The # 1 Lesson from Magnetic Sponsoring

By now you probably realize that I am a big fan of Magnetic Sponsoring.  It’s a life changing book and training course.  If you haven’t read it yet you definitely should.

I learned a lot of valuable lessons from Magnetic Sponsoring, such as the power of funded proposals, multiple streams of income, self-liquidating offers and list building.  All of those lessons are GAME CHANGERS, but there is one lesson that really stands out (and Mike doesn’t talk much about it in the course).

That lesson is HAVING OTHER PEOPLE BUILD YOUR LIST FOR YOU.  We all know that building a list is the number one thing that successful internet and network marketers focus on.

But what Mike does so incredibly well is that he has thousands of folks building his list for him.  All of the Magnetic Sponsoring affiliates, including myself, send visitors and traffic to his website every day.

Even though we are credited with the leads, and earn commissions from the sales, we are building Mike’s list for him!

magnetic sponsoringHow else could he have built up an email list with hundreds of thousands of people on it so quickly?

I want you to think about this lesson for a minute.

You’ve probably heard the importance of generating 10-20 leads a day.  Do that and you can really transform your business quickly.

But what if you could generate 500 to 1000 leads per day by having affiliates?

How would that change your business for the better?

I think it would be a game-changer.

So, here’s what I recommend you do.  Find a way to get other people to help you build your list.

The easiest way to do that is to create an affiliate product that you sell online.  It could be a Clickbank product, or an affiliate program that you manage yourself.

I highly recommend you create a Clickbank product because they already have 100,000+ affiliates for you to tap into.

These affiliates can send traffic to your sales page and you in return can have a pop-up or opt-in box on your sales page that collects leads for you.

That’s how simple it is.

I’m in the process of launching my first Clickbank product now, just so I can have other people build my list for me.

Of course, the earnings from the product sales will be good, but the leads I will get from the help of other people is even better.

I suggest you find ways to do this in your own network marketing business.

And make sure you buy and read a copy of Magnetic Sponsoring, too.

What do you think about this lesson?  What else did you learn from Magnetic Sponsoring? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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2 thoughts on “The # 1 Lesson from Magnetic Sponsoring”

  1. This is a great piece of advice. Why build your own list when others will do it for you? I recommend developing a simple Ebook and using clickbank to have others send people to your capture page to “get” your free Ebook. An Ebook is easy to make and this system is so simple it is amazing. I don’t understand why more people are not using it.

    Great post. I need to get that Magnetic Sponsoring book.

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