MLM Work Schedule: How to Create One

Today, I’d like to talk to you about creating an MLM Work Schedule.

I’ve learned from personal experience that we are creatures of habit. Ultimately, our daily routine will determine where we end up in life. In order to become successful at ANYTHING, you need to have a game-plan, work hard and work smart.

More importantly, if you want to change your life you must change your habits! We are what we repeatedly do!

When it comes to the world of network marketing, most people are working their business part-time, just a few hours per week. Most MLM Reps have a day job, a family, and responsibilities inside and outside of the home.

They’d like to have the time and money freedom that network marketing offers, but their business isn’t a top priority for them. It’s more of a wish than anything else. As a result, most MLM Reps do not have written goals, a game-plan, or a winning daily routine.

Everyone Has a Work Schedule

If you have a job or traditional business, you already have a work schedule. You wake up at a set time each day, do your morning routine and head to work. You have a set time to be at work each day.

During your workday, you have certain tasks you must complete. You take your lunch at a certain time and return to work after lunch at a set time. At the end of the day, you leave work at a set time to head back home.

This is a work schedule! It makes sense to most people reading this article.

If you are trying to succeed with your network marketing business, you need to come up with an MLM Work Schedule.

MLM Work Schedule

What is an MLM Work Schedule?

An MLM Work Schedule is your weekly schedule outlining your weekly goals, the times and dates you will work your business and what activities you will focus on each day.

The best way to come up with your MLM Work Schedule is to use a day planner and plan out each day of the upcoming week. Block off times for your job, family commitments, your health, religion, etc.

Once your big commitments are blocked off, look at the open times you have available to build your business. You might find that you have 15-minutes in the morning, 20-minutes at lunch and 30-minutes after dinner that you can work your network marketing business.

That’s perfectly okay! You can fit this business into the nooks and crannies. Just keep in mind, you will never build your business in your spare time. Why? Because no one has spare time. To be successful, you must schedule your time, and at least do the business part-time.

You must be disciplined with your time. Plan your work and work your plan! You can do big things in just 5-10 hours per week if you work smart and do it consistently!

How to Create a Work Schedule

How to Create a Work Schedule

What I’d like to do in the paragraphs below is share some of my best tips on how to create an MLM Work Schedule.

Step # 1: Determine Your Goals for the Week

Your goals for the week will determine your activity level. Write down how many new prospects you want to approach, how many presentations you want to give, how many new reps you want to sign up, and how many new customers you want to acquire.

Step # 2: Determine How Many Hours You Will Work for the Week

Your goals will dictate how much time you need to invest in your business each week. For someone doing this as a hobby, 5-10 hours per week is enough. For someone doing this as a part-time business, 15-20 hours is enough. For someone pursuing this full-time, 50 to 60-hours is enough.

Step # 3: Schedule Your Time for Each Day of the Week

Assuming you have blocked off your job and family commitments already, the next step is to schedule your business hours for the week. Look at your schedule for each day of the week and determine how much time you will spend on business activities.

Step # 4: Determine What You Will do Each Day

Ideally, you want to have three to seven tasks that you focus on each day. Make sure these tasks are income producing activities, so you can be productive and get good results.

Step # 5: Finalize Your Schedule 

Your final step is to finalize your MLM Work Schedule. Review it one more time to make sure everything is doable and accurate. After that, print off a copy and give a copy to your accountability partner. Share a copy with your spouse as well. And whatever you do, never let a day go by where you don’t complete EVERY task on your daily work schedule. 

It takes both a plan and a schedule to get things done

Example MLM Work Schedule

Keep in mind, what you see below is just an Example MLM Work Schedule. You don’t have to do the exact same things that I’ve listed. The purpose of me sharing this example with you is to simply give you ideas. Take the format and then schedule in the times and activities you will do each day to grow your business.


  • Family Day
  • Spend 30-minutes planning out the upcoming week
  • 15-minutes of personal development


  • Time for Business: 1-hour
  • Private message five people on Facebook about the business
  • Text 5 prospects
  • Connect with three prospects on LinkedIn
  • Have 2 real world conversations with prospects
  • Follow-up with five prospects
  • Hand out 5 drop cards during lunch break
  • 5-minutes of personal development


  • Time for Business: 1-hour
  • Hand out 5 drop cards at lunch
  • Have two real world conversations with prospects
  • Place one Craigslist ad
  • Mail 20 postcards
  • Connect with 10 people on Facebook
  • Follow up with five prospects
  • 5-minutes of personal development


  • Time for Business: 1-hour
  • Getting Started Training with new reps
  • Hand out 5 drop cards
  • Mail out 10 postcards
  • Text 10 leads
  • Have two real world conversations with prospects
  • Accountability call with coach
  • 5-minutes of personal development


  • Time for Business: 1-hour
  • Connect with 10 prospects on LinkedIn
  • Hand out 5 drop cards
  • Mail out 10 postcards
  • Text 10 leads
  • Have two real world conversations with prospects
  • Follow up with five prospects
  • 5-minutes of personal development

Never let a day go by where you dont complete EVERY task


  • Time for Business: 1-hour
  • Connect with 10 prospects on Facebook
  • Hand out 5 drop cards
  • Send out two handwritten notes
  • Care call 3 team members
  • Have two real world conversations with prospects
  • Follow up with five prospects
  • 5-minutes of personal development


  • Time for Business: 1-hour
  • Do a Facebook Live
  • Call 10 leads
  • Follow up with five prospects
  • Attend team weekly training call
  • 20-minutes of personal development

I can assure you that if you set a work schedule, and you follow it each week, there is no doubt in my mind you will be at least 10x more productive in your business than you are right now.

My Daily Work Schedule

I figured I would take a minute and share my daily checklist with you. This is what I do minimum five days a week, and normally six days a week. It looks like a lot, but because I can focus well, I normally do this in about 4-hours per day.

Please do not do exactly what I do. Just use this as an example to help you create your own checklist.


_____ Take Vitamins & drink shake

_____ Mail 5 postcards and 1 handwritten note

_____ Send daily Herculist Email

_____ Send daily Top Surfer Email

_____ Send daily List Joe Email

_____ Follow 50 people on Twitter

_____ Leave 2 blog comments

_____ Leave 1 Warrior Forum comment

_____ Follow 100 people, respond to replies and post a question on Wealthy Affiliate

_____ Send 30 connection requests on LinkedIn

_____ Email MLM list (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

_____ Email HBN list every Thursday

_____ Update my two Facebook groups

_____ Share links on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

_____ Respond to emails and questions

_____ Edit two posts

_____ Publish one post (2x week)

_____ Publish one YouTube video

_____ Publish one podcast

_____ Monitor CO-OP Daily (add/remove people and place new ads)

_____ Monitor ads on MLM Gateway, Bing PPC and Solo Ads


_____ Quality time with wife

_____ Walk one hour and exercise

_____ Read for 20-30 minutes

_____ Facebook Live (3x per week)

_____ Team Webinar (Thursdays)

Final Thoughts

In review, this is my best advice on creating an MLM Work Schedule. None of this should be rocket science to anyone. Creating an MLM Work Schedule is easy to do. It’s also easy NOT to do.

At the end of the day, you need to be very disciplined with your time. You must set daily goals for your business and have a simple game-plan to achieve those goals. If you follow the advice in this article, you will be well on your way to MLM Success!

What are your thoughts about an MLM Work Schedule? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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