The 3 MLM Secrets

Today, I’d like to share the three biggest MLM SECRETS I can think of.

Everyone loves a good secret. How about you?

I frequently receive emails from people asking me the following question:

What is the secret to success in network marketing, Chuck?

My typical response is this:

There is no secret! Success boils down to doing a few simple tasks over and over and over. 

Everything you need to succeed in network marketing is available online. Even better, most top earners HAPPILY share their wisdom with you because they only succeed if they help other people succeed. That is one thing that makes our industry unique.

If there are MLM SECRETS, I can think of three you should know about. I’ll cover each one below. Keep in mind, these are not SEXY or FLASHY. It’s just real talk about what you must REALLY UNDERSTAND to succeed in the industry.MLM Secrets

The 3 MLM Secrets

What you see below are my top 3 MLM Secrets.

# 1: It’s a Numbers Game

Selling is a numbers game. MLM is a numbers game. Everything is a numbers game. No matter what type of business you own, not everyone will be interested in what you are offering them.

Yes, success in network marketing is also a game of skills, strategy, and relationships. If you can master those three things, you can talk to far fewer prospects and still get a great result. However, if you are brand new and unskilled, you can make up in numbers what you lack in skills.

I was once told this:

You must approach thousands of people, to sponsor hundreds of people, to find your few key people. 

This sounds overwhelming at first, but if you approach 3 to 5 new prospects daily for three years, it is attainable. Let me show you.

If you talked to three prospects per day for one year, you would approach 1,095 prospects. Do that for three years and you would talk with 3,285 prospects. Do you think if you approached that many people you would have a big team? I do.

If you talk to five prospects per day for one year, you would approach 1,825 prospects per year. Do that for three years and you would talk with 5,475 people. Do you think if you approached that many people you would have a big team? I do.

Even if just 1 in 20 people joined your team, you would sponsor hundreds of people. 

Everyone can approach 3 to 5 prospects daily, even part-timers. It just takes discipline and commitment. You can find a way to make it happen or find an excuse to justify your lack of commitment to do secret to success in mlm

# 2: Work with the Willing

This business is a volunteer Army. Most people you talk to will not join your team. Most people who do join your team will do nothing and quit.

Your job is to find people who are open minded and looking, and then to work with the workers.

Treat everyone well, but work with the willing. It’s not your job to save people. You can’t make anyone successful in the business. Trust me, I’ve tried. It just doesn’t work that way.

If you throw someone a life raft, but they don’t grab it and hold on to it, that is on them, not you! You are looking for people who are coachable, hungry, and willing to work. Spend your time where it is deserved.

Also, each person on your team is their own CEO and is responsible for their own success and motivation. 

As long as you set a good example and offer help when asked, you have done your job as a sponsor. 

# 3: You Only Need a Few Who Get It

Here’s the best part about our industry. You only need a few people who GET IT to create a six figure income in our industry. Thank goodness!

Most top earners in our industry make MOST of their income from THREE or fewer people, even if they’ve sponsored hundreds of reps.

Chew on that. This is no different than any sales organization. 10% of the people produce 90% of the results. That will never change.

Even better, these three superstars don’t need to be personally sponsored by you. You can find them in DEPTH!

Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Treat everyone well
  2. Appreciate your customers
  3. Appreciate your part-timers
  4. Appreciate EVERYONE on your team and make them feel important
  5. And always keep your eyes and ears open for LEADERS in your team! When you find a leader, help them and be their biggest cheerleader.lead by example in mlm

Additional Things You Should Know

  • 90% or more of your team will simply be customers
  • About 10% of your team will do something, every once in a while
  • About 1-2 percent of your team will be responsible for 90% or more of your growth
  • Network marketing is about a lot of people each doing a little bit
  • All you can control is what you do, so always set a good example for others to follow

My Advice to You

Here’s my best advice to you if you want to succeed in network marketing.

1. Pick one company (and only one) and focus. Do not promote multiple deals or try to create multiple streams of income UNTIL you have built one solid income stream.

2. Make a minimum 2-3 year commitment to ONE COMPANY. No business is built overnight. Good things take time, money, and hard work.

3. Approach 3 to 5 people daily, MINIMUM 6 days a week. If your mouth is closed, your business is closed. Ultimately, we get paid to talk to people. This includes personal prospects and our team members’ prospects.

4. Fine tune your skills and become a network marketing professional. If you want to make the big bucks, you must think and act like a professional. Be a student of your business and learn everything you can about it.

5. Stay the course UNTIL you reach your goals. Always take the long-term view. Keep your eyes on the prize and do not let the setbacks, disappointment, or temporary failure sway you.

This is the key to success in network marketing.


In review, these are the most important MLM Secrets, in my own opinion. Of course, none of this is rocket science, or overly complex. However, knowing these things upfront is more than half the battle.

What are your thoughts? What do you think are the MLM Secrets? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Chuck Holmes
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  1. Thank you Chuck-Raju here from NZ -read everything you send me -liked your article very much-its not a rocket science yet the industry has a bad name as to pyramid scheme/on at the you makes all the money etc.
    Have lost few friends because i approached them -can not work out why.?
    I believe MLM model is great ‘Thank You Love and Light

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