My Website Isn’t Making Money: Top 11 Things to Do About It

My website isn’t making money…

It happened to me and it may be happening to you.

We hear stories about how some people bought a domain name, built a website and are making money of extreme amounts. So we come up with a domain name idea and build the website after investing in the domain and hosting. We may even invest in some advertising but for some reason, we are making little or no money.

Let me tell you the story of my first website money making failure…

The Failed First Website

I lived in a rural area of Missouri and was raising chickens. I also had a strong love of pranks and I had a notion to just buy the domain

I assumed I would run Google Adsense and I would sell an idea that I had… Bags of chicken (sorry for the vulgarity, but I have to call it as it is) shit.

The idea was, you could send me $29.99 and I would send a bag of chicken shit to anyone you wanted with a note telling them about their wonderful gift.

Well I really did not think that entrepreneur idea out very well. A local deputy sheriff knocked on my door one day and proceeded to explain that I needed to take that down or they could arrest me for selling poisonous items…

Needless to say, it was quickly deleted and I let that website dwindle away. But I have never given up and I now own one website. It does make me money. Not huge amounts of money, but it is a good passive amount. That website is:

But my main task is helping other people make money with their websites. That is what I do by freelancing…

In today’s post, I want to help you understand how to make money with your website. Here are 11 things to do when your website isn’t making money.

# 1: Traffic Is The Biggest Key

Without a large flow of daily traffic to your website, it’s going to be difficult to make money with your website.  That is a fact.  Think of your website like a storefront in your local town.  If no foot traffic visits the store, it doesn’t make any money.  Period.

As a webmaster, you should be spending more time PROMOTING your website than you do anything else.  You should also have a marketing plan and marketing budget.  You can have the best content, products and services in the world but if no one knows about them, you are doomed.

#2: Write Great Content

You have to give people a reason to visit your website first. You need to provide them with educational, emotional, humorous, disgusting or controversial content.

This is the first step and the money will roll in if you are selling items, affiliate marketing or just running Google Adsense.

With great content, you will get traffic and that is a very important step to making money with your website.

#3: You Need Backlinks

Your website will gain higher authority if there are links to it from outside websites. There are several ways you can start to make that happen:

  • Give high quality comments at other blogs and websites in a similar niche. Normally, your name will have your website linked within it when the comment is published.
  • Post on forums that are in the same niche.
  • Share your content with Facebook groups, Linkedin groups and Google+ communities you have joined.
  • When you link to another website, contact that person and tell them so. Many will do the same for you.

#4: Your Website Needs To Be Mobile Friendly

A huge percentage of internet users are now visiting websites via smartphones and tablets. Your website must be mobile friendly or those potential visitors will go to a site they can read easily.

I suggest you view your website through different mobile devices to see how it looks. Here is a great site to test with:

#5: Is Your Website Design Appealing?

The easiest way for me to give you understanding on this subject is: would you eat at a restaurant if you walked in and saw paint falling off the walls or every table dirty?

When people visit your website, they do not want to be “plastered” with ads. The font needs to be easy to read and the website colors should be easy on the eyes.

In building my websites, I would often ask other people for their honest opinions.

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#6: Are Your Business Processes Working Properly?

Let’s say you are selling ebooks and you are using a WordPress plugin that is integrated with payment processors such as Paypal, NetTeller or others. Have you tested to see if the system will take payments?

If you are asking people to call you, is your phone accepting calls?

You need to check all business processes because if they are giving even a slight problem, potential customers will shop elsewhere.

#7: Newsletter Marketing

You may find that you are getting a lot of website visitors but they are not converting into paying customers. You must remember that sometimes people will not buy immediately, but if they are seeing your marketing on a consistent basis, they may decide to buy at a future point in time.

Offering your web visitors an opportunity to subscribe to a free newsletter will allow you to send out educational email newsletters using a service such as Aweber or Mailchimp. You just add a call to action and I bet you will see conversions.

#8: Pricing

If you are selling products or services, your pricing needs to be competitive. If you are too high, customers will go where they can get similar items at more reasonable prices.

And pricing items too low can scare people away because they will assume that the products or services are cheap and won’t be helpful.

As an example, I sell various self defense items on one of my websites and you can find similar items on Amazon at less expensive initial costs before shipping. And that is where I gain an advantage… I offer free shipping.

