that have worked for them.

Nu Skin Japan

In addition, Nathan Ricks helped launch Nu Skin Japan. In its first year, Nu Skin Japan did more than $135 million in sales. Obviously, he is effective at building international markets.

I learned about Nathan Ricks on Eric Worre’s Network Marketing Pro website. What I really like about Nathan Ricks was his easy going and laid back demeanor. But don’t let that you fool you. This guy is extremely focused and motivated. He is the type of sponsor you would dream of having. He is a leader and doer.

Nathan has been married for 30+ years. He and his wife have four adult daughters. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Phoenix.

nathan ricks income

Three Lessons I Learned from Nathan Ricks

Nathan Ricks has a great YouTube video titled “Driving Lines.” It’s a two hour recording of one of his training sessions at a company training event. In his presentation he talks about building tap root legs and building depth in your team. I’ve watched the video 10+ times now and it absolutely fascinates me. Make sure you watch it yourself.

He shares so much wisdom in that video. I don’t agree with every single thing he talks about, but who am I to argue with him? He’s achieved a lot more success in the industry than I have.

I took almost eight pages of notes from what I learned in the video, but there were three things he said that really struck home with me. These are three things he decided to do when he first got started in the business. They are (1) think big, (2) avoid negative people, and (3) never quit.

In the paragraphs below, I will share my own two cents on each of these three topics.

# 1: Think Big

Let’s face it, most of us think small. As kids, we’re naturally dreamers. We think about the wild and crazy things we want to do when we grow up. However, as we become young adults, life beats us down and we stop dreaming. We become complacent and accept things as they are. We get stuck in a rut.

I believe that most people really underestimate themselves and sell themselves short. In addition, most people overestimate what they can do in six to twelve months, but underestimate what they can do in three to five years. Most people have unrealistic expectations about what it takes to succeed in the business on a grand scale.

This industry offers tremendous possibilities. One of the biggest reasons most people don’t achieve massive success in our industry is because they think too small. They don’t believe they can do it. They don’t believe they are worthy of massive success. Or, they let their past failures dictate their goals and why.

To make it big in anything you must think big. It’s better to attempt something great and fail than attempt to do nothing and succeed. It’s better to aim for the moon, but miss and hit the stars than it is to aim for the tree tops and hit your goal.

Set big goals that are challenging and stretch you out of your comfort zone. Develop a game plan to get there. And most importantly roll up your sleeves and get to work.

# 2: Avoid Negative People

Negative people are everywhere. I call them dream stealers. These are people that have given up on their own hopes and dreams and want to bring you down to their level. They are the people who tell you your ideas are foolish and crazy. Usually, they are your friends and family members.

People are funny. Whenever you take a different career path, or do something that makes them uncomfortable, they tell you that you are crazy and foolish. They tell you that what you are trying to do can’t be done, that you will never make it. And yet when you do succeed, these same people will want to celebrate your success. Or worse, they will tell you that you were lucky.

I truly believe that we are like the five people we spend the most time with. I can’t speak for you, but I have no desire to hang around negative people. I like to spend time with people who encourage me and uplift me and bring out the best in me, not people who bring me down. I believe in the power of association.

Do yourself a favor and surround yourself with people who have accomplished what you are trying to accomplish. Hang around people who believe in you, support you, and encourage you. Avoid negative people at all costs. Be careful who you listen to. You might end up just like them!

# 3: Never Quit

Some people will tell you that the only way to fail in our industry is to quit. I disagree. Quitting is a guaranteed way to fail. So is “not doing the work.” Just sticking with something, but never doing the activities you are supposed to be doing is a complete waste of your time.

No matter what type of business you start, there will be a learning process. Most businesses take a year or two just to figure things out and learn the ropes. Most businesses take a couple of years (or longer) just to get profitable. Your odds of building a successful business of any kind in just one or two years is pretty slim. Good things take time.

At a bare bones minimum, you should make a 24-month commitment to your network marketing business. What does this mean? It means that you work your business at least one hour per day, six days a week for 24-months before you question your decision or explore other options.

If you dabble with something or just try it out for a few months, you shouldn’t even begin! You won’t become successful by luck. You can’t quit something you haven’t even started. Give yourself a fair chance to succeed. Three to 12-months is not a fair chance.

Remember, good things take time. Take the long term view. Do something daily to build your business. Be consistent. And never quit.

nathan ricks

Nathan Ricks Retirement

Just a couple of weeks ago (March/April 2019) Nathan Ricks announced his retirement from Nu Skin. After building his business for 30+ years, he is going to focus on other things (yes, he will still get a nice monthly check). I would like to formally say “job well done, Nathan!”. I hope you enjoy your retirement with your family. You’ve been a legend for a long-time! We’ll carry the torch for you.

