Move To Florida: 15 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Consider It

Should you move to Florida?  They call it the Sunshine State.  Florida!

Many of you know that I live further south in the United States territory of Puerto Rico, but the owner of this website, my friend Charles “Chuck” Holmes resides in the lovely State of Florida.  And from what I see, many highly successful entrepreneurs call Florida their home.

Hopefully, I don’t anger the powers that be here in Puerto Rico, but in today’s post, I am going to share 15 reasons entrepreneurs should move to Florida.  But that’s not all!  I also have some bonus information that may be of interest to you and get your creative “juices” flowing.  So read on and get hooked on Florida.

Top 15 Reasons to Move to Florida

Here they are, in no particular order.  Read through each one and leave a comment to tell me which reason is your favorite.

Move to Florida

1: No Personal Income Tax

No wonder so many people have begun packing their bags and loading the U-Haul for a drive to the Sunshine State. Personal income taxes can take a huge bite out of an entrepreneur’s bank account.  Why stay in:

  • California and pay 13.3%

  • Oregon and pay 9.9%

  • Minnesota and pay 9.85%

  • Etc…

2: Florida Is Known For Creative People

Maybe its the water.  Or possibly the sun.  It just seems like Florida has more than its share of creative people who are natives of the Sunshine State.  People like:

  • Bob Ross. This famous painter was born in Daytona Beach.

  • Philip Estridge. He led the development of the IBM personal computer. He was born in Jacksonville.

  • Abraham Lincoln Lewis. He was the first African American millionaire in Florida. He was born in Madison.

  • Charles Merrill. The founder of Merrill Lynch was born in Green Cove Springs.

  • And there are many more, not to mention those who became creative after moving to Florida.

3: No Estate Tax

I have always thought that estate tax was just wrong.  We pay taxes on a home when we purchase it, and every year.  So why when we die do our children have to pay an estate tax?  They don’t in Florida.

4: Because Big Tech Companies Are Moving To Florida

In these days and times, high tech companies are the ones to watch. If you want to know where the money is flowing, just follow the tech companies.

Guess what?  Many of them are moving to Florida, so that means it is a high profit zone.  So who has moved to Florida?

5: No Inheritance Tax

Just the 2 tax reasons I mentioned earlier are more than enough reason to run to Florida, but add this one in too.

We don’t like thinking about that inevitable moment, but we will die.  And do we want the state take a big percentage of what should go to our immediate family?  It will all go to them in Florida because there is no inheritance tax.

6: Great Place To Exercise

I often preach it, and I will again; entrepreneurs need to exercise and stay in shape.

Florida is a great State to exercise.  There are plenty of areas to walk, run, bike, swim and other exercises.  There are here in Puerto Rico too, but it isn’t flat like Florida.  We have to traverse mountains.

7: Venture Investors Are Moving To Florida

Investors and entrepreneurs MUST network.

So shouldn’t entrepreneurs go to where the investors are?  Many venture investors are moving to Florida.  The Florida Venture Forum claims many venture investors have made or are making the move.

8: Tourism Entrepreneurs

If your entrepreneur ideas are tied in any way to tourism, Florida makes perfect sense.  Yearly, tourists flock to the Sunshine State.  And, you can use that as a target market if you use your creativity.

9: Many Ways To Network

There are a ton of ways to network with like-minded people in Florida.  From clubs to conventions and more, you can find networking possibilities everywhere in Florida.

10: The Retirees

As an entrepreneur, I am sure you have a goal of finding customers.  Consider the fact that Florida is the retired people’s haven.

And, they do like to spend the money they worked hard for all those years.  They will buy your products or services if you show them and close them.

11: Mentors Everywhere

I just mentioned the retirees.  Many of them were business people too.  Many of them would love to mentor you. You can find great mentors in Florida.

12: The Weather

If you live in one of those cold Northern States, I have to ask why?  Why are you freezing and paying State income tax?  Why not move to Florida where many people seldom turn on a heater?  The weather is fabulous.

13: Florida Universities

Florida universities are now opening up courses in entrepreneur related fields.  Many colleges have only trained people to work for employers. Universities such as Miami Dade College and Florida Atlantic University have developed courses to help those of us who want to build our own business; not someone else’s.

14: Great Food

No matter where you are in Florida, you can find great food.  There are so many cultures that you can have your choice of taste in any meal.

15: Affordable And Nice Living Areas

Whether you want to purchase or rent a place to live, you will find that the majority of either are affordable and in good shape in Florida.  I have spoke with people who paid $1,200 per month on an apartment in Los Angeles and it was dumpy.  The same amount of money in Tampa, Florida got him a fancy living area that is not an embarrassment to invite friends to.

Top Florida Cities Entrepreneurs Are Moving To

These seem to be the top cities that entrepreneurs are moving to:

  • Tampa

  • Pembroke Pines

  • Hialeah

  • Fort Lauderdale

  • Port St. Lucie

  • Tallahassee

The Bonus I Promised You

At the start of this post, I told you I would add a bonus to get your creative spirit “jump-started.”  But, to give you a bit of background as to where I am going with this bonus, I must first tell you just a little bit about myself.  I was a military brat and lived in many different places:

  • Colorado

  • Japan

  • California

  • Iowa

  • Nebraska

  • Missouri

But now…

I am in my 50’s and my wife of 30 years died in Missouri.

I met a lovely woman who invited me to take a vacation.  It has been the longest vacation I have ever taken, as I have been on it for nearly 7 years.

I now live in Puerto Rico, and I have come to love the culture.  But, many Puerto Ricans are leaving because of the economic situation here.

Where are they going?  To Florida mainly.

The climate is close to what they have here, and there are many Spanish speakers in Florida, so they are hopping on a jet with all their belongings and going to Florida.  This is a great thing for entrepreneurs.

Here is a little secret I am going to share with you.  If you have read much of the Online MLM Community website, you have surely learned that a huge key to your entrepreneurial success is to find a target market.

So you are an entrepreneur in Florida.  You know that many Puerto Rican natives are flocking to Florida.

A target market???

I was recently reading a Caribbean Business news source: A certain entrepreneur recognized a perfect opportunity.

Knowing how much the Puerto Rico people love a certain bread sold here called Pan de Agua, he noticed that there was a similar bread in Florida called Cuban bread.

In a show of business savvy, he developed Pan de Agua and named it Bread of Puerto Rico or something similar, and he was selling bread faster than he could have it produced.

So just consider some of the cultural ideas with this target market in Florida. Let me give you some hints.

So there you have a few ideas.  With an entrepreneurial creative mind, I am sure you will think of something for your Florida move.

Final Thoughts

So what are your thoughts?  Have I tempted you to move to Florida?  Do you have any questions?  I must admit that this was a fun article to write, and I hope you enjoyed it too.  If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please post them in the comment section below. Thank you.

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1 thought on “Move To Florida: 15 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Consider It”

  1. Greg, this is a great post. Moving to Florida four years ago was one of the best decisions of my life. I loved it from day one. My wife took a couple of years to get used to it, but she loves it now as well. If anything, I will move further south. I have no desire to shovel snow or live where it’s cold ever again.

    Throw in all the tax advantages and I’m not sure why every entrepreneur in America doesn’t move down here.

    Just saying.

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