Top 35 Must Read Blog Posts for Network Marketers

In today’s post, I will share the top 35 must read blog posts for network marketers.

When you use common sense, you realize that the best people to learn from are the ones who have reached a high level of success in the same, or similar business you are in.

The majority of people reading this post and bouncing around this website are in the network marketing industry.

Top 35 Must Read Blog Posts for Network Marketers

It just makes good sense that we listen to, and learn from others who have had success in MLM.

In today’s post, we are going to hear from a variety of MLM successes.  I am sharing a short collection of must read blog posts for network marketers.

This post is for your business education.  Be sure to check out each article so you can learn new skills.

Much of what you read here can also be used in other businesses and in your journey through life, so do share this even with your non MLM friends and family.

1: Tools Or Products

It is always interesting reading the posts at Doug Wead’s blog.

This post dives into the controversial nature that many in Amway have debated for a long time now: is it the tools or products fault that some are not making profits?

The definitive answer is both.

But most of all, it is hustle.

Read that post here.

2: How Wantrepreneurs Become Entrepreneurs

In this blog post by the Juice+ superman, Jeff Roberti, he tells us how some quit being dreamers and started being doers.

You should see it here.

3: Embrace Wealth

Steve Thompson explains to us how we are taught early in life to discourage getting rich…unless we were “hatched” into a wealthy family.

You just have to read this post at NeverquitSteve.

The Ambit Energy millionaire teaches us a lot.

So see it here.

4: Foo Howe Kean & Jenny Ko – Amway Success

This somewhat humorous blog post at Think tells the story of Foo Howe and Jenny who became huge Amway success stories.

I know you will want to read it, so do it here.

5: We Are Experiencing Winter… But Spring Is Coming!’

This post by the late Jim Dornan of Amway fame is a must read for everyone.

It is spiritual and uplifting.

Jim’s wife Nancy is still a major force in Amway

Check it out here.

6: The Batmobile, the Butterfly Effect, Ambit Energy, and God.

Seth Miller is one heck of a writer and I really enjoyed reading this story about a day and night going to an Ambit Energy presentation.

I know you will enjoy it too, and you will learn that you should tell everyone about the opportunity.

Create a butterfly effect!

Read Seth’s post here.

7: How I Made Millions Building Old School by Lyndon Biernoff

While many of us love the new school method using the internet, Lyndon teaches us in this great podcast how the old school method is still great and should be used.

Lyndon, from Australia, has built huge followings over the years, and has made millions in MLM.

Listen to that podcast here.

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8: Patrick Maser… Helping thousands of people live their dreams for over 12 years.

Patrick has been a leader at ACN for several years.

I highly recommend you take a look at this post at his website.

It is a great video from Patrick.

See it here.

9: Hey, What About You?

Mark and Tammy Smith who are big earners at Nerium International have a great blog that can teach us so much.

In this blog post, they talk about why we need to take care of ourselves.

After all, how can we help anyone else if we don’t help ourselves?

Check out that post here.

11: The First Time Ray Robbins Went Sailing

I love listening to Mannatech’s Ray Robbins.

He is such a great storyteller!

We can build a huge following just by telling stories.

Listen to Ray’s story here.

12: Nathan Ricks – Network Marketing Success

Rob Fore has an excellent network marketing blog.

In this post, 2 of my favorites hit the blogosphere.

Eric Worre interviews the Nu Skin legend, Nathan Ricks.

It is all about belief Nathan tells us.

This is a must see and read post.

You can do so here.

13: The Perfect Business – How Does Your Business Compare?

There are some very valuable lessons in this article written by Richard Worthington.

Richard is a well known speaker and trainer, and I consider him a mentor in every sense of the word.

Everyone who is in business should read this article.

It is hands down, one o the best business articles I have ever read.

Read it here.

14: Shane Morand: A Story of Success

Here is the story of Shane Morand, one of the co-founders of Organo Gold.

Just reading his story can give you an example of how to gain success.

Read it here.

15: Fundraising: A home for the children of Nepal 2016

Gabi Steiner is a huge force with Life Plus.

Plus Gabi is all about giving back.

In this post, we learn about her mission of helping others.

Read Gabi’s post here.


Holton Buggs rose from nothing to everything.

See and read how Holton has made his dreams come true when you read his blog post here.

18: Truth Be Told – Failure is Your Friend

Madra Jones who is also with It Works wrote this brilliant blog post that makes you realize that failure is not really a bad thing.