About Nu Skin

Nu Skin is one of the top 20 largest network marketing companies in the world, with annual sales of more than billion. It’s been around 30+ years and specializes in the health and wellness industry, with a focus on skin care products. The company has produced more than 600 millionaires.

Final Thoughts

If you have ever worked with Nu Skin Team Elite and One Team Global Founder Nathan Ricks personally, I would love to hear your success story. How did he help you achieve success? What did he teach you? To share your thoughts, just leave a comment to this post. Thanks.

Disclaimer: Nu Skin, Team Elite, and One Team Global are registered trademarks. I am in no way affiliated with the company.

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129 thoughts on “Nathan Ricks Nu Skin Team Elite One Team Global Founder”

  1. I have no experience with them myself but I did meet Nathan Ricks when I was on a short VK trip with a friend. She knew who he was and I did not. We had a short talk and I was blown away by the way he carried himself. He just had a power with him and you can tell he was a leader. Amazing man.

  2. Nathan Ricks taught me a lot about goal setting, having a vision for your business and the importance of being consistent. I’ve listened to his training for more than five years now and he never ceases to amaze me.

  3. One thing that I learned from Nathan Ricks is that you have to treat your business like a real business if you want to make real money. Part-time effort equals part-time income and full-time effort equals full-time income.

  4. I’ve been with Nu Skin for almost a decade now and I’ve met Nathan a couple of times. He is such a tremendous leader. And he goes out of his way to help people, even if they aren’t on his team.

  5. This guy is such a class act. He has tremendous knowledge about the business, how to build it, and the steps you need to follow to achieve success. I really enjoy listening to his YT videos and learning everything I can from him.

  6. I’d love to meet Nathan Ricks. I am new to Nu Skin. I’m on his team, but many, many levels deep. I hope one day to accomplish success with my business and get the opportunity to meet from him. He seems like a great leader and guy.

  7. Nathan shows such a great business presentation. I hope one day I can have the confidence and success that he does. I am new to the company and the industry, but I believe in it.

  8. This is a great write up about Nathan Ricks. I was in his downline while I was in Nu Skin. He was a tremendous leader and coach. I learned a lot from the guy.

  9. To me, Nathan Ricks is Nu Skin. He is the epitome of what you should be like if you want to be successful with the company. We can all learn a lot by studying him.

  10. I met Nathan about 10 years ago and was really impressed with his drive, work ethic and leadership skills. I didn’t stay in Nu Skin very long, but he did leave a favorable impression with me.

  11. Awesome! That’s how I describe Nathan. I first learned about him on Eric Worre’s site. I listened to the full one hour long video and was blown away with the success and wisdom this guy has.

  12. I’ve read online that some people think he is a scam artist. I’m not sure how they arrived at that decision. I’ve worked on his team for more than five years now and I believe his heart is in the right place.

    1. It is shown that people who achieve the success that Nathan Ricks has will be called scam artists. It comes from jealousy. No matter what in life, if we succeed, there is always at least one person who will attempt to bring it crashing down by telling lies. It behooves me why some people are this way, but they are out there. When someone tells me that something or someone is a scam, I will listen, but I will not take it completely serious until I know for sure. Looking at Nathan’s background, I could never go along with his being a scam artist.

  13. All I can say is DANG! This guy has achieved more success with Nu Skin than just about anyone else. With a team of more than 1/2 a million people, that’s a huge accomplishment.

  14. Nathan did a business presentation at my friend’s house. I remember attending. I never joined the company, but this guy was great. He was friendly, squared away, and very knowledgeable about what it takes to build a business.

  15. I read online where some people call Nathan Ricks as scam artist. I’m not sure how they arrived at that. He has always treated me and my other team members very fairly.

  16. If it wasn’t for Nathan Ricks I never would have joined Nu Skin. He is such a tremendous guy. He made me believe in myself and the Nu Skin opportunity.

  17. I’m not a big fan of Nu Skin myself, but I think ANY distributor could learn something from Nathan Ricks. This guy has guts, courage, wisdom and a huge desire for success.

    1. I’m sorry you feel that way, Jenine. Nu Skin is by no means a scam. It is one of Forbes 100 most trusted companies. If it was a scam it would have been shut down a long time ago.

  18. We had the chance to be on his team almost 12 years ago and passed. I’ve always wondered what would have happened if I would have joined Nu Skin.

