Wisdom from the MLM Trenches

Today, I want to share what I consider to be wisdom from the MLM trenches. These are some basic things you need to understand about building a successful network marketing business.

I take great pride in being a leader who stays in the trenches and does the things I want my team to do. My goal has always been to lead from the front and inspire people by my own personal example.

Through the years, I have discovered what works and what doesn’t work. I’m going to share FIVE things you need to know and do, if you want to move your business forward.

Wisdom from the MLM Trenches

Wisdom from the MLM Trenches

# 1 This business is a numbers game.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you or trying to sell you something. Most people you talk to will not join your business. Most people you sponsor will do nothing and quit, regardless of what you do to help them.

However, you really only need a few quality people to build a big team, and best of all, you don’t even have to be the person who sponsors these people. They can show up in depth.

While this business is definitely a numbers game, there are two other important things to remember.

(1) Once people join your business it becomes a relationship business. Your ability to build solid relationships with the people on your team is the GLUE that keeps your business together (or makes it fall apart). Invest in your people. Do fun things with them. Be a servant leader. Make your focus helping others and you can’t go wrong.


(2) Skills pay the bills. If you take the time to work on your skills, and you have a solid strategy or game-plan, you can talk to FEWER people and get the same results. In the beginning of your business, you can make up in numbers what you lack in skills, but your ultimate goal is to improve your skills so you can work smart.

# 2 You only need a few good leaders to create a six figure income.

Most top earners make MOST of their income from just 1 to 3 people on their team, even if they’ve sponsored hundreds of people. That is a fact.

How many people will you need to sponsor to find your 3 serious people? Well, everyone has a different number. Your number might be 20, 50, 100 or even 500 personally enrolled reps. I don’t know your number. No one does. You just have to keep recruiting UNTIL you don’t need to recruit any more.

Your goal is to find these three leaders as quickly as possible. The sooner you can do it the faster your business will grow. To ensure this happens quickly, make sure you never let a month go by where you don’t personally enroll at least two to four new reps.

# 3 Work with the willing.

You cannot make anyone successful in this business. I have tried. It almost killed me. All you can do is work with people who are coachable, hungry and willing to work. This represents no more than five to ten percent of your team, if that.

How do you know who these people are? They are at every event. They attend every call and webinar. They call you with questions. They are actively recruiting and retailing each month. And, they go out and do what you tell them to do! What a concept!

# 4 Your business will only grow as much as you do.

You MUST work on your skills and personal development every single day. You must educate yourself about your company, its products and the industry. Be a student of your business. Invest in your business education.

Invest in your personal development. Attend every event. Read daily. Watch helpful and inspiring YouTube videos. Consult with your mentor or coach. Set high standards for yourself and your team, and do something to grow yourself every single day.

# 5 Take massive action.

This is the most important wisdom from the MLM trenches I can share with you. Talking to 2 people a day about your products or business opportunity is not enough if you want to make the big bucks. If you are working your business part-time you must talk with at least 10 new prospects per day. As a full-timer, that number should be 30 to 50 prospects per day.

Where do you find these people? Well, there are more than 7 billion people in the world and 350 million Americans. Find 1-2 lead generation strategies that work for you and focus on those strategies until you master them.

Want a better idea? Talk to your team members’ prospects with them. If you have 100 team members and everyone knows at least 1,000 people by name, that is 100,000 potential prospects. You could never work through all of those people and NOT have a big business.

If you want to double or triple your income, you need to double or triple your exposures. Do what most people aren’t willing to do and you will have what most people don’t have. Act AS IF you have one million dollars invested in your business and you only have one year to earn it back.

Make your business a priority and have a sense of urgency. Stop treating it like a hobby.

Good Leaders are in the Trenches Leading from the Front

My Final Piece of Advice from the MLM Trenches

Get in the MLM Trenches and stay there. Avoid management mode and analysis by paralysis at all costs. Instead of trying to manage your team, show them what they should be doing by your own personal example. Also, do not think you need to know everything to get started or be successful. You will learn more by giving 100 presentations that you could in 20-years just studying how to be successful in the business. The best leaders are always in the MLM Trenches.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. This is my best wisdom from the MLM Trenches. I hope you found the information helpful. What are your thoughts? Leave a reply to this message and let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you. To your success!

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2 thoughts on “Wisdom from the MLM Trenches”

  1. Thanks for the reminder that everyone we interact with on a daily basis deserves a ‘chance’. If they aren’t interested, then they aren’t interested, but they deserve to hear at least a mention of your opportunity. I used to think that I didn’t know anyone. Then I made a list of everyone that I come into contact almost every day. I almost always see the same grocery cashier, pharmacy clerk, post office employees, waiter/waitress at my usual lunch spot, and cashier at the dry cleaners. These people already ask me how my day is going and what I am up to, so why not tell them? We already have a relationship, however informal it is. Once I started answering their polite inquiries honestly, the ones that were looking for more than their day job’s wages started asking questions, and it has enabled me to grow my business. It also gave me the confidence to keep mentioning the opportunity. We all know more people than we realize we do!

    1. Yes, our job is to share it and then let the other folks decide if it is something they want to look into. Most of us come in contact with at least 100 people a day, so there really is no excuse to say you don’t have anyone to talk to. If you don’t know what to say, just hand them a drop card and say “you might want to check this out.” Then walk away and continue with your day. If they are interested or curious, they will read the drop card and visit your website.

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