My Top 14 MLM Mentors of All Time

Today, I want to share my top 14 MLM mentors of all time.

As of August 2018, I’ve been involved in the network marketing industry for slightly more than 16 years.  For the first 12 years, I dabbled. For the past 4 years I’ve been a network marketing professional.

Through the years, I’ve been very blessed to have some incredible MLM Mentors. To be quite frank with you, I’ve only personally met one person on this list.  The rest of the folks I learned from their books, videos, blogs and training materials.

I have learned many things from my MLM Mentors.  I’ve learned about confidence, business, communication, leadership, finances, direct mail, sponsoring secrets, advertising, perseverance, marketing, building depth, attitude, and so much more.  I’ve been fortunate to take these skills and build a successful business of my own.

My Top 14 MLM Mentors of All Time

What I’d like to do below is share the names of some of my MLM Mentors with you, and tell you what I learned from them, so you can learn more about them, and see if they can help you grow your own business.  They are listed in alphabetical order (by first name).

# 1 Bill Britt

During my 2.5 years in Amway, I really admired Bill Britt.  I wasn’t part of his organization, but I really looked up to him.  To me, he was a man’s man.  He called it like it is. He was a very passionate guy and well spoken. Some of the most important things I learned from Bill Britt were (1) having mental toughness, (2) not letting anyone steal your dream, and (3) fighting for your dreams.  Bill recently passed away, but his legacy continues!

# 2 Dale Calvert

Dale Calvert is another legend in the MLM Industry.  He’s authored countless books and training programs about how to succeed in the industry.  His videos are great, his blog is awesome, and he’s just a very likable guy.  Some of the most important lessons I learned from him include (1) the importance of asking questions to your prospects, (2) how to be a good listener, and (3) how to build your MLM Business locally. He also taught me about the importance of skills and attitude.

# 3 Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy is not a network marketer.  But he is the KING of direct response marketing and he has taught many of the successful network marketers and marketers on this list.  Everything I know about marketing I learned from Dan Kennedy.  He taught me about the two-step selling process, the importance of newsletters, how to sell, how to get prospects to contact me first, and so much more.  I own all of his books and study everything this guy publishes (you should too!).

# 4 Don Failla

If you’ve never heard of Don Failla, you are way behind the power curve.  This guy has built up a team of more than one million distributors.  His book “The 45 Second Presentation” is a must read for any network marketer.  The two most important concepts I learned from Don are the importance of tap-rooting and building depth.

# 5 Eric Worre

Eric Worre had a profound impact on my life and business.  I’ve been watching his interviews and visiting his Network Marketing Pro website for several years now.  His book “Go Pro!” is really awesome and this guy does more for our industry than probably anyone else on this list. The single most important lesson I learned from Eric Worre is the importance of being a network marketing professional. Treat this business like a profession.  Be a student of your business and the industry.

Beach Money Front Cover# 6 Jordan Adler

I have an incredible amount of respect for Jordan Adler.  He is the top earner in Send Out Cards and he is the author of the book “Beach Money.”  If you haven’t read that book, order it!  He taught me the importance of never giving up, not managing your team, and consistently sponsoring 2-4 people per month for several years. It’s important to know that Jordan failed in network marketing for his first ten years in the industry!  He didn’t sponsor one person during that time, but he has went on to earn tens of millions of dollars in our industry.  Visit the Beach Money website.

# 7 Mark Yarnell

Mark Yarnell is another legend in our industry!  He built a team of more than 300K distributors with Nu Skin Enterprises. The most important lesson I learned from his was the importance of innovation, not duplication.  He teaches that duplication is a lie and that you need to sponsor a large amount of people if you want to be successful.  His book “Your Best Year in Network Marketing” is one of my favorite network marketing books. Mark is now deceased, but his legacy lives on. Of all the people on this list, Mark has been my most important MLM mentor.

# 8 Michael Gerber

Michael Gerber is a world-renowned business coach, author, consultant and speaker. To the best of my knowledge, he has no affiliation with network marketing. However, the lessons he teaches would be VERY beneficial to any network marketer.  The most important things I learned from Michael Gerber are (1) the importance of systems, and (2) working on your business, rather than just working in your business.  If you haven’t read a copy of his book “The E-Myth Revisited” you should.

magnetic sponsoring# 9 Mike Dillard

Who hasn’t heard of Mike Dillard?  I ordered Magnetic Sponsoring way back in 2009 and that book totally changed my life and business for the better.  Mike taught me the importance of having multiple streams of income, how to use funded proposals and self-liquidating offers and how to make money, even when people don’t join your business opportunity.  He also taught me how to get people to contact me first using attraction marketing.  All of his training courses are top-notch and his affiliate program is awesome.