  19. Nathan is great. He is my mentor and business hero. Anyone who can build a team with that many people on it should be held in “legend” status.

  20. Nathan Ricks is a really cool guy. If you were to meet him in day to day life, he would come across as the average joe. He is very easy to related to and connect with. I think that’s one of the reasons he became so successful.

  21. All I can say is damn! I’ve never heard of any distributor from any company with that many people on their team. That is really impressive. Do you think his team continues to grow each year, even in this bad economy?

    1. Lane,

      I don’t know the actual number of people on his team or how much it grows each year. But with a team that big it really becomes a self-perpetuating machine and normally grows year after year.


  22. I would love to meet Nathan Ricks at convention next year. I’ve been in the business about eight months now and this guy has really inspired me to take my business seriously.

    1. If you continue to do great things I’m VERY sure you will meet him. Leaders always want to rub elbows with people in their organization (or company) who are putting in the effort.

  23. I met Nathan at a Nu Skin convention more than 10 years ago. At the time I was new to the business and very excited about it. I have since moved on to bigger and better things, but I still like to read about the guy from time to time. He really has achieved a lot with the company.

  24. This man has more wisdom than most people. He is very smart when it comes to leadership, team building, recruiting and staying motivated. I think every network marketer could learn something from studying this guy.

  25. I’ve watched a few Nathan Ricks videos and really enjoyed them. This guy is full of wisdom. Nearly half of all the leaders in Nu Skin are in his downline. That is a testament to his leadership.

  26. I met him at convention and was in complete awe of his teachings. There is no doubt in my mind why this guy is so successful. He has vision, a strong work ethic and amazing leadership skills.

  27. What a cool guy. I hope if I ever make it big in life and become as wealthy as this guy is that I can stay so humble and laid back. He is one cool cat.

  28. I really wish my wife would get on board with me so I could build my Nu Skin business. I really believe in what I am doing and know that if I follow the leadership of this guy and my upline I can achieve success.

  29. I think that One Team Global is a rip off. It does nothing but take money from distributors and provides very little value in return.

    1. I’m sorry you feel that way about One Team Global, Tony. Were you a distributor with them at one time? What makes you feel that way about the company?

  30. I think a guy like this would achieve success in any company. He definitely joined the company at the right time, but he also worked his butt off!

    1. You are very right. Timing was part of it, but the work that he did is what really made him successful. If you join the right company at the right time but do nothing, you won’t make anything.

  31. One Team Global is a really good system. They offer some great training for their Nu Skin reps. I’ve been on the team about two years now and credit the system to my success! It works, if you follow the teachings and apply what you learn.

    1. Rose,

      It is a good system, if you actually take the time and APPLY what they teach. It’s like anything else. You can be motivated and educated, but you still need to take action.


  32. Nathan Ricks is a real inspiration to everyone in the company. He speeches and talks absolutely amaze me. He knows so much about building teams and keeping them together.

    1. Randy,

      I don’t feel that he rips anyone off. He shows people the business opportunity and they decide for themselves. People don’t pay him money. And he only gets paid by helping others be successful.


  33. I hope this company gets shut down. For every guy like Nathan there are thousands of people who lose lots of money! This is one of the biggest ponzi schemes ever.

    1. Andrea,

      I agree that some people lose money with the company. But lots of people make $500 and more per month. Individual results will always vary based upon work ethic, goals, and initiative. You can make as much or as little as you want to with this company.


  34. I’ve watched about five of his YouTube videos now and I really like how he is so laid back. He doesn’t come across as arrogant, or in your face, or pushy. Maybe that’s why he has been so successful with Nu Skin.

  35. Go Nathan go! I’m so pleased to be on his team. If I can build a Nu Skin team even 1% as big as his team I will never have to worry about money again!

  36. I had never heard of Nathan Ricks until I visited your website, Chuck. But after reading about him I find his accolades to be very impressive. I even went over to Eric Worre’s website and watched a few of his video interviews. This guy is just filled with wisdom.

  37. Nathan Ricks and his system are first class. His teachings are amazing. His seminars and workshops are awesome. He is humble and kind. And he loves his team. I would follow this guy through thick and thin.

  38. Nathan is exactly the type of guy you are looking to sponsor. Someone who is hungry, someone with vision and someone who isn’t scared to do the work. I’d give my left arm to have two guys like him on my team.

    1. Frank,

      I think any smart person would give their left arm to sponsor two people like this. If you had two guys or gals like Nathan in your team, you would be very wealthy. It only takes a few key people to really make it big in MLM.


