Most People Are Not Interested in Your Business Opportunity

Let’s face it.  Most people are NOT interested in your business opportunity.  Heck, you already know that.  In most cases, 50% to 90% of the people you show the business plan to will NOT join your team.  It doesn’t matter how good you are at showing the presentation, how great your company or compensation plan is, or what type of products you offer either. The bottom line is most people will not join your team.

Yes, you can improve your odds of success by picking a good company with good products, finding better quality prospects, and learning how to show the plan the right way,  but even if you do that, most people won’t join your team.

If you want to succeed in network marketing, you really only have two options (as I see it).

Option # 1: Work the Numbers

If you know that nine out of every ten people you show the plan to will not join your team, but you still want to succeed, you simply need to work the numbers.  If you know you have a 10% sponsoring rate, and you want to personally sponsor 50 people, you would simply need to show the plan to 500 people personally.  That isn’t impossible to do.  You simply need to learn how to get prospects, set appointments and then show the plan.

As you go through this process, you will improve your conversion rates somewhat, because you will learn how to find better quality prospects, how to show a better presentation and how to close more people.

Without a doubt, this is where most people fall short.  They simply don’t show the plan to enough people to get any kind of positive results in their business.  You can’t show the plan to just 10 or 20 people and expect good things to happen in your business.

Option # 2: Focus on Getting Customers

Without a doubt, I believe this is the best strategy to grow a large and profitable network marketing business.  I say, FORGET about trying to sponsor everyone and simply go out there and find customers for your business. Focus on finding 50, 100, even 200 or more personal retail customers for your business.  This will give you immediate retail profit and many of your customers will want to become distributors once they fall in love with your products or services.  Personally, I’d rather have a team of 100 customers who love the products and order every month than have 100 not so serious distributors (who don’t do anything) on my team.

Having good products and services at a good price point is vital to your business.  You need products or services that people want, consume, and can afford.  Simply put, your products or services must offer a good value to the retail customers.  If you don’t have that, you are in the wrong company.

Option # 3 Quit or Do Nothing

This third option is not one that I recommend, since it is not a success strategy, but it is the path that most distributors follow. Most distributors simply aren’t willing to work the numbers or go out and get a bunch of customers.  That’s why they get bad results.  I can promise you one thing, if you do nothing in your business, nothing good will happen in your business.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, you have to realize that most people are not interested in your business opportunity.  In most cases, it has nothing to do with you or your company either. You have to remember that most people are programmed to have jobs their entire lives. Most people don’t really want a business where there is no guarantee of success.

If you’re trying to build a large downline, you can simply work the numbers or you can focus on finding lots of retail customers for your business.  Or, you can do what most distributors do and do NOTHING.  I hope you will pick one of the first two strategies.

What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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1 thought on “Most People Are Not Interested in Your Business Opportunity”

  1. I think that the MLM business has evolved so much. Companies like Mary Kay and Tupperware are what come to people\\’s minds. They associated MLM with being for women. But there are so many companies now offering a diverse group of products and services that are more useful. Technological products, Roadside Assistance, Insurance and Financial services. If you think about the market you want to center on, and find a product that speaks to them I believe there will be better conversion percentages.

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