My MLM Transformation: Changing the Way I Think About My MLM Business

I recently had a MLM Transformation. Think of it as a paradigm shift in the way I think about my business. Hopefully, you can get a few key takeaways from what I experienced that might help you in your own business.

My MLM Transformation

My MLM Transformation

First and foremost, I have come to the conclusion that most people who join our industry are not here to make the “big money” our industry offers.

Making six or seven figures might sound great to some people, but that’s not what everyone wants. Most people just want some extra money to improve their quality of life.

More importantly, most people don’t have the skills, hustle, desire or work ethic to do what it takes to get to that level of income in ANY profession.

Heck, how many people do you know that make six or seven figures in their day job or career? You might know a few, but most people you know don’t meet that description. What I have found to be true is this:

The average person who joins our industry would be very happy making a few hundred dollars per month, getting their products at a discount, being part of something bigger than themselves, having a few tax deductions, learning some new life and business skills, and/or making new friends. 

That probably describes at least 99% of the people who join a MLM Company. Maybe I’m wrong, but those are my own personal observations.

Because of this, I am changing my focus in my own team. I am going to focus EVERYTHING I DO on helping, encouraging, motivating and teaching these people (the 99%), instead of training people how to act and think like a 1 percenter.

My New Focus

Going forward, everything I do in my own team is going to be designed around:

  • How to make enough money to get your products for free
  • How to earn $200 to $1,000 per month
  • Simple ways to service a few customers and sponsor a few reps
  • Personal development
  • More recognition for people doing even the most basic things
  • More fun, more contests, events, trips
  • More community
  • More product focus and product training

I believe this will have a huge impact in my business.

And of course, when I meet other people like me who want more than the average person, I will include them in my inner circle and personally mentor them to do what it takes to make the big bucks.

A Valuable Lesson

I’ll conclude this lesson with a short story. In my first MLM Company, I was told to only look for the go-getter. Only look for the person who will make a 100% commitment to their business. Only look for the highly motivated person. As a result, that’s what I did.

By doing so, I didn’t find many people to recruit. Why? Because most people aren’t going to commit 100% to ANYTHING! Most people didn’t want the big bucks and financial freedom that I wanted via the business. Most people were not willing to pay the price for massive success. Most people were content with a good job, good benefits and 2-weeks vacation!

I would have been much better off to talk more about the products, the part-time income, the tax advantages, the community, the recognition and the personal growth.

From what I’ve seen, those are the things that most people want.

A Valuable Lesson

My Advice to You

Here is my advice to you. Look at what you are currently doing in your own network marketing business, and see if you might want to re-shift your focus. Take a fresh look at your approach, mindset, strategy and thinking and see if a few small tweaks can have a big impact in your business.

My guess is that it would. To your success!

What are your thoughts about my MLM Transformation? Do you agree or disagree with me? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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