  39. Nathan and his team are awesome. I’ve been with Nu Skin for almost three full years now. I consistently make $1k to $2k per month. No, it’s not big numbers, but I’ve been using the money to pay down my mortgage quickly. The training I have received is awesome.

  40. Nathan Ricks is awesome. I’ve been part of his team for close to a decade now. When it comes to Nu Skin, he is the best. He’s built one of the largest teams in the entire industry, let alone Nu Skin. He is the hardest working guy I know of, even though he already has a large business and could chill out a bit.

  41. Nathan Ricks is quite perhaps one of the best network marketers ever. If it wasn’t for him, Nu Skin definitely wouldn’t be where it is today. He is a living legend and has literally helped thousands of people build their own business. I’m not involved with the company, but if I was I would ask this guy to be my sponsor.

  42. I’ve known Nathan Ricks for many years now. I’m in his downline. Looking back, he has achieved such incredible success with Nu Skin. Anyone who can build a team of 1/2 million distributors or more is quite amazing! Best of all, he’s helped hundreds of people earn six figure incomes with Nu Skin, so he definitely knows what he is doing.


  43. Nathan Ricks is one of the most successful distributors in the history of network marketing. He’s achieved more success than most people could ever dream of. Even though I am not in Nu Skin, I listen to what this guy has to say. He is a legend and outstanding mentor for anyone looking to make big bucks in MLM.

  44. I would love to do more research on Nathan Ricks. The fact that he was able to obtain that level of success in such a short amount of time is quite admirable. While I am not trying to copy that model because I know that in my own business it will take much more time, I still would like to know what his process was. Perhaps I can carry some of his ideas or attitudes with me so that I can make it big with what I am trying to do.

    1. Here’s a few lessons I learned from Nathan Ricks that you can apply in your business.

      1) Have a vision – You need to have a big vision, long before you ever become successful.
      2) Work hard – You must be willing to work like a dog, day in and day out, if necessary.
      3) Look for leaders (good customers) – Look for people who are looking for what you have to offer.
      4) Be disciplined – Don’t make excuses. Hold yourself to a high standard at all times.
      5) Take massive action – At the end of the day nothing replaces massive action. Work part-time and get part-time results. Work full-time and get full-time results.

      If you can do those five things, you will be well on your way in your business, Diamond.


  45. Sounds to me like Nathan Ricks is Nu Skin. What do you think would happen to that MLM business if he one day decided to take his downline with him to some other marketing firm? I wonder why he hasn’t done something like that already with how successful he is; he could obviously make it on his own.

    1. He is definitely a big part of Nu Skin with nearly half of all distributors in the company is his downline. If he went to another company it would be devastating to Nu Skin. But I don’t see Nathan Ricks going anywhere anytime soon.


  46. Nathan Ricks is a legend in our industry. Nearly HALF of everyone in Nu Skin is on his team. Think about that for a moment! I’ve never been in Nu Skin, but I’ve watched most of this guys’s YouTube videos. He definitely has his act together and knows what he is doing. If I was going to join Nu Skin today, I would ask him to be my personal sponsor.


    1. I agree with you Lance. Nathan Ricks is a machine! I look up to him and admire everything he has accomplished. He’s a dynamic leader and true credit to our industry.


  47. I’m a new distributor with Nu Skin and am very proud to be part of the Nathan Ricks team. So far, everything I have learned from him and One Team Global has been amazing. I have never been in network marketing before so this is a new experience to me.

  48. I think Nathan Ricks is a complete scam artist. He talks about how anyone can make money with Nu Skin, but the truth of the matter is that just about everyone who is successful in Nu Skin joined many years ago. Most of the people who join today do nothing but lose money and make everyone rich.

    1. I’m sorry to hear you feel that way Daniel. Personally, I think very highly of the guy. He definitely knows how to achieve success in this industry.


  49. Nathan Ricks has some great videos on YouTube. I’m not in Nu Skin, but I learned about Nathan Ricks from his videos on Network Marketing Pro. He did some videos with Eric Worre and I really enjoyed those. I took almost 10 pages of notes. There were some really good “golden nuggets” in those videos. I suggest you check them out.

    1. Nathan Ricks has some great videos on YouTube and on Network Marketing Pro. You’re making a smart move by studying the videos and learning from him.


  50. I’ve spent more than 10 years in Nu Skin as part of Nathan Ricks’ team. This guy is a first class act. His team is awesome, his training is amazing and Nu Skin is great. I feel fortunate to be in his team, even though I wasn’t personally sponsored by him.

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