# 10 Mike Popovich

Mike was the first real network marketing mentor I had when I was new to this industry, during my few years in Amway. He was my upline Diamond distributor and he taught me a lot about goal setting, the power of association, and the power of continuous improvement.  He’s was a successful distributor in Amway for approximately 20 years. He is now a Managing Partner with Trunited.

# 11 Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon is another very popular network marketer and blogger.  He has a straightforward approach to building a business. Ray taught me almost everything I know about blogging AND the importance of using video marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy.  Visit Ray’s blog.

# 12 Robert G. Allen

Robert Allen is the author of “Multiple Streams of Income” one of the most important books I’ve ever read.   At one time, he was also a very successful distributor with USANA, and he is now a top earner in another company. He taught me the importance of creating multiple streams of income, with my MLM Business being just one of those income streams.

# 13 Robert Blackman

I learned a lot from Robert Blackman. He is sometimes referred to as “The Postcard Guy.” The two things I really learned from Robert include (1) the power of direct mail and (2) that the real money is in the leads, training, systems and tools business, aka the “Picks and Shovels Business.”  I love watching Robert’s videos.

# 14 Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

“Big Al” is a legend in the network marketing industry. To the best of my knowledge he’s been involved in the industry nearly five decades now! That’s impressive in and of itself. Big Al is a distributor, author of many books, consultant and trainer. Some of the valuable lessons I learned from him include (1) the importance of having a sense of humor in the business, and (2) the art of storytelling.  Tom is a funny guy and his books are a great read.  Visit Big Al’s Fortune Now website.

You Need MLM Mentors

mlm mentorsBefore I close out this article, I want you to know a few things.  First and foremost, if you are serious about your MLM Business, you need to find several MLM Mentors.  It really is non-negotiable.

A good mentor will hold you accountable, encourage you, and help you work through your challenges, so you can be successful.

Best of all, you don’t even have to PERSONALLY work with your mentor (although you should have a few that you do).  You can read books, buy courses and watch videos and learn a lot of information that way (that’s what I did).

The bottom line is that ALL successful people have mentors and coaches to help them.  If you are just starting out in network marketing, I encourage you to find a mentor or two in your upline and also to find several mentors OUTSIDE of your organization.

The best way to do that is to visit your local library or bookstore and READ.  I also suggest you join Mastermind Teams and listen to conference calls and webinars. You should also attend training events and find a few blogs (like this one) that you can visit often and learn new ideas.

Final Thoughts

What are your thoughts about my list of MLM Mentors?  Who is your favorite person on my list? Who is your MLM Mentor?  Who has helped you the most in your business?  Leave a comment below and let me know.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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5 thoughts on “My Top 14 MLM Mentors of All Time”

  1. This is a great list. I have never heard the majority of these folks. I believe I have seen Robert Allen’s stuff before. The fact of the matter is many companies don’t necessarily promote this kind of outside training. On a side note I believe I have found a Niche market, top women in network marketing. Who knows I could become one of them.

    1. I happen to know for a fact that Robert Allen has started his own business in the Binary Options market. Binary options is when you essentially “gamble” on whether a stock will go up or down in a certain period of time. It can be very risky, but some people have won big doing this.

      Robert’s system is called Cash Code. Here is a website that explains it more in depth:

      Personally, I don’t gamble on stocks, but it may interest some others.

  2. On the subject of mentors, I think this is one of the areas that makes big dreams humble into aborted projects. I admire your choice of mentors. I would definitely recommend Jordan Adler to anybody seeking mentorship in multi-level marketing. For a start, it will be vital to know that Adler is more famous outside network marketing. Actually, many people view him as a conventional business person with a keen interest in social enterprising. I have looked at his book and picked lessons too in availability and determination. It also beats a lot of logic to learn that he has been a failure for ten years! In a way, I think it is a massive pointer to all of us struggling with business that there is really no need to quit early. MLM is one kind of business that can run in the background without the need for quitting a fulltime job, making it possible to test the waters with one foot. The list is impressive. I would also like to recommend specific chapters of Robert Kiyosaki\’s cash flow quadrat. The power of MLM is undeniable, even to people who have succeeded in the so called normal businesses. Great to read! Kudos and thanks again!

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