MLM Success Tips for Introverts: The Introverted Network Marketer

In today’s post I want to share some simple success tips for introverted network marketers.  Contrary to what you might think, you do not need to be an extrovert to succeed in our industry.  Many top earners in our industry are introverts by nature. Did you know that?

Just because someone is a good public speaker, good at sales, and good at leading their team does not make them an extrovert.  Just because someone is shy and quiet and hates selling does not make them an introvert.

In fact, most people confuse being introverted with being shy, quiet or having low self-esteem.  In reality, these are completely different things.

The major difference between extroverts and introverts is where they get their inner strength from.  Does it come from within (introvert) or do they get their strength through other people (extrovert)?

What is an Introvert?

There are many conflicting definitions of introverts online.  Here are a few that I found.

  1. A shy, reticent person.
  2. A person who is energized spending time alone.
  3. A person characterized by concern primarily with his or her own thoughts and feelings.

My psychology teacher defined it as “someone who gets their strength from within, rather than getting their strength from someone else.” If I was going to put it in my own words, I would describe it the same way.

Myths About Introverts and Extroverts in Network Marketing

Here are a few common myths in our industry that you need to know about.  None of these are true statements.

  1. Only extroverts are good public speakers
  2. All introverts are shy and hate talking to people
  3. If you hate selling you are an introvert
  4. If you are quiet or depressed you are an introvert
  5. If you hate prospecting you are an introvert
  6. If you are good at selling or prospecting you are an extrovert
  7. Only extroverts are good at dealing with people
  8. All top earners are extroverts and outgoing
  9. The only way to build the business is face-to-face

Can Introverts Succeed in Network Marketing?

Heck yes!  There are tons of introverts in our industry who do very well.  I personally believe that introverts have a huge advantage over extroverts.  Why?  Because when you get your strength from within, nothing can stop you. When you have the inner drive and burning desire to succeed no matter what, nothing can slow you down or get in your way.

On the other hand, when your happiness and inner strength is dictated by others, you will be disappointed, because people will let you down.  Just because you are outgoing and extroverted does not mean you will be good at the business!

tips for introverted network marketersMy Situation

I think I am about a 50/50 mix of being an introvert and extrovert.  I do love people, but I hate selling and prospecting.  I love public speaking.  I love helping others.  My drive and motivation and inner strength comes from within.  I am outgoing, but I am very happy being alone and by myself. I have a good self image and high self esteem.

My Best Success Tips for Introverted Network Marketers

# 1 Don’t Confuse Introvert with Poor Self Esteem or Lack of Confidence

If you are struggling with low-self esteem, worthiness issues, and lack of confidence, get some help!  Anyone (extrovert or introvert) can have these issues.  These things can hold anyone back.  Work on your personal development every single day and consult with a licensed doctor, psychiatrist or physician if necessary. It’s hard to succeed at anything in life if you don’t think you are worthy of success!

# 2 Focus on What You are Naturally Good At

One of the best success tips I could share with you is to focus on what you are naturally good at.  Make a list of your strengths, talents and abilities and find a way you can build the business using those things.  For example, my best talent is writing so I build my business by writing.  We are all unique and good at different things.  Don’t try to build the business the same way someone else does.  Do what works best for you!

# 3 Connect with People Online

The internet is a great way for any introverted person to build their network marketing business. You can work from the comfort of your own home in your pajamas, just like I do.  You can utilize Facebook, SKYPE, email, and private messaging to connect with people.  You don’t have to call anyone or talk to any prospect face to face, although it does help.  You can focus on getting people to contact you first.  This makes the business fun.

# 4 Recruit Extroverts!

I always tell people to recruit people who are different than you.  Look for the most extroverted people you can find and get them on your team.  This will make your life a lot easier (and fun).  Don’t try to recruit people exactly like yourself.

# 5 Find an Introverted Mentor

Find a mentor in your upline or cross-line who is introverted.  See what they are doing to build their network marketing business and how it is working for them.  Let them coach you through the process and help you develop a business building strategy that works for you.

# 6 Aim for Progress, Not Perfection

Just make it a point to get a little bit better every single day.  Do that over a period of a few years and you will make some significant improvements in your life and business.

# 7 Surround Yourself with Talented People & Outsource

Outsource the things you aren’t good at.  Team up with people on your team and collaborate by working together.  Let each person focus on what they are good at work as a team.  You can also do the same thing by having your spouse help you.  There are also websites such as Fiverr and Upwork where you can hire freelancers to help you.

Closing Thoughts

Network marketing is a great business for introverts and extroverts alike.  To succeed, you need to leverage your own talents and abilities and find a way to build your business that works for you. What works for someone else might not work for you and that is perfectly okay.  Plenty of introverts succeed in our industry.  So can you!

What are your thoughts?  Are you an introverted network marketer?  If so, leave a comment below and let us know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Chuck Holmes is an author, blogger and network marketer. He is a top producer in his network marketing company. He is happily married and lives in Florida with his beautiful wife, Rachel.

6 thoughts on “MLM Success Tips for Introverts: The Introverted Network Marketer

  1. The great thing about marketing is it doesn’t matter how a person feels about it. If you develop a plan and follow through 100% the results will show. Introverts and Extroverts in the business world are learning how to rely on their own strengths, rather than an outside perceived expectation, in their chosen industry. Good post!

    • Yes, anyone can be successful. Being extroverted is not mandatory. Many of the best entrepreneurs in the world are introverts.

  2. Wow! Very good post, and way to tell it like it is. It just ticks me off when someone assumes that introverts are shy and cannot sell. I love how you psychology teacher defined introvert and extrovert, because that seems to be closer to the truth than any of the other definitions I have seen.

    Personally, I believe I am extroverted and many times I wish I were introverted. As a matter of fact, I have had to develop my power establishment from inside because by relying on outside sources, I get let down all the time.

    I have many friends and family who are introverted, but they are also quite successful. I believe either or can be successful at network marketing.

    • Yes, any personality can be successful in our industry if they have the desire and will power to get started and follow through.

  3. This is a very good post. I think there is an unspoken myth that introverts cannot thrive in this industry. I like to describe myself as an introvert with extrovert traits. Being alone gives me energy and to be honest I get social anxiety. Public speaking scares me (though I always get good reviews when I do it). On the other hand, I do love helping people and when I am passionate about something I find it less daunting to engage in conversation. I think it is about finding your strengths and using those to push you forward rather than focusing on your weak points, while still striving to improve in those areas.

    • There are many successful introverts in our industry.

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