My 90 Day MLM Business Building Challenge Results

Today, I want to talk to you about doing a 90-Day MLM Challenge to grow your MLM Business.  The 90-Day Challenge is nothing more than a 90-day commitment to work your network marketing business consistently every single day, so you can build up some momentum in your business.

I’m not sure who originally created the idea, but the whole concept is to take massive action and give your business a concentrated boost of energy.  Rather than just grow your network marketing business a little bit each month, your objective is to cram a lot of work into a few months in order to achieve success quickly.

I just finished doing my own 92 Day MLM Challenge.  My challenge was a bit different than what most network marketers do because my challenge was designed to build my MLM Business and my network marketing blog at the same time.  I build my business 100% online and created a challenge to help me grow my entire online business.

Initially, I was going to do 90 days, but I decided to start August 1st, 2014 and end October 31st, 2014, so I ended up with two extra days.  You should also know that I spent about TWO HOURS per day building my business, six days a week.

Listed below, you will see my initial goals for my challenge.

Chuck’s 92 Day MLM Business Building Challenge (August 1st to October 31st)

My Goals:

  • Personally sponsor 24 new reps
  • Have 3 legs in my group that are at least 5 levels deep
  • Have 1 Bronze Leg
  • Add 125 new people to my team (all levels)
  • Qualify as Silver in month of October; do at least 6000 IP on first three levels in OCT
  • Generate 1,000 leads online: 700 Weight Loss Leads with PPC and 300 MLM Leads from my website
  • Publish 100 blog posts

My Strategy:

  • Blog Daily
  • Utilize PPC to generate leads
  • Prospect 2-3 people per day
  • Run COOP for team
  • Weekly training call and business opportunity call with team
  • Send introductory letter to entire warm market with $10 coupon
  • Track my progress daily
  • Post daily update on Facebook

My Results:

  • Personally sponsored 11 people personally (13 short of my goal)
  • Only have one leg five levels deep (2 short of my goal)
  • Published 96 blog posts (4 short of my goal)
  • Generated 1151 leads for my business (151 more than my goal)
  • Read 15 books

During my challenge I only worked my business part-time, for about an hour a day.  I also did 100% of my work online.  I did no face-to-face meetings.  I worked my business six days a week and took Sunday off to relax with my wife.

What I Did Right:

  • I was very consistent
  • I tracked my progress each day
  • I set aside two hours a day to work my business

What Went Wrong:

  • Many of my goals were too high and unrealistic

The biggest takeaway from doing my 90-Day MLM Challenge was that I should only set goals for things that I can control.  For example, I can’t control how many people my team members sponsor.  In addition, my goals need to be a little bit more realistic, based upon the TIME I am going to commit to the business each day.

I plan on doing many more 90-Day MLM Challenges in my business.  I’m starting another one this month.  When I am finished I will post the updates on this page.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  Doing a 90-Day Challenge is a great way to create some momentum in your MLM Business.  If you’ve done one before, I’d love if you left a comment below to tell me what type of results you got.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Good luck!


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4 thoughts on “My 90 Day MLM Business Building Challenge Results”

  1. The 90 day MLM challenge sounds like not only a great way to jump start and put a boost in your business, it is a great way to analyze your strengths and weaknesses as you did Chuck.

    You realized you were setting unrealistic goals, and also goals you had no control over. You also showed many things you were doing right. You said you set aside 2 hours per day, but actually only worked approximately 1 hour. The way I see it, you hit some great numbers for the amount of time you spent. Sometimes we kick ourselves for not hitting goals, but when we really look at the whole picture, everything looks great.

    I appreciate you sharing this. It gives me a good reason to commit to a 90 day challenge myself.

    May your MLM business shine brightly!

  2. This post triggered thoughts of a previous post, in which you wrote about the real reason, the only reason, for business failure is not knowing what you’re getting into. I’d have to throw in fear of rejection, Childish, yes, but real, none the less. How do you toughen up?

    1. I will answer that question Faith. How to toughen up is just by doing it. The only way to conquer any fears is to go at them head on. There really isn’t any other secret. You could read books, watch videos and listen to speakers, but no matter what you learn, unless you utilize it, it is of no benefit.

      I used to fear water when I was young. For years, I didn’t know how to swim until I ran into a coach that showed me if I just did it, I would conquer it. Long story made short, I now can swim like a dolphin. I don’t fear water anymore–I respect it.

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