Without failures, how would we learn?

You really should read Madra’s post.

You can see it here.

19: Khun Rasa Comeban – Inspiring Rags-to-Riches Story

Learn how this Thai woman who had nearly nothing now drives a Lamborghini and lives a life many of us dream of.

She did so by joining Unicity and working hard.

Read and watch here.

20: 12 Reasons To Exercise

While this may not be a completely MLM based blog post, I believe that it is important that we stay healthy.

Exercise is important for your overall well-being.

How will you manage your MLM business if you are not healthy?

So read this post here.

21: Why “Giggly Gerties” Don’t Make It To The Top Of The pay Plan

You may be asking what a “Giggly Gertie” is.

A top representative from Jeunesse Global, Aaron Byerlee explains to us what they are and why they don’t get to the top.

Aaron is from Australia, so you should soon discover what a “Giggly Gertie” is, as we have another term here.

Read his post here.

22: Casting Your Vision

Craig Schulze is a millionaire from his Jeunesse business.

He offers us some great insights on his blog.

I especially loved this post, and I believe you will too.

Be sure and read it here.

23: Creating Friendships

A DoTerra millionaire, Haley Hobson gives us some interesting perspective on how friendships can lead to huge business success.

You really should read this inspiring blog post.

You can see it here.

24: Dave Savula, LegalShield’s #1 Income Earner Leaves an Inspirational Example to Others

In June of 2016, top earner at Legal Shield, Dave Savula passed away.

He leaves behind many great examples of proper MLM business management.

He can still be your mentor even though he is not on Earth.

You really need to read this post about Dave.

25: How To Recruit a Man, And Not Have to Date Them Tip

Tiffaney Malott is a top earner with Seacret Direct.

She has learned a lot during her time, and this blog post/video can teach you women how to recruit men without being obligated to date them.

I highly recommend that all female network marketers read this post.

You can see it here.

26: On The Road to Success with OG Crown Ambassador – Jose Ardon – 5 Tips for Global Success!

This post from a Crown Ambassador at Organo Gold gives us all some excellent tips to succeed with our MLM business.

You really need to read these 5 tips Jose provides.

Just click here to see that post.

27: Insights from the John Sachtouras Business Opportunity Presentation in New Jersey!

John is another Organo Gold millionaire and success story who offers some extremely great tips in this blog post.

You can read it here.

28: 10 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Jordan Adler who has acquired millions via Send Out Cards, always has some great words of advice.

The act is, nobody can motivate us.

We have to motivate ourselves.

Jordan gives us 10 ways to do so here.


This post over at Jeff Roberti’s blog is a must read by every network marketer.

By following this process, I truly believe you will keep more of your new distributors.

Nurture them and help them grow.

You can read that post here.

30: 7 Tips For Network Marketing Success

Lynn Hagedorn is a success with Isagenix.

In this blog post, she share 7 great tips so you can also be a success.

I recommend that you click here and read this post.

31: How To Set Goals

In this Vlog, the Power Couple, Nick and Ashley Sarnicola give some great tips and advice on goal setting procedures.

You can see it here.

32: The Mentality of Legends

Matt Morris is a millionaire via World Ventures.

This Vlog is a wonderful message for all of us.

We can look at the successes before us to help us climb that success ladder.

See that Vlog here.

33: 5 Key Components To Endless Leads & Profits Online

Kathleen Deggleman is a Rock Star network marketer that is with Jeunesse Global.

She offers great information, tips and advice on her blog.

I really enjoyed this post and I know you will too.

So click here to learn from Kathleen.

34: Social Media for Business: 3 Tips To Avoid Social Media Disaster

Susan Sly is a wise woman.

She is a made millionaire and top producer at Isagenix.

So she does understand how to use social media properly.

All network marketers should read this post; actually, all business people should read this post.

You can read it here.

35: What’s REALLY Holding You Back In Your Network Marketing Business

Dr. Bob Clarke and his wife, Rosemary are part time network marketers.

I really enjoy reading the helpful advice he gives.

He tells a lot in this post, so go read it here.

Final Thoughts

There are many great blog posts written by successful network marketers, but I found these posts to be tops.

Do you know of any posts that have really helped you with your business and life?

Feel free to share them below.  What did you think of these articles?  Which one was your favorite?Just post your comments or questions below.  Thank you.


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