My Secret MLM Prospecting Tip

Prospecting is a VERY important part of your network marketing business, probably the most important skill you can develop.  You need to prospect (online or offline) so you have people to share your products and business opportunity with, so you can grow your business. However, there is a RIGHT WAY and a WRONG WAY to prospect.  And most people do it the wrong way.

Today, I want to share my secret MLM prospecting

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1 thought on “My Secret MLM Prospecting Tip”

  1. It is so important to carry business cards at all times. It gives you credibility and is a great way to spark interest in what you do. If you exchange numbers and instead say ‘here, my number’s on the card’ they will look at it and ask YOU what you do. This makes it their idea instead of coming off like a pitch and therefore scaring them off or turning them off.

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