MLM Sponsoring and Recruiting Done for You: Stop Looking, It Doesn’t Exist

Believe it or not, some people are searching online for the term “MLM Sponsoring Done for You.”  People actually think there is a company, system or program out there that will do this hard work for you.   People think they can just fork over some money, sit back in their recliner, and have new distributors added to their team without them doing any of the work.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

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Let me tell you something right now.  It is crazy.  No legitimate lead, MLM or affiliate program is going to do the sponsoring and work for you!  Why would they?  They could make more money building their own organization, and making their own sales, than doing it for you.  In addition, if MLM Companies (or affiliate programs) could distribute their products and services on their own, they wouldn’t need you and me.

I would argue that if you aren’t willing to go out and try to sponsor people on your own you shouldn’t be in this industry to begin with!  Instead, you should pick a different type of business opportunity that matches your personality, talents and desires. Find something that doesn’t involve selling or talking to people (if that type of business even exists).

I’m not saying you have to build your MLM Business the traditional way of making a name list and working with friends and family.  But you will have to find a method that works for you and take massive action with that strategy.  For example, I build my MLM Business by blogging.

I know, I know.  You might think I’m a little bit crazy for talking like this, but I believe it’s the truth. I’m writing this short post to save you time and money.  I don’t want you to think there is some magic pill or magic system out there that will do ALL of the work for you.  Even if they promise they will, they’re lying!

I also should also tell you there is no such thing as a set it and forget it system, or plug and play system.  No matter what system, what tool, or what program you use, you’re still going to have to generate leads, have conversations with people, and close people.  There is no short cut around that.

Yes, you can leverage technology like I do to work smart.  Yes, you can develop a lead generation system that gets people to call you, so you don’t have to chase people.  Yes, you can invest money in COOPs with your upline.  You can find creative ways to advertise and generate leads.  Yes, there are plenty of ways to work smart.

But at the end of the day, you still have to connect with people in person, by phone, or by SKYPE.  You still have to deal with rejection.  You still have to ask for the sale.  You still have to put in the work.  Those are all mandatory things you must do to succeed in network marketing.

Most people are not just going to visit your website one time and sign up on their own.  A couple might, but 99.99% of the people won’t.

I hope you will take this information to heart.  Stop looking for magic dust.  It doesn’t exist.  The only people who make money with magic dust are the people who are selling it to you, feeding off your greed or laziness.

Final Thoughts

To summary, there is no such thing as MLM Sponsoring Done for you.  It’s your business and no one cares about your business as much as you do.  Stop looking for the short cut to success.  Come up with a strategy that leverages your own talents and abilities and use that.  If you can’t find something that works for you, and you don’t want to talk to people or sell, find a different business opportunity (or profession) that doesn’t require it.

I hope that helps.  What are your thoughts about this subject?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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6 thoughts on “MLM Sponsoring and Recruiting Done for You: Stop Looking, It Doesn’t Exist

  1. Hi Chuck,

    I quite agree with you on this. A lot of self-proclaimed MLM gurus claim that it’s easy to make money with network marketing, but they don’t tell you the whole story. That misleads beginners to believe that they can make money overnight by pushing a button.

    But the cold hard fact is, if you’re not ready work hard and put in a consistent effort, it’s going to take you more time to succeed that it should.

    • This will be the hardest you thing you ever do, but also the most rewarding.

  2. I have to agree with you Charles, if you are coming into this industry already trying to take the easy way out then this is not the business option for you. It seems like people are bringing the social media mentality into MLM where they think that since there is an app to get more followers or likes on social media, that they can apply that same idea to this industry. Seems like a joke, but it is truly sad that these are the kind of times we live in where everyone wants a shortcut and no one wants to put in actual effort.

    • There is no easy way to success in any business. This is not the lottery.

  3. It just amazes me that anyone is actually searching for someone to do this for them. And if someone is doing the sponsoring and recruiting for someone else, unless they are getting paid fantastic sums of money, they are ignorant. As you say, why not do it for themselves?

    I had to laugh that anyone would actually search this out. Well, if they do now, they will get the answer right here on your blog.

    • You would be surprised at how many people Google this term!

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