My MLM Business Strategy for 2015

Today, I want to take a few moments and share my MLM Business Strategy for 2015.  Before I cover my business strategy, I’ll take a brief moment and share my goals first.

My Goals

My goals for 2015 are simple.  I want to personally sponsor 52 people (one per week).  Of those 52 people I want to identify two really serious leaders who are self-motivated, willing to work and want to build a large team.  I plan on working my business three to four hours per day, Monday through Friday.  I’ll take the weekends off for family and personal time.

My Strategy

I’m a big believer in being organized and having a game plan.  I know there are literally many different ways to build a successful network marketing business, but I also know that it is a REQUIREMENT to have a written game plan if you want to be successful.

Successful people don’t “wing” it.  You must wake up every day and know EXACTLY what needs to be done to move your business forward.  Most people who fail have no game plan in place. They might be busy, but they aren’t organized and they haven’t “mapped out” their strategy.

In the paragraphs below, I will share what I will do every day (Monday through Friday) to build my network marketing business in 2015.  Feel free to use this as a template to create your own strategy.

# 1 Send Two Hand-Written Notes per Day

I am a big believer in the personal touch.  Anyone who is on my team or on my mailing list understands this.  I know that direct mail is a very powerful way to stay in touch with people and cultivate a relationship, but I also know that a hand written note is the best way to do that. I simply send minimum two hand written notes per day to prospects, team members, friends, family and people on my mailing list. Estimated time is 10 minutes per day.

# 2 Blog Daily (Monday – Friday)

I build my network marketing business 100% online by blogging.  I really enjoy writing and it is naturally easy and fun for me to do.  I write about things that effect network marketers and share my experiences in the industry.  Estimated time is 40 minutes per day.  

# 3 Create Two Videos and Two Podcasts per Week

I understand the power of video marketing and podcasting.  I make short educational videos, about three to five minutes long each.  My podcasts are about 10-15 minutes long. Check out my YouTube Channel and podcasts.  Estimated time for production, editing and posting is about two hours per week.  

#  4 Send Out Two Training Emails per Week to My Email List

I communicate with my email list two times per week.  Every Wednesday I send out “Chuck’s MLM Weekly Wisdom” which is a series of tips and training for network marketers in any company.  Every Sunday I send out an email that shares all of my new blog posts from the previous week.  Just subscribe to my email list to see what I do.  Estimated time is 45 minutes per week. 

# 5 Send Out Mailed Newsletter in Mail Each Month

On the last day of each month I mail out my generic monthly newsletter for network marketers. It’s two pages long.  It takes me about two hours to write the newsletter and another two hours to stuff the envelopes (with my wife’s help).  If you want a copy of my newsletter, click here. Estimated time is 4 hours per month. 

# 6 Training Calls

I do two training calls per week for my team.  Every Tuesday I do a recorded call that I share with my team.  Every Sunday night I do a live training call for my team.  I normally record the calls and post them on the website in my archives folder.  Estimated time is one hour per week.  

# 7 Revise One Blog Post per Day

Every day I take one of my older blog posts and revise/edit it.  I improve it.  I add a few hundred words, create some new links for it and make it the best content possible.  Estimated time is 20 minutes per day.

# 8 Answer My Phone

All of my calls are inbound.  I get a lot of phone calls every day.  Most are from those annoying auto-dialers.  Some are from people trying to recruit me into something.  Other calls are from people with questions about the industry.  And some of my calls are from people who want to join my team.  I don’t screen any calls.  I just smile and answer.  Estimated time is 45 minutes per day.

# 9 Facebook Group

I have an active Facebook Mastermind Group where I post updates every day. I share content from my blog, inspirational quotes, photos and tips for success.   Estimated time per day is 20 minutes.  

# 10 Leave Blog Comments

I try to leave 2-3 blog comments on other blogs every day, Monday through Friday.  This creates links to my site, sends me more traffic, and helps me cultivate relationships with other MLM Bloggers.  Estimated time is 10 minutes per day. 

Putting It In Perspective

How much time will all of this take?

  • Handwritten Notes – 10 minutes per day
  • Publish Blog Post – 40 minutes per day
  • Podcasting and Videos – 24 minutes per day (120 minutes per week)
  • Send Out Two Emails – 9 minutes per day (45 minutes per week)
  • Training Calls – 12 minutes per day (60 minutes per week)
  • Revise Old Blog Post – 20 minutes per day
  • Newsletter Prep – 12 minutes per day (4 hours per month)
  • Answer Phone – 45 minutes per day
  • Update Facebook Group – 20 minutes per day
  • Leave Blog Comments – 10 minutes per day
  • Total Time Per Day – 202 minutes (about 3.5 hours)

If you were to break everything down, you would see that I will spend about three and a half hours per day to do all of these things.  As  I see it, anyone could invest two to four hours per day IF they are really committed to building their network marketing business. Even better, you can even outsource some of these things to free up your time.

And if you don’t have two hours per day to build your business, you could still get a lot done if you committed even one hour a day.

The bottom line is that you need a STRATEGY that matches your available time and your business goals.  You don’t need to do exactly what I do, but you need to do something that works for you.  My challenge to you is to come up with your own strategy BEFORE January 1st and starting following it.  And make a commitment to follow it daily for minimum one year.

What are your thoughts about my business building strategy for 2015?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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9 thoughts on “My MLM Business Strategy for 2015

  1. Greg Boudonck

    You had mentioned attending a network marketing event each week. Are there that many events going on in your area? When you speak of events, what exactly are you talking about? Would that include trade shows, flea markets, etc….? For many people who live in rural areas, that may be a difficult thing to do. What would you suggest for people in those situations in finding ways to meet new people?

    As a person who receives your training emails, I must say they are a great way to keep in touch with people. It helps people learn, and it also shows that you do care about them and where they are headed in life. When it comes time that one of these people are looking to join a system, yours will be their first thought.

      1. Greg Boudonck

        I just ran across your reply Chuck; thank you. Yes, there are always some type of event where you can meet people who may be interested in the products or opportunity. It could be flea markets, trade shows, or anything of that nature if I understand you correctly.

        Just out of curiosity, how are you coming with these goals for 2015? If I read your blog correctly, I believe you are probably ahead of pace. This is the first week of March, and from what I have seen, you have been doing a lot. The MLM Facebook page is a great indication of that.

        Thanks for all you do Chuck. You are helping many of us understand network marketing much better.

        1. chuckholmes Post author

          Thanks for the kind words. I base my goals on the previous year’s results, what I’ve learned, and what I think I can accomplish if I really put myself out there.

          1. Greg Boudonck

            That is the best way to set goals. Look at previous accomplishments, and your education, and judge accordingly. For people just starting and have no base to set there goals off of, I would suggest researching a similar system and basing your goals from that. One thing about goals is, if part way through them you see you are under the numbers, or way over the numbers, it is quite easy just to reset your goals.

            I wish you the best my friend with all your goals for 2015.

  2. Diamond Grant

    Your strategy is a great one for reaching new heights in 2015. You broke it down to 2 hours each day in active work and I think that is a small price to pay in order to have a sturdy business. I really like that you broke down the tasks to make things seem much more attainable. I mean if you cannot find the time to do these tasks them MLM probably isn’t the way to go.

  3. Greg Boudonck

    This sounds like a great strategy and it is bound to help you make good money.

    In what traditional business can a person work just 2 hours per day and accomplish what you have put down in writing here? It seems to me that if a person can find an MLM that they feel good about, and they follow your design to invest 2 hours of each day, only good things will follow.

    It always helps to break your days into simple tasks as you have here. By following a blueprint, a person can go a long way towards success,


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