#9: Sponsored Content Or Reviews

There are other entrepreneurs and businesses that will pay you to run sponsored content that they send you and related to your website’s subject matter.

Also, many businesses will pay you to do a review of their website or business.

Just make sure you are promoting a business you would be proud to promote.

#10: Premium Content

Some websites have discovered that if they generate great content, people will pay a fee to read that content. It could be a monthly subscription or just a one-time fee.

Many well-known news websites are using this method with great success.

#11: Guarantee

Customers need to know that they have a guarantee. A Strong Guarantee!

Instead of just 100% money back, add an extra to the mix…

Make sure the customer knows you believe they will never want to return the item.

Bonus Tip: Sell Your Website

I put this last on the list, but if you still believe you are not going to make money with your website, you may want to list it for sale.

Some people have sold websites for as much as 10, 20 or even $30,000. One of the best mediums to sell websites and domains is Flippa.

I believe this should be a last resort.

Additional Tips by Chuck

Greg wrote this post, but this is Chuck, the owner of this blog.  I wanted to take a moment and share a few additional tips to help you make more money with your website.

# 1 Sell Big Ticket Items

Let’s face it, it’s difficult to make a lot of money with Google Adsense, Amazon and low ticket affiliate programs (unless you have a ton of traffic).  That’s why I am a huge fan of selling big ticket items on my website, things I can earn $100 to $1,000 or more per sale.  Don’t you think it would be easier to sell one item you make $1,000 profit on, than 100 items you make $10 on? I do.  You can search the internet for big ticket affiliate products in your niche.  Make sure you add in a few of these on your website. Even just one or two sales per month could result in several thousand dollars of revenue.

# 2 Deep Text Linking

Every page on your website should have text links to several different affiliate programs.  For example, this website currently has over 1,500 pages of content, each with at least 5-10 affiliate links on each page.  That’s a lot of affiliate links.  To do that manually would take months.  Instead, I use a free program called Auto Affiliate Links.  It allows me to pick keywords.  Whenever that word shows up anywhere in any of my content, it automatically links to the affiliate program I picked for that keyword.  This makes life easy for webmasters.  I encourage you to do the same thing on your website.

# 3 Promote Affiliate Programs with Residuals

I’ve never been a fan of one time sales.  That’s why I love network marketing so much.  Repeat orders create residual income.  Look for different affiliate programs that offer ongoing residuals, such as a membership site or service.  Each time the person you referred reorders that product or service, you earn a residual commission.  This is 10x better than one time sales.  Two of my favorite residual affiliate programs are Power Lead System and Aweber.

# 4 Promote Affiliate Programs with Good Follow-Up Systems

I like to promote affiliate programs that use auto-responders and follow up with the leads I generated for them.  One of my favorite affiliate programs is Elite Marketing Pro.  All I do is promote their capture pages.  Each lead I generate for them is tracked to me.  Once the lead enters their sales funnel, they promote a variety of different affiliate products and up-sells to every lead, which can create multiple streams of income and repeat commissions for me.  Talk about a win-win.

Final Thoughts

No matter what people try to tell you, building a money making website or blog is not easy. You must be diligent and it takes hard work and I believe the wise person reads and reads about making money from their websites.

If you own a website, what is your primary income generator from it?

If you have comments or questions, feel free to leave them below. I hope this helped you and if you have other ideas you would share, tell us below.

Also, will you please share this with your social friends? They may need this info too. Thank you.


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2 thoughts on “My Website Isn’t Making Money: Top 11 Things to Do About It”

  1. The phrase content is King is so true. As you point out you must write great content that people want to read. If they are not interested then they hit that back button. This in turn means a poor bounce rate and this will effect how well you rank on the mighty Google. I have recently written a post that would go well in this. You can click on the name and it will take you to it. I would love it if you could share it on this article as I think it is a good fit.

    1. Rob,

      I agree, may people will not read or get into an article or book if the first chapter or even the first paragraph doesn’t interest them. They are the same way with movies. It’s important to give people information they want an need, especially if they are trying to succeed in a business. Many times they are desperate and just search for keywords before they take the time to actually read it. If you can get them hooked with the first couple lines you could be doing good, but to keep them interested through the whole thing is great. That’s the type of article that they would share with others.


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