My # 1 MLM Success Tip

Today, I’d like to share my # 1 MLM Success Tip.

There are lots of great success tips that will help you move your network marketing business forward if you implement them in your business.

You can scour the internet for a few minutes and find hundreds of industry experts sharing their best ideas. Applying any of these tips or strategies in your business will benefit you. However, of all the MLM success tips I’ve ever discovered, there is one that really stands out. Here it is.

My # 1 MLM Success Tip

My # 1 MLM Success Tip

If you want to succeed in network marketing, you must act as if you have ONE MILLION DOLLARS invested in your business and you only have one year to earn it back.

You see, the blessing and curse of our industry is the low-cost of entry. Anyone can get involved. There is no screening process, background check, or credit check. It is easy to join and easy to quit. It’s easy to put your business on the back burner when life gets in the way. That’s what most people do.

How else can you explain someone “starting” a MLM Business and not signing up one person, getting on auto-ship, attending one event, or finding one customer? How else can you explain someone quitting in their first 30 to 90-days? As crazy as it sounds, this is the NORM in our industry.

In my opinion, that’s the equivalent of a restaurant owner opening a restaurant and never ordering food or menus, and then closing down the restaurant in 60-days telling others the “business didn’t work”.

We are the only industry I’ve ever found where people start a business and then do NOTHING. I will never understand this mindset.

Unfortunately, most new distributors do not act or think like a traditional business owner. They think of their business as anything BUT a business. And then they wonder why they don’t succeed.

A traditional business owner invests tens of thousands of dollars (or more) to start a business and works around the clock to make their business successful. They are 100% committed. There is no other option. They do everything and anything to make their business successful because they have a lot of money invested, and they want to protect that financial investment. Who can blame them?

This the mindset you want to have in your MLM Business, even though it’s inexpensive to join. You want to act as if you have one million dollars invested in your business and you only have one year to earn it back. That is my # 1 MLM Success Tip.

This mindset will give you a sense of urgency. It will motivate you to do the things you know you should be doing, but don’t do consistently.

curse of mlm

If you had invested one million dollars to start your network marketing business, what would you do differently? Think about that for a moment. Would you?

  1. Talk to lots of new prospects daily.
  2. Complete the getting started training.
  3. Read the success guide.
  4. Join the team’s Facebook group.
  5. Improve your skills daily.
  6. Attend every conference call.
  7. Hand out samples.
  8. Plan your work and work your plan.
  9. Associate with other successful reps.
  10. Set written goals.
  11. Work on your personal development daily.
  12. Use the products and be on auto-ship.
  13. Have a daily mode of operations.
  14. Create a written marketing plan and business plan.
  15. Read books about your industry.
  16. Attend events about your industry.
  17. Follow the advice of a successful mentor.

If you knew that doing those things would substantially increase the likelihood of you building a successful network marketing business, wouldn’t you do them frequently? I think so.

Chances are you’ve already been taught to do those things. You just don’t have the discipline to do them consistently because you do not have this million dollar mindset.

It’s okay if you aren’t committed, dedicated, or serious about your business. Most people aren’t. It’s your business and your choice. Just know you will never build a successful network marketing business, or any type of business, if you just wing it or dabble with it. Success doesn’t work that way. Success requires a 100% commitment even if you are doing the business part-time.

one million dollar mlm business

Final Thoughts

Now you know. Going forward, I hope you will adopt this mindset in your network marketing business. I hope you will be part-time with a full-time attitude. I hope you will think of your business as a MILLION DOLLAR business and treat it accordingly.

While I can’t guarantee your success if you do that, I can guarantee your failure if you don’t.

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2 thoughts on “My # 1 MLM Success Tip”

  1. “Act as if you have one million dollars invested in your business”. That is an exceptional idea. I like to think that I do take my MLM business seriously, but I know I do not take it as serious as that. I am wondering if I were to change my mindset to see that fictitious million dollars, might it help me boost my business? A few of the 17 ideas you gave for how you might run your business differently were really eye opening. I really liked have a marketing plan.

    1. I’d argue that if you had a million dollars invested in your business, you’d approach 50-100 people daily. You’d work around the clock. You’d be at every meeting and event. You would be 100% plugged in and coachable. Why? Because you want to protect your million dollar investment. This is why it’s so important to think this way about your business. Treat it like a million dollar business and it will become one. And always ask yourself, what would I do today to grow my business if I had invested 1 million dollars in it? And then go do that!

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