MLM Sponsoring Made Easy

My goal today is to share some of my best advice on MLM Sponsoring made easy.  I just want to share some simple and practical tips so you can get better results in your network marketing business.

Believe it or not, sponsoring people into your business isn’t all that hard to do when you know what you are doing and you work smart.  Most people who struggle to sponsor people in our industry simply do not work through the numbers or have a simple game plan they can follow.

To make MLM Sponsoring easy, here are some things that you should start doing today.

# 1 Know What to Expect

Here are some basic things you should know upfront.  In the beginning, you should expect to sponsor about one out of every ten people you show the plan to.  As you improve your skills, you might increase that conversion rate to three out of ten people.  The bottom line is that most people will NOT join your opportunity or buy a product, even if you are a top recruiter.  Having realistic expectations is half the battle.

# 2 Lead with the Products

Contrary to what most people talk about, I believe it is much wiser to lead with the products rather than the business opportunity.  The truth is most people hate to sell.  Less than five percent of the population likes to sell.  Most people have NO desire to own their own business either.  On the other hand, everyone likes to buy.  If you can show someone a product or service that will help them with a problem they have, they will probably buy it.  I personally believe it is ten times easier to find a customer than sponsor a new distributor.   I also believe that happy customers make the best distributors.

# 3 Talk to People Sharper Than You

Most people make the mistake and only talk to people who are down and out and need the business.  Nothing against these folks, but at the end of the day most people who need the business aren’t going to do it.  It makes more sense to look for successful, influential people to talk to.  Talk to people who have the money to get involved or buy the product.  If you’re only talking to broke people you are wasting your time and working much harder than you need to. Sponsor up!

# 4 Have a Good Follow-Up Process

The money is in the follow up.  Most of my prospects take minimum 10-20 follow-ups and 30 to 90 days BEFORE they join my business, sometimes even longer.  Very few people are just going to sign up on the spot.  Some people will, but most won’t.  Without a good follow up process you won’t sponsor many people into your business.

# 5 Use a Third Party Tool to Show the Plan

Never show the plan yourself.  Use a third party tool to do it.  You want to keep the business so simple that anyone can do it.  Even if you are awesome at giving presentations you must realize that most of your prospects will say to themselves “I could never do that.”  Anyone can show a video, get someone to do a three way call, watch a webinar, or attend an event.  Those are the things you want to do to show the plan.

# 6 Pre-Qualify People BEFORE You Show Them the Plan

Another simple tip to make sponsoring easier is to pre-qualify people first.  This means you ask them a few basic questions before you give a presentation.  Some example questions might include:

  • Are you keeping your options open?
  • Have you ever thought about starting your own home based business?
  • What do you know about network marketing?
  • If you were to start a business today, how much time per week could you invest in building it?

The answers to these questions will determine whether or not you show someone the plan.  After all, why show a plan to someone you know won’t be interested or qualified?

# 7 Improve Your Skills

One of the simplest things you can do to make sponsoring easy is to improve your skills.  The better your skills the more people you will convert into customers and distributors.  It’s really that simple.  Read books, listen to tapes, learn about your company and products, attend events, get plugged in to the company’s system and find a mentor.  Learn something new every day.  Within a few short months you can develop some great leadership, communication and persuasion skills that will help you immensely in your business.

# 8 Develop a Lead Generation System

One of the reasons most people struggle with sponsoring people is because they don’t have enough leads to talk to.  This might just be the biggest problem in our industry.  Your goal is to develop a lead generation strategy that works for you, so you have two to ten new people each day that you can have a conversation with.

# 9 Multiple Exposures

I mentioned earlier that the money is in the follow up and most people won’t join your team right away.  The key to success is multiple exposures.  Many people will need to communicate with you 5-10 times before they join.  Every time you communicate with a prospect you should give them an additional piece of information and walk them through the next step of the sponsoring process.  The more you can get your prospect to learn about the business and products the more people you will sponsor.

# 10 Get Your Prospects to an Event

Get your prospects around your upline and team.  Try to get them to come to an event if possible.  Live events work best, but if that isn’t an option you can get them on a conference call or SKYPE call with some of your team members.   There’s something very powerful about events.  It will help your prospect build belief in what you are doing and see that there are other people doing the business as well. I call this third party validation.

Final Thoughts

In review, these are my best tips to make sponsoring people into your MLM Business easy.  Just remember that sponsoring people isn’t all that hard if you have realistic expectations and a good strategy.  The people who sponsor the most people are the folks who make the most exposures.

What do you think?  What are your best sponsoring tips?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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6 thoughts on “MLM Sponsoring Made Easy

  1. I love this post, and that you reiterate some of the tings that we should already be following. Leading with the products to me is essentially a no-brainer, but so many network marketers lead with the business. The prospect has no clue what the products are all about, but here is this person trying to tell them they can make thousands of dollars and their first thought is selling “snake oil.” If we lead with the products, and even provide them samples, they will be more apt to join.

    Thanks for this great information!

    • Yes, being product focused is the way to go as I see it.

  2. A good follow-up process is needed to help “seal the deal” so to speak with many people. Most people want to have a chance to think about what you’ve shared before they make a commitment. It is great to give people something to take with them so that they can have all the information needed to make an informed decision. Ideally, and in some cases, people will reach back out to you. However, having a method for getting back in touch with people you’ve made initial contact with is essential for further growth.

    • The better your follow up process the more people you will convert.

  3. This is truly ‘sponsoring made easy’. I think it’s fair to say that, these are all you need to know to become a top recruiter. If you’re struggling to sponsor new distributors, go out and try these tips. And rinse and repeat. Do it a few time you’ll become really good at sponsoring in no time.

    • Practice. Practice. Practice. It makes a world of difference.

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