My Content Marketing Success Story

Today, I would like to take some time and share my content marketing success story.

In October 2010, I joined Site Build It (I am no longer affiliated with them) so I could build a website online to promote my network marketing business. At the time, Site Build It taught me the importance of content marketing. They taught me the importance of creating high quality content that pre-sells your visitors on you, and whatever it is that you are selling.

During the past nine years, I have evolved and made it my goal to dominate the internet with high quality content for my specific niche: network marketing. My goal was to brand myself as the “No B.S. Network Marketer” and position myself as an expert in the industry, while growing my team at the same time.

What I am about to share with you is EXACTLY what I have done. None of this is a secret. I like to be 100 percent transparent with my audience. If anything, I hope this will inspire you to use content marketing to grow your own business.

What is Content Marketing?

Here’s a definition of content marketing that I found online.

A type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.

If I was to put it in my own words, I would describe content marketing as creating videos, articles, podcasts and other pieces of high-quality content geared for a specific niche online. Basically, you create content that educates and entertains your audience and brands you as the expert in that niche.

You are promoting YOURSELF, rather than your company, products or services. As a result, people “like you” and want to learn more about you, and what you have to offer.

My Goal with Content Marketing

I use content marketing to do a few things.

First off, I use it to position myself as an expert in my niche. I want people to like, know and trust me, so they choose to do business with me. I want to be seen as the “Go to Guy” in my niche, rather than be viewed as just another person trying to make a quick dollar.

Next, I use content marketing to build my email list. This is my # 1 objective at all times.

The purpose of EVERY piece of content I create is to influence people to subscribe to my email list, so I can communicate with them frequently and build a relationship with them over a period of time, so they WANT to buy from me.

Finally, I use content marketing to make money and produce multiple streams of income online. I have over 40 streams of income online, with 4-5 of those being rock solid. This did not happen overnight. My goal is to get people to join my MLM Team or buy an affiliate product (or service) that I recommend.

To sum it up in a nutshell, I use content marketing to:

  • Build a list
  • Build a relationship with my list
  • Monetize my list

What Type of Results Have I Experienced?

My results with content marketing have been exceptional, but it took me MANY years to get to that point. I do not say that to scare you, but instead to give you realistic expectations.

No matter what type of content marketing strategy you choose, you will go through a learning curve, at least 6 to 24-months. It takes time to build an audience. It takes time to get people to like, know and trust you.

Here’s what has happened to me over the past two years with content marketing.

  • I personally recruited over 3,000 people in my network marketing company
  • I built a team of approximately 50,000 people
  • I’ve generated over 40 monthly income streams, 4-5 of them which pay me very well

To clarify, I made money during my first seven years using content marketing as well, just not as much as I do now. Also, I have several different niches I dominate online, not just network marketing. I just wanted to share one example to put things in perspective.

My Content Marketing Success Story

My Content Marketing Strategy

I take a multi-tiered approach with my content marketing strategy. My goal is world domination of the internet in my niche. Here are some of the venues I leverage.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is here to stay. If you don’t have a presence on YouTube, you are leaving A LOT of money on the table. I try to post several YouTube videos per week.

Blog Posts

My blog is one of the largest in my niche. It has more than 1,500 pages of content and I rank pretty high for thousands of keywords in my niche.


I have over 700 podcasts on iTunes and Sound Cloud. Most of my podcasts are short and sweet, around 4-5 minutes.

Article Marketing

I do Article marketing on several platforms to include LinkedIn and MLM Gateway. These two platforms have plenty of people in my niche so they work great.

Slide Share

This is one of my secret weapons. I take the key points from many of my blog posts and videos and turn them into a Power Point Presentation. In each PPT presentation, I have links to different pieces of content I have published online, including my capture pages.

Blog Comments & Forum Comments

I have left thousands of comments on hundreds of different blogs in my niche. I’m also an avid contributor to the Warrior Forum, which is a popular forum in the make money online niche.

How Much Content Do You Have Online

How Much Content Do You Have Online?

I visited several platforms to get you the most accurate numbers.

