My Top 5 MLM Recruiting Secrets

Are you looking for some MLM recruiting secrets? If so, I can help you.  Today, I want to share five secrets that can transform your ability to recruit people.

Quite perhaps the biggest thing people struggle with in this business is recruiting.  According to some industry statistics, the average distributor only recruits 2.7 distributors in their lifetime. Speaking from personal experience, I think that number is higher than what most people really do.

On the other hand, other distributors sponsor people with ease and consistently sponsor 4-10 people every month, like clock work.

Why is that some people can recruit with ease while others struggle to even recruit their own spouse or parent?

I think there are a few basic things that differentiate top recruiters from people who can’t recruit anyone at all.  I also believe that recruiting is a learned skill that anyone can master, over a period of time.  For the rest of this article I’m going to focus on five simple things you can do to become a better recruiter in your MLM Business.

You won’t become a superstar overnight, but I believe that if you follow this advice you will see a significant improvement in your business.

That being said, here are my top five MLM recruiting secrets.

1. Pick a Recruiting and Lead Generation Strategy that Works for You

No two top earners build their business the exact same way.  Each one of us is different with different skills, personalities, talents, and abilities.  The sooner you can find a recruiting (and lead generation strategy) that works for you, the better.  Pick ONE strategy that makes sense to you, learn everything you can about it and become a master at it.  What works for your upline might not work for you.  My strategy is blogging, because I enjoy writing.  Other ideas include postcards, video marketing, events, Facebook, home parties, and the three foot rule.

2. Have 2-10 Conversations per Day

Once you have a recruiting and lead generation strategy, your next key to success is the number of conversations you have each day.  Top recruiters have minimum 2-10 conversations per day with prospects and many have 20 to 30 conversations per day.  If you aren’t having conversations with people you aren’t going to sponsor anyone.  No matter how you generate leads, you still have to talk with people about your products or business.  The more people you talk to each day the more people you will sponsor.  It really is a numbers game.

For example, if you talk to five people every day, and you convert one out of twenty people into a distributor, you would sponsor over 90 people per year (5 x 365 = 1825 divided by 20 = 91). How cool is that?

3. Be Consistent

Top recruiters are consistent with their business.  Most people in this industry aren’t consistent. You must talk to people at least five days a week and preferably seven days a week.  If you only have a few conversations one day per week your business won’t grow much.  Do something every day to move your business forward.  Make it a top priority in your life.  You need to be consistent every day for several years before you will experience huge success.

4. Follow Up

Yep, the money is in the follow up.  You already know that.  Most people need multiple exposures and follow ups before they will ever join your team.  Some people you will need to follow up with for several years before they join.  Don’t chase people, but stay in touch and follow up consistently.  Don’t sit around and wait for someone to join either.  Have a simple, yet standardized follow up process that you can use with every prospect.

5.  Build a Pipeline

I love the idea of building a pipeline.  I use an auto-responder to do this in my business.  I know it takes me a while to convert cold leads into qualified prospects and distributors so I use an auto-responder to help me do it.  Create 50-100 pre-written email messages and use an auto-responder to send those emails for you.

Whenever you get new leads that you have talked with, add them to your auto-responder.  This will help educate them about what you do and the process is 100% automated.  As long as you keep adding people to your pipeline every day, you will always have someone who is ready to join the business.

BONUS TIP: As a special bonus tip, I would suggest you make the decision to be a network marketing professional. Dress like a professional.  Act like a professional.  Have confidence and good posture.  Don’t come across as desperate or pushy, like a bad used car salesman.  Take pride in what you do and never bash another company or distributor.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this short post covered my top five MLM recruiting secrets. To succeed at network marketing you need to be an effective recruiter. No one starts out as an expert recruiter.  It is a learned skill that anyone can develop over a period of time.  Follow the five tips mentioned above and you will be well on your way.

What are your thoughts?  What are you best MLM Recruiting Secrets?  Leave a comment to this post and let us know. I look forward to hearing from you.

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3 thoughts on “My Top 5 MLM Recruiting Secrets”

  1. These are all great recruiting tips Chuck. I am adamant about building a pipeline which leads me to add one more tip that every network marketer should use…ask for referrals. Whether a person buys or not, it is always wise to ask for referrals. If people like you, even if they do not join your team or purchase anything, they will provide a name and contact of someone who may be interested. Asking for referrals is just smart business.

    I am also in complete agreement with consistency. Being consistent is the mark of successful business people.

  2. I like your last tip, because it is true: look like someone that the person you are trying to recruit would want to look like, and promote your product as you are doing it. I’ve been approached by people who sell jewelry, but aren’t wearing any of the jewelry that they sell. I once attended a home organization party (rather recently) where the distributor dressed like she was hanging out in her back yard and wasn’t expecting company. She said that she loved being able to dress casually for her new “job” but I remember being unimpressed. (She also admitted that she didn’t use any of her products.)The rule in the corporate world is “dress to impress”, so why should it be any different when you are running your own corporation. It may sound a little shallow, but we all form opinions based on those first impressions.

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