My Ah Ha Moment in Network Marketing

Today, I want to talk to you about my ah ha moment in network marketing.

I’ve had several of these moments during the past 16+ years in this industry, but ONE in particular has been completely life changing.

Even though I struggled with MLM for a LONG time, more than ten years, I always knew I would eventually succeed, if I took the time to develop the right skills and right mindset. There were too many folks who had gone before me and paved the way, and I did not feel inferior to any of these people.

Although it took me longer than most people, I’m glad I stuck around the industry and I’m eternally grateful about who I have become in that process.

To be quite frank from you, I’ve never really liked traditional prospecting and traditional network marketing. I do love people, but the thought of prospecting friends, family and strangers never really excited me.

I built my businesses for the first 12 years following those strategies. I achieved some success and made some money, but never really enjoyed the process. I knew there had to be a better way FOR ME.

my ah ha moment in network marketing

My Ah Ha Moment in Network Marketing

My ah ha moment in network marketing happened back in 2009 when I stepped away from the industry or a bit.

I wanted to learn how to get people to contact me first. I wanted to learn marketing and lead generation, so interested prospects would seek me out.  I knew that if I could get enough leads, I would learn how to sponsor a lot of people.

I made the decision to study successful entrepreneurs and marketers OUTSIDE of our industry. I started studying Dan Kennedy and Mike Dillard.  These two guys taught me EVERYTHING I know about marketing.

They taught me the two-step selling process, how to generate leads, how to use funnels, how to create self-liquidating offers, and how to get people to contact me first.

Simply put, they taught me how to be the hunted, not the hunter.  They taught me how to be the welcomed guest, not the uninvited pest.

Learning marketing was my ah ha moment in network marketing.

The way I do it might not be what is taught in our industry.

It might not be the most effective way to build a successful network marketing business. But… I would rather pull out my fingernails slowly than call my friends and family about my business.

I would rather suffocate than cold call people. I would rather NOT do the business at all than have home parties, attend events, dress up in suits, or drive around town all day long doing meetings.

That is just me. I’m sure most of you won’t relate to that, and that is okay. Plenty of people do those things and are VERY successful in our industry. Hats off to them!

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My Results

My ah ha moment has completely changed my life and my network marketing business. As of September 2018, I’m currently the top recruiter and one of the top two distributors in my company. I’ve personally recruited about 160 people in 12 months of building the business and have a team of around 2,300 people.  Not bad for someone who doesn’t do meetings!

I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to learn MARKETING, specifically direct response marketing. This one skill has helped me transform my network marketing business (and a traditional business I own).

Marketing is the one skill every entrepreneur should master if they want to build a successful business.

Marketing will make the cash register ring. Marketing will solve most of your cash flow problems.

Your product or service is not your business. Your real business is MARKETING that product or service. Never forget that.

In network marketing, you can either network, or you can learn marketing. You choose.  Both methods work VERY well. You just have to pick the strategy that aligns with your personality, skills, talents and abilities.

I think of networking as prospecting and marketing as getting people to contact you. Prospecting works.  So does marketing.  Only you know which option is best for you.

Now, people call me. I only take inbound calls. I don’t do events or call anyone. I am the hunted, not the hunter. I simply answer people’s questions, point them to third-party tools and close the deal.

This makes the business fun. I admire people who have built their business the traditional way.  I just knew that wouldn’t be a good fit for me.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  That is my ah ha moment in network marketing. If what I am saying makes sense to you, I suggest you make the decision to become a student of marketing.

Learn how to advertise and market your business so you can generate endless leads on demand 24/7. Learn how to follow-up properly. Learn how to create and use an effective sales funnel. Learn how to use a two-step selling process.

It might take you a while to master these things, like it did me, but I believe it is 100% worth it.

How about you?  Tell me about your ah ha moment in network marketing.  When did you have your breakthrough? What was it? And, how has it helped you take your business to the next level?

Leave a comment below to tell me what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Have a great day. To your success!

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