  • Blog posts: 1,486
  • Videos: 41
  • Articles: 200+
  • Podcasts: 779
  • Slide Share Power Point Presentations: 198
  • Forum Comments: 500+
  • Blog Comments Left on Other Websites: 2,000+

If you were to add this up, you would quickly discover I have more than 5,000 pieces of content on the internet working for me 24/7. That’s why I am successful. I just put in the work, stayed the course and created a lot of content.

How Do I Come Up with So Much Content

How Do I Come Up with So Much Content?

People often ask me “how do you come up with so much fresh content every week?” It’s not a secret. I re-purpose ALL of my content. For example, when I write a blog post, I then turn it into a podcast, a video, and a Power Point presentation. One piece of content becomes 4-5 pieces of content.

Plus, I’m always reading books, watching videos and attending events. I take notes and then create content with my own ideas and perspective about that topic. I love my niche, so it’s never difficult to come up with ideas for fresh content.

Other Marketing Strategies I Use

While content marketing is my primary marketing strategy, I do many other things as well.

# 1: Pay Per Click Ads

I love PPC advertising. I use PPC Ads, mostly with Bing, to send people to my websites and capture pages to promote my content and build my email list.

# 2: Postcard Marketing

Postcards are an important tool in my tool box. This is easily my favorite marketing strategy, because there is very little competition and it is dirt cheap. It cost me less money to mail a postcard than it does to buy clicks online. If you aren’t using postcards to grow your brand and list, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Other Marketing Strategies I Use

# 3: Safelists

I use different safelists online to promote my content, capture pages and websites. Herculist is my favorite safelist. I also use Top Surfer and List Joe. A safelist is nothing more than a website with a large group of members who agree to send and receive emails to/from each other.

# 4: Email Marketing

Once again, my goal is always to build my email list. As people join my list, I send out several emails per week sharing valuable content, promoting affiliate products and teaching my audience what I know.

# 5: Solo Ads

I do several solo ads every week to build up my email list. I buy all of my solo ads here. A solo ad is nothing more than renting someone else’s email list and letting them send your email to their list, for a fee.

Keep in mind I’m always looking for new ways to advertise and promote my content. Most of the things I try do not pan out, but I keep split testing and experimenting until I figure out what does convert well.

Tips for Success with Content Marketing

I’d like to take a moment and share a few success tips with content marketing. These are valuable lessons I have learned during the past nine years.

# 1) Pick a Specific Niche

The first and most important thing to do is pick a specific niche. You cannot be all things to all people. Decide which group of people you want to focus on. As an example, my niche is network marketers. Your niche might be welders, stay at home moms, fitness buffs, or whatever else you choose.

# 2) Provide Value

You must provide value with your content. You must help people solve their own problems. If your content is crap, no one will care what you have to say. Your content cannot be about YOU. It must be about your target market.

# 3) Be Consistent

When it comes to content marketing, it is not a fast strategy to get your name out there. It normally takes a couple of years to build a following. Be persistent and consistent, but be patient. Create at least one new piece of content per day and never, ever stop. Do that for a few years and you will have over 1,000 pieces of content online.

Tips for Success with Content Marketing

# 4) Be Yourself

Be yourself. Don’t try to act or talk like a popular YouTube person. Let your own quirks and personality shine through. No matter what you do, not everyone will like you, so just be yourself.

# 5) Promote Your Content

My next tip is to promote your content. Just creating fresh content will not get the job done. If you spend an hour creating a new piece of content, spend at least four hours promoting it. Marketing your content is the key to success.

# 6) Build Your List

My final tip is to build your email list. Whether you are blogging, podcasting or publishing YouTube videos, it is PARAMOUNT that you build your email list. This will be your greatest business asset. Your podcast or YouTube channel could get shut down at any time. Your blog could lose all of its free traffic from Google overnight. But, you OWN your email list. It is an asset. Remember, the money is in the list!

Recommended Reading

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. This is my content marketing success story and content marketing success tips. I hope you found the information helpful.

Have you tried content marketing before? If so, what was your experience like? Leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

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