How to Get Out of Your MLM Slump

Today, I’d like to share 7 simple ways to get out of an MLM Slump. A slump is when you feel stuck. It’s as if nothing in your business is working. You aren’t getting the results you expect, and you are frustrated. You might even be thinking about quitting the business!

How to Get Out of a MLM Slump

How to Get Out of Your MLM Slump

None of these tips are rocket science, but they do work. They are listed in no particular order.

# 1: Do a 90-Day Blitz

The best thing you can do get out of a MLM Slump quickly is to do a 90-Day Blitz. Talk to any top earner, and I can almost 100% guarantee they will credit much of their success to doing a 90-Day Blitz at the beginning of their business.

This is when you take all out massive action. You do more in 90-days than you would normally do in several years. You 10x or 20x your efforts and sponsor a lot of new reps and find lots of new customers in a short period of time.

This creates rapid growth, excitement and momentum in your business. After the 90-days are finished, you can resort to your regular pace. 

By blitz marketing, you simply plan to spend your day calling prospect after prospect, talking to as many people as possible. By doing this, of course you get more people saying “no” but you also get more people saying “yes” to looking at your presentation.


# 2: Create a New Daily Routine

If you are in a MLM Slump right now, it probably has something to do with your daily routine. Good habits produce good results and bad habits produce bad results.

Show me your calendar and I can tell you the size of your commission check.

You need to evaluate, and possibly re-evaluate, your current day-to-day activities in your business. You need to do less busy work and more income producing activities.

You want to ensure that at least 90% of your “work time” revolves around retailing, recruiting and team building. Surfing the net, posting on Facebook, sorting your files and cleaning your office don’t count as income producing activities. Instead, they are busy work.

Even a few small changes in your daily routine can make a big difference in your business. 

Habits affect our lives and shape who we are.  They can help us be more successful or hinder our progress.  And when running your own business, it’s important to have positive daily habits so that you continue to build your momentum and build confidence.  Otherwise, your business will struggle to grow.

Source: NetworkMarketingPro

Finding the perfect mentor is not easier than trying to figure everything out for yourself

# 3: Find a New Mentor

If you’re trying to be a lone wolf in your business, that is a big mistake. Ideally, you want to humble yourself enough to follow the lead and direction of a successful leader.

If you already have a leader to follow, you need to have a heart to heart talk WITH YOURSELF. Are you really following their guidance? Are you really doing what they trained you to do? If not, you need to man up or woman up and start following their lead.

On the other hand, if you do not have a mentor yet, find one ASAP. Find someone successful IN YOUR UPLINE that you can work with.

Why? Someone in your upline has a VESTED INTEREST financially, in helping you succeed. Someone crossline, or in another company, doesn’t have the same interest. 

Ask anyone who has ever been successful in an MLM based business and they will most likely tell you that topline mentoring was a major factor in their success – on the other hand, ask someone who hasn’t been successful and they’ll probably tell you they had zero support.

Jody Greene, co-owner of Chic CEO

# 4: Implement a New Lead Generation Strategy

Maybe you’re not talking to enough prospects. Maybe you haven’t found a way to meet new prospects that aligns with your personality or skills. If that’s the case, I highly suggest you pick a new lead generation strategy and focus on that.

Maybe it’s doing paid ads. Maybe you mail postcards. Maybe you learn social media. Maybe you start setting up at live events. There is not a right or wrong answer. Pick what works for you and then do it.

At the end of the day, you need 2-3 lead generation strategies you can use to generate a steady flow of qualified leads for your business. 

To grow, your business has to gain exposure to new potential clients and customers. Sure, this is far from a new concept—the concept of gaining new customers is as old as business itself. But as industries change and evolve, so do ways of accessing new customers.

Source: fundera

By attending events, you immerse yourself in why you joined Network Marketing

# 5: Attend an Event

Events really are the lifeblood of our business. They will get you out of your MLM Slump. Events are where people make the decision to commit to their business. Events give you social proof the business works, and they teach you new skills. We are an event driven business.

You NEED to attend events if you want to succeed in the business. This keeps you plugged in. Events keep you motivated. And they help build your belief in yourself, your company, the products and the industry.

Find out when your next company or team event is and buy your ticket. Attend all events, no excuses. 

Learning something new and exciting is always a huge advantage for you. Seek the gain in everything that you do and everywhere you go. So, the next time you attend a network marketing event, make sure you have a pen and a notebook in your pocket.

Source: ByXpress

# 6: Improve Your Skills

Skills pay the bills. To succeed in any profession, you need a certain set of skills. Network marketing is no different. The fastest and best way to improve your skills is to get in the trenches and learn by doing.

You can study something until the cows come home, but you will learn more through one hour of real-world experience than you will by reading about something for 10-hours.

Network marketing is about consistently growing yourself. If you want your business to grow you need to grow!

Another great way to expanding your mind and learning network marketing profession is listening to inspirational and motivational audios and different podcasts daily. Listening to audios is also a great way to reprogram your mind for success. 90% of your business depends on your mindset, dedicating 30 – 60 minutes for personal growth every day will thus make your business grow too.

Source: beBeeproducer

# 7: Talk to More People

Of all the tips on this list, the fastest way to get out of an MLM Slump is to talk to more people. If you are currently approaching 1-2 people per day, start approaching 20 people per day. This increased activity will lead to more exposures, more sign ups and more customers. It’s true, what you lack in skills you can make up for in numbers!

Now, I know what you might be thinking. Where am I supposed to find these people, Chuck? Let me answer by telling you there are more than 7 BILLION people worldwide. Prospects are everywhere. What you want to do is find a few lead generation strategies that make sense to you and focus on those.

You could call leads, buy leads, do home parties, use drop cards, text leads, run paid ads, mail postcards, advertise locally, get more referrals or even focus on helping your team members recruit.

The truth is you will never run out of people to talk to because the cold market is endless.  You are always meeting people as you go about your day whether it’s in a restaurant, store, or bank.  The problem is not having enough people to talk to, but having something to offer them.

Source: NetworkMarketingPro

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are seven simple things you can do to get out of your MLM Slump. None of this is rocket science, but all of these things will help you move your business forward.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with me? Do you have any additional tips or insights? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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