How to Get Out of Your MLM Slump

Today, I’d like to share 8 simple ways to get out of an MLM Slump. A slump is when you feel stuck. It’s as if nothing in your business is working. You aren’t getting the results you expect, and you are frustrated. You might even be thinking about quitting the business!

Everyone in our industry gets in a slump at some point. It’s quite normal, although it can be avoided!

How to Get Out of a MLM Slump

How to Get Out of Your MLM Slump

None of these tips are rocket science, but they do work. They are listed in no particular order.

# 1: Re-Examine Your Why & Purpose

This business can be mentally exhausting. In fact, it will be an emotional roller coaster filled with ups and downs. If you don’t know your why, the odds are you will quit when things get tough or don’t go exactly as planned.

What is your why? It’s your reason for doing the business. It’s what you would do with the time and money you could earn.

Could you tell me your why in one or two sentences? Does your why excite you? Do you think about it all the time? If not, you should reassess and dig deep.

Go somewhere quiet for a few hours and think about your why, your vision, and your future. Take out a pen and a piece of paper and write down everything that crosses your mind.

You need a big why that sets your world on fire and will keep you motivated, even when you face obstacles and setbacks.

Every successful rep I’ve met could tell me their why. Hopefully, you can too!

# 2: Assess Your Activity Level

If you’re in a MLM Slump, it’s important to be honest with yourself and assess your business activity levels during the past 90 to 180 days.

Over the past six months, how many people have you prospected? How many presentations have you given? How many customers and distributors have you enrolled? Honestly?

Your CURRENT paycheck in the business is a direct reflection of the work you did 90 to 180 days ago. If you want your income to grow in the next three to six months, you must increase your current activity levels.

The ONLY reason your business is in a slump is you did not CONSISTENTLY talk to enough people about your products and business. New customers and distributors solve ALL business problems. In fact, new people are the lifeblood of your business.

# 3: Get Back to the Basics 

If you’re in a MLM Slump, you must get back to the basics. Remember what you were doing when your business was growing, and you were succeeding.

Get out of management mode. Stay focused on the income producing activities, rather than busy work.

Approach new prospects daily and focus on the fundamentals: prospecting, recruiting, retailing, and team building.

Spend 90% of your work hours on retailing, recruiting, and team building. Make MOST of your focus on personal recruiting UNTIL you have 20-50 personally enrolled people ordering each month AND/OR you have five serious people you can work with. Once you’ve done that focus MOST of your time on helping your team succeed.

# 4: Get Plugged In

Get plugged in with your coach. Find a mentor you admire and respect and humble yourself enough to get guidance from them and DO WHAT they teach you.

Get plugged in with your team’s events. Attend their weekly webinars and conference calls. Join your team’s Facebook group and check in daily.

Get plugged in to the corporate events and Facebook group, so you are in tune with announcements and updates.

Whatever you do, don’t be a lone wolf. This business is a team sport. Immerse yourself into your team, mentor, and the business. That’s what successful entrepreneurs do.

mlm exposures

# 5: Assess & Evaluate Your Daily Routine

If you are in a MLM Slump right now, it probably has something to do with your daily routine. Good habits produce good results and bad habits produce bad results. 

Show me your calendar and I can tell you the size of your commission check. Why? Our activity determines our income!

You must evaluate, and possibly re-evaluate, your current day-to-day activities in your business. Do less busy work and more income producing activities.

If your current routine is not working for you, CHANGE IT. Identify three to five things you can do each day to keep your pipeline full and grow your business. Never, EVER let a day go by where you don’t do everything on your daily “to do” list.

# 6: Assess & Improve Your Skills

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Evaluate your skill level and be honest when you do it. Figure out what you are good at and what you suck at (in the business).

Identify potential things you can do to grow your business that PLAY YOUR STRENGTHS. Talk with your coach, upline, and people you respect and trust. Ask them what they think you could improve. Do not take their advice personally. Be a sponge and learn from it.

Read daily. Watch videos and listen to podcasts. Talk with your coach daily, stay plugged in, and attend all events. Set aside 20 to 30-minutes daily for personal development.

Finally, get into activity mode an learn by doing. You will learn more by doing something for one hour than you will by studying it 100 hours.

# 7: Increase Your Activity

Of all the tips on this list, the fastest way to get out of an MLM Slump is to talk to more people. If you are currently approaching 1-2 people per day, start approaching 10 to 20 people per day. This increased activity will lead to more exposures, more signups, and more customers. It’s true, what you lack in skills you can make up for in numbers!

If you’re wondering where to find these prospects, start with your social media. Most people have 500 or more Facebook friends. Plus, if each of those people know 500 people, that is 250,000 potential prospects on Facebook alone.

Another thing you can do is pick one or two lead generation strategies. Learn everything you can about those strategies. Take all out massive action so you keep your pipeline full.

Finally, pick a number between FIVE and TWENTY. Whatever your number is, make sure you approach that many NEW prospects per day, six days a week.

90 day mlm challenge

# 8: Do a 90-Day Blitz

The best thing you can do to get out of a MLM Slump quickly is to do a 90-Day Blitz. Talk to any top earner, and I can almost 100% guarantee they will credit much of their success to doing a 90-Day Blitz at the beginning of their business.

This is when you take all out massive action. You do more in 90-days than you would normally do in several years. You 10x or 20x your efforts and enroll a lot of new customers and reps in a short period of time.

This creates rapid growth, excitement, and momentum in your business. After the 90-days are finished, you can resort to your regular pace. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are eight simple things you can do to get out of your MLM Slump. None of this is rocket science, but all of these things will help you move your business forward.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with me? Do you have any additional tips or insights? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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