Monthly Checklist for Serious Network Marketers

In today’s post, I’d like to share my monthly checklist for serious network marketers.

These are things you should do each month to move your MLM Business forward. None of this is rocket science. These things are easy to do and easy not to do.

After studying many successful top earners in our industry, and becoming one myself, I have discovered that most top earners follow some type of checklist. You can call it a daily mode of operations, a DMO, daily “to do” list, a work schedule or whatever else you see fit.

Having spent many years as an Army Officer, I can assure you that checklists work. Even the most experienced military pilots have a pre-flight checklist they follow. This ensures they don’t “forget” or “overlook” important things that must be done before taking off. If they follow a checklist, you should too!

Checklists work. They help remove the human element. If you leave your success and daily routine to chance, anything can happen. However, if you have a monthly checklist, and you have the daily discipline to follow it, you can work smart and get much better results.

monthly checklist for network marketers

Monthly Checklist for Serious Network Marketers

Here’s a good breakdown, as I see it.

1.  Prospect 150 to 300 People

This business is a numbers game. The person who makes the most exposures is the person who builds the biggest team. As a serious network marketer, you should make MINIMUM 5-10 exposures per day, 7 days per week. Over the course of a month, if you follow this advice, you would talk to 150 to 300 new prospects. That’s plenty of people to keep your pipeline full.

Prospecting is an important part of the sales process, as it helps develop the pipeline of potential customers available. … Prospecting, done right, not only creates a pipeline of potential customers, it helps to position you as a trusted advisor. It also helps you focus on the right accounts.


2.  Sponsor 4 Business Builders

Assuming you are contacting 5-10 new prospects daily, you should EASILY be able to sponsor 4 new business builders per month. A good goal is to sponsor one new business builder each week. This gives you someone new to work with each week and still leaves you plenty of time to support your other team members.

3.  Find 4 customers

If you are sharing the business with lots of people, you will naturally come across people who might not be interested in the business, but they would be interested in trying the products. Like every other type of business, you need customers. Do not overlook customers. You don’t need thousands of personal customers yourself, but you should make it a goal to add one new personal customer each week. This gives you immediate retail profit and helps fund your business.

successful network marketers

4.  Read 2 books

Serious network marketers read for at least 30-minutes daily. Depending on how big the book is, if you read 30-minutes per day you should easily be able to read two books per month. These are book on topics such as network marketing, leadership, sales, entrepreneurship, etc. Romance, thriller and fiction books do not count. Remember, leaders are readers!

Hence, a CEO loves reading books because they can find the answers to their problems in them. These are some of the reasons that compel CEOs to develop great reading habits. Not just CEOs, it is essential for everybody to read. At one point of life or another, what you have read before, will help you.


5. Follow Up with 150 to 300 People

The fortune is in the follow up. If you are prospecting 5-10 new people daily (150 to 300 people per month) you should be following up with the same number of people each month. Most people will need multiple exposures and follow ups before they make a buying decision or sign up as a distributor. You need to stay in touch frequently without using pressure or hype.

Follow ups make customers feel special and therefore this increases reliability process for the customers. A regular follow up always gives customers a chance to be heard and engage effectively. Follow-ups can be a great source to ask customers, “What they want/expect next.


6.  Attend All Events

We are an event driven business. Serious network marketers NEVER miss an event for any reason. They attend all live events, conference calls, webinars, etc. Promote events like your success depends on it. It does! Never miss an event. Add each event to your day planner so you can plan your other activities around it.

7.  Counsel with Your Coach

If you want to succeed in network marketing, you need to humble yourself enough to be accountable to someone other than yourself. Listen to your coach. Have a counseling session with them once each month. Draw out your organization. Review your progress. Ask your questions. Discuss your challenges. Whatever you do, LISTEN to them. Make sure you talk less and listen more. Your plugged in, successful upline is your most valuable business tool!

Mentoring/Coaching helps to build a positive and concrete change in individuals and to boost the transfer of knowledge from the coach/mentor to the individual. In case of organisations and companies, coaching and mentoring become profoundly beneficial for the career growth of their employees.


8. Drive Each Leg 2-4 levels Deeper

As a serious network marketer you should drive each leg of your organization at least 2-4 levels deeper each month. This gives you added security in your business and it keeps the momentum and excitement alive. Always work with the newest, most excited distributor whenever possible.

time management skills

9. Plan & Review Your Goals

On the first day of each month you should plan out your goals for the month and review your previous month. Go somewhere quiet for 1-2 hours and complete these two tasks. It’s actually quite eye opening. This will allow you to see how much progress you’ve made during the past month and help you determine what you need to do this new month to continue to move your business forward.

While the process of goal setting is important because it helps unearth and identify what’s truly important to you, pursuing your goals is the real money-maker (literally and figuratively) because it builds self-efficacy; it develops yourself as the type of person who can achieve goals.


10. Update Your Profit & Loss Statement

The last thing you want to do each month is update your profit and loss statement. This will give you an idea as to the growth and profitability of your business. List all of your income and expenses to determine your profit or loss. I do this with a simple Excel worksheet, but other people use a ledger, QuickBooks or an accounting program. Use whatever method works best for you. Doing this once a month will save you a ton of time and headaches at tax time.

In a nutshell, my monthly checklist for serious network marketers is to:
  1. Prospect 150 to 300 People
  2. Sponsor 4 Business Builders
  3. Find 4 customers
  4. Read 2 books
  5. Follow Up with 150 to 300 People
  6. Attend All Events
  7. Counsel with Your Coach
  8. Drive Each Leg 2-4 levels Deeper
  9. Plan & Review Your Goals
  10. Update your Profit and Loss Statement

Once you know your big objectives for the month, you can break it down into weekly and daily goals. More importantly, you can come up with a simple daily routine that keeps you on track throughout the month.

Finally, you really can accomplish all of these things in just 1-2 hours per day if you are disciplined with your time. Once you get your simple time management system set up, it shouldn’t be very difficult.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this is my monthly checklist for serious network marketers.  This is actually a pretty basic list that anyone can follow. The only thing that might vary a little bit is HOW you prospect people. Each person can use whatever strategy works best for them.

What do you think? If you are a serious and committed network marketer, what do you do to move your business forward each month? Is there anything I didn’t mention? Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

chuck holmes


Chuck Holmes
Network Marketing Professional (since 2002)
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6 thoughts on “Monthly Checklist for Serious Network Marketers”

  1. Hi Chuck,

    I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I call this post the ‘blueprint for network marketing success”. This will save a lot of people from months, if not years of trial-and-errors.

    It lays down how many presentations you should expect to make, and how many downlines, and customers you can expect to get as a result of your presentations. And as one of your latest posts suggests, it all comes down how many presentations you have shown to prospects. I couldn’t agree more. Like it or hate it, that is the key to success in the MLM industry.

    Thanks for the valuable post.

  2. Excellent list of things people could be and should be doing in order to grow themselves and their MLM business. Each and every single one of these “to-do” items is significant and adds value to the business. MLM is a learning process, and if you are serious you should really be doing everything within your power to grow yourself as a professional and grow your company. Otherwise, what is the point of being in the MLM industry anyway?

  3. One of the listed items you have here is so very important. Actually, they are all important, but I speak of 100% product use.It amazes me when I see someone trying to sell MLM products, but when you go to their home, they use products from other companies.

    I truly believe that if you are not willing to use the products you are “pushing,” you shouldn’t be with the company.

    Personally, I love all of the products I have used from the company I am with, and it helps me tell people when I show them that I use the products.

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