MLM Without Recruiting: My Thoughts

Today, I’d like to take a few minutes and discuss MLM without recruiting. This is a popular search term online and it’s a question that I get asked quite frequently.

In a nutshell, people want to know if they can succeed in MLM without recruiting anyone. My immediate answer to that question is NO. You’ll never build a big team or earn six figures in our industry without recruiting. But, if you have no desire to build a big team or earn lots of money, you can be successful in MLM without recruiting.MLM Without Recruiting

If you are treating your MLM Business like a direct sales business, you never have to recruit anyone. Instead, you just focus on selling your company’s products. Think of the Avon lady or the Tupperware lady.

With the direct sales business model, there is almost zero focus on recruiting distributors. The major focus is on selling. Make sales, generate a profit, repeat.

That is a good business model, but it is completely different from network marketing, even though some companies and people interchange those two terms as if they mean the same thing.

The # 1 objective in network marketing is to build a team of distributors. This gives you leverage. Network marketing is about a lot of people each doing a little bit, not one person doing a lot. Rather than one person sell $10,000 in products each month, you have 100 people each use/sell $100 worth of product each month. Make sense?

If you just focus on selling/retailing in MLM, you will either max out or burn out. One person can only do so much. Because the commissions are so small per transaction, I personally believe it makes little sense to treat network marketing like direct sales.

MLM Without Recruiting

If you are set on doing MLM without recruiting, you have several different options.

# 1: Be a Wholesale Customer

You first option to do MLM without recruiting is simply to be a wholesale customer. I don’t have the industry statistics, but I’d bet that at least 70 to 80 percent of the people who join our industry do so simply to get a discount on their product purchases. They simply want to be a wholesale customer and save money. They do not want to do it as a business.

There’s nothing wrong with doing that. Our industry offers some amazing products and buying them at the wholesale price is a smart move.

# 1 objective in mlm

# 2: Have a Small Retail Business

Your next option is to have a small retail business. Perhaps, you decide to service five to ten customers each month and make enough commissions to cover the cost of your personal purchases and have a little extra spending cash. Lots of people do this.

# 3: Focus on Tap-rooting

You will quickly discover that many of the top network marketers are not good recruiters. Instead, they focus on helping their team recruit. They sign up a few people and then focus their time, money, and energy on helping their people build their own teams.

They spend all their time working in depth. They keep repeating this process over and over driving several legs many levels deep.

I recently heard one top network marketer say this:

A good network marketer can sponsor two people and build a team with millions of people by working THROUGH the people they sponsor.

Basically, you help your two people each sponsor one person and then you go and work with their new person. You keep repeating this over and over in depth until you find your serious people.

# 4: Do Something Else

Another option to do MLM without recruiting is not to do MLM at all. Instead, get a part-time job, sell stuff on eBay, drive for Uber or Lyft, be a virtual assistant, start a new hobby, or whatever else you can think of. Not everyone is cut out for sales, network marketing, or entrepreneurship and that is perfectly okay.

selling in mlm

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are my thoughts on MLM without recruiting. As you can see, you have many different options to choose from.

MLM is not for everyone. Neither is entrepreneurship or sales. It makes sense to find a business model or income opportunity that aligns with your own personality, skills, and goals.

I would like to add in though that every entrepreneur is a salesperson. Their number one job is to make the cash register ring. Recruiting is just another word for selling. It’s about influence. It’s getting others to see your point of view and leading people to a decision.

Recruiting is not about being sleazy, using hype, being deceptive or using pressure. Every successful rep I’ve met is a PROFESSIONAL.

What are your thoughts about MLM without recruiting? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.


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