My Favorite Selling Strategy for Network Marketers

Today, I want to share my favorite selling strategy for network marketers.

Network marketing is very different than traditional sales and traditional business.

This business is about selling yourself and it’s about sharing what you do with others.

There is definitely a right way and a wrong way to sell in network marketing.

One of the best ways to sell in network marketing is to educate your prospect, rather than trying to pressure, chase or convince them to buy your product or service.

Most amateur network marketers ram their product, service or business opportunity down their prospect’s throat and expect them to buy on the spot.

They use pressure, hype, trickery, slick talking, deception, lies and whatever else they need to do, in hopes of making a sale.

This is a big mistake and is very unprofessional and short-sighted.

In most cases, your prospect won’t buy from you when you follow that approach.

After all, who really likes it when a salesperson treats them that way?

Do you?

The only exception to this scenario would be if your prospect felt pressured to buy from you, and they thought that buying from you right then and there was the only way to get rid of you.

If and when that happens, they will quickly return/exchange the product/service/business opportunity when you are gone, and they will never do business with you or your company again (and rightfully so).

Even worse, they will tell everyone they know about how unprofessional you, your company and the industry are.

Remember, good news travels quickly, but bad news travels even faster.

An Alternative

A much better alternative is to focus on educating your prospect about what you do and show them how your product or service helps them solve one or more of their problems.

Be a solution provider.

In other words, position yourself as a teacher or consultant, rather than a salesperson.

When it comes to network marketing, find out the person’s hopes and dreams BEFORE you talk about the business opportunity.

Once you know what they want out of life, show them how your business opportunity will help them get it.

Until you figure out their WHY, your business opportunity is irrelevant and just “one more thing” for them to do.

If you are focused on the products (getting customers) your network marketing company offers, find out what your prospect needs and wants BEFORE you go into depth about the products.

Don’t talk about the features or product details.

Instead, focus on the benefits and show the person how your product or service will help them solve a specific problem.

The bottom line is this: you must educate your prospects BEFORE you offer them something for sale.

This gives you instant credibility and separates you from every other network marketer in our industry (and salesperson).

That means you need decent product knowledge, you need to be customer focused and you must always provide value.

The best advice I can give you is to get good at asking questions and LISTENING.  Listen at least twice as much as you speak.

Just by listening attentively, you will find out what the other person wants.

The person who asks questions is in control of the conversation.

If you can do that, and then show them how you can help them get what they want, you will have more sales, more distributors and more customers than you know what do with.

As you educate and listen to your prospects, you simply need to show them why your product or service is their best option.

Show them how your product, service or business opportunity makes their life easier, helps them lose weight, helps them look prettier, gives them more time to do what they want, or whatever else their hot button might be.

This really is the key to success.

My Favorite Selling Strategy for Network MarketersAlso, realize this.

No one buys a drill because they want a drill.

People buy a drill because they want a hole.

Furthermore, people rarely buy what they need.

Instead, they buy what they want.

Just because they need what you have doesn’t mean they will buy it.

Unless you can get them to WANT what you are offering, closing the deal will be a tough task.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, pitching, pressuring and convincing are the old way of selling.

Those ways are outdated and ineffective.

They annoy people.

In today’s world, you want to educate and help your prospect.

Be the teacher, not the salesperson.

Be the trusted consultant and advisor.

Find out what their problems are and show them how your product, service or business opportunity helps them solve their problems.

It really is that simple.

What are your thoughts?

What is your favorite selling strategy and why?

Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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