Multi-Level Marketing International Association: A Detailed Review

Today, I’m going to talk about the Multi-Level Marketing International Association…

As you surely know if you have read many posts here at this website, we are adamant about giving a better outlook on the MLM industry. But this website is not the only ones who are committed to changing the outlook of this industry. MLMIA is also hard at work to create a better impression.

But what is MLMIA?

Those letters stand for Multi-Level Marketing International Association.

Today, I am going to provide you with a detailed review of this organization. I will tell you the history of the MLMIA. I will explain their views and the membership benefits. I will also give you a lot more information.

So scroll down and see if you should become a member of the MLMIA.

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The History And Founders Of The Multi-Level Marketing International Association

In 1985, 2 network marketing professionals determined that an organization needed to be developed to support proper ethics and management in the MLM industry.

They started the MLMIA in Newport Beach, California and the headquarters are now in Irvine, California.

The founders are:

Doris Wood

Doris has over 50 years of experience in MLM. She has held multiple positions in network marketing and has also built huge MLM teams. Plus Doris has the experience behind starting 2 MLM companies:

  1. AloEssence Cosmetics
  2. PCA

Her experience has led her to write several books that have been used by MLM professionals.

Doris has been recognized worldwide for her expertise and her dedication to ethical MLM practices. As such, she serves as the CEO and President of MLMIA.

Michael Sheffield

Michael is President of Sheffield Group which is a widely recognized MLM consulting firm.

In 1996, he was elected Chairman of MLMIA.

Mr. Sheffield has authored many articles in defense of MLM and how it can better the economy. He also is a well known lecturer.

Michael Sheffield has received many awards and honors for his dedication to the MLM industry.

The Mission Of The Multi-Level Marketing International Association

The mission of the MLMIA is actually quite simple:

To Strengthen Network Marketing Around the World

The MLMIA uses a 3 prong approach to do this:

  1. Increase the credibility of the Industry through education.
  2. To make education an ongoing priority.
  3. And to improve the professionalism of our Members by establishing and enforcing industry ethics and standards.

Who Joins The Multi-Level Marketing International Association?

Anyone with any type of involvement in the MLM industry can benefit by being a member of the MLMIA.

There are 3 membership categories:

  1. Distributor Membership: This is for any distributor and home based MLM business owner.
  2. Corporate Membership: This is for MLM companies.
  3. Support Membership: This is for those manufacturers and suppliers who sell products or services to MLM companies.

MLMIA Membership Benefits

The membership with the MLMIA has various benefits. For all, Teleconferencing through their special portal, a free Newsletter by signing up on their Home page and free Tele-Classes with outstanding Speakers & Trainers.

Distributor Benefits

Below are some of the benefits you will receive as a distributor member:

  • A listing in the MLMIA’s online Distributor Member directory.
  • Access through the Members Only area to many products and services at savings not available to others.
  • A Membership Certificate.
  • Free teleconferencing available through most of the world through MLMIA portal.
  • A subscription to an industry news publication (NMBJ)
  • Receive Discounts on books and tapes when ordering from the MLMIA Library.
  • A membership card for you & family (friends) for discount on pharmacy medications.
  • MLMIA Bylaws
  • TeleClass archives of over 2 years with industry outstanding Speakers & Trainers
  • A newsletter full of what’s going on in the profession.
  • You can recommend those who receive MLMIA recognition awards each year.
  • Discounted rates to MLMIA workshops and executive and International conferences
  • Mobile Merchant Account

Corporate Benefits

Corporate members receive these benefits:

  • Listing in the MLMIA’s CORPORATE DIRECTORY. This includes your company name, contact person(s), phone number and other info and a link to your company web site all on the their web site.
  • Membership Certificate.
  • Code of Ethics.
  • Bylaws
  • MLMIA Verifiable Standards
  • Online news, TeleClass info and articles
  • A subscription to an industry publication (NMBJ)
  • Proud Member MLMIA logo for your web site.
  • Discounted rates to MLMIA workshops and executive and International conferences
  • Over 2 years of archived TeleClasses by our Industry’s outstanding Corp. executives, Speakers, Trainers.
  • Articles Archived by various industry attorneys and other industry experts.

Support Benefits

And for those support members, these are the benefits:

  • Listing in the MLMIA’s online Support Directory. This includes your name, brief bio of company and a link to your web site.
  • Membership Certificate.
  • Code of Ethics.
  • Bylaws
  • MLMIA Verifiable Standards
  • Discounts to industry Trade Shows, Conferences both Nationally & Internationally
  • A subscription to an industry publication (NMBJ)
  • MLMIA logo download for use on your web site & other materials
  • Over 2 years audio of top industry Speakers, Trainers from TeleClasses
  • Article Archive of several years from attorney’s and other experts.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I believe the MLMIA has good intentions. I do not think it has as much power and say as does the DSA (Direct Selling Association). The list of company members is quite low. There are some support members and distributor members.

I do believe it can be beneficial to join an association such as this. There are some great benefits attached. The costs are:

  • Distributor – 1 year $60 or for a couple $90
  • Corporate – Price is dependent on the amount of distributors with the low being $1,200 for 1 year and the high being $10,000.
  • Support – Industry billing under $250,00 = $600 for 1 year; $250,000 – $500,000 = $750 per year and over $500,000 = $1,000 for 1 year.

If you are or have been a member, we would love to hear your views. If you think you would like to join the MLMIA, I suggest you visit their website at Mlmia

Thank you for visiting. Please leave your comments and questions below. And, please share this on social media with others in the industry. They may like having this information too.


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