MLM Sales Funnel: What You Should Know

What is an MLM Sales Funnel and how can you use one to grow your network marketing business? For the rest of this article I want to share everything I know about online MLM Sales Funnels, so you can create one for your own business.

MLM Sales Funnel

What is an MLM Sales Funnel?

Let me begin by defining the word sales funnel. Here is a good definition I found online.

A sales funnel is the marketing term for the journey potential customers go through on the way to purchase. There are several steps to a sales funnel, usually known as the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel, although these steps may vary depending on a company’s sales model.

Source: InfusionSoft

Therefore, a MLM Sales Funnel is simply a sales funnel for network marketers.

The purpose of an MLM Sales Funnel is to sift, sort, and filter your network marketing leads for you (on auto-pilot) to help you find interested prospects for your business.

People start out as a prospect when they first enter your sales funnel (normally via your capture page). As they receive email follow-up messages from you about your offer, uninterested people weed themselves out and unsubscribe, and interested prospects seek you out for additional information (or they just sign up on their own).

A good sales funnel simplifies your recruiting process, saves you time, and puts your business on auto-pilot. You focus your time and money on generating leads and let your MLM Sales Funnel take over from there.

The more people you add to your sales funnel, the more people you recruit. Best of all, you don’t waste time with tire kickers.

Using an Auto Responder as Your MLM Sales Funnel

Using an Auto-Responder as Your MLM Sales Funnel

In most cases, people use an auto-responder for their MLM Sales Funnel. An auto-responder is nothing more than a software program that manages your leads for you and sends out emails automatically, on your behalf. I personally use Aweber as my auto-responder of choice.

Your auto-responder provides a series of pre-written emails delivered on a frequency that you determine. My emails go out every 2-3 days. I’ve found that frequency to work best for me.

In all, I have about 65 emails in my autoresponder. That means prospects hear from me every 2-3 days for about six months. This gives me time to warm them up to what I can offer them.

Your emails are designed to educate your prospects about you, your products or services, and your business opportunity. Each email is educational in nature, explaining the benefits of what you have to offer and WHY people should join YOU.

Your email messages pre-sell your leads on You and your OPPORTUNITY, all on complete auto-pilot, 24/7.

Example Email Sequence

What you will see below is an example email sequence, assuming you have 10 email messages in your auto-responder.

  • Email 1: Welcome Message
  • Email 2: Opportunity Overview
  • Email 3: Product Testimonials
  • Email 4: How the Comp Plan Works
  • Email 5: Your Training Program
  • Email 6: Business Success Stories
  • Email 7: Product Overview
  • Email 8: How You Get Paid
  • Email 9: Company’s Future Growth Plan
  • Email 10: Top 10 Reasons to Join My Team Today

Setting Up Your Own MLM Sales Funnel

If you want to set up your own sales funnel, this is what you need to do.

# 1: Pick Your Target Market

The first step is to pick a niche or target market. Ideally, you want to put a lot of thought into which group of people you will focus your marketing efforts on.

For example, will you focus on stay at home moms, other network marketers, opportunity junkies, executives, or someone else? It makes no sense to focus on everyone and anyone.

The “tighter” the niche group you select the better you will do. You want a tight niche group so you can concentrate your marketing and advertising efforts.

Niche marketing is important because not only can it help you corner a part of the market where few actors are present, it can also help you to position yourself as a specialist and stand-out from the crowd.

Source: MediaDev

# 2: Get an Auto-Responder

Once you have clearly identified your target market, your next step is to purchase an auto-responder. I personally use Aweber. Other options include The Mighty Giant, Mail Chimp, InfusionSoft, or GetResponse.

One the biggest and best benefits of the email auto-responder is that it help you to build solid relationships. In today’s socially connected world of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (to name just a few) there is an intimacy to e-mail. When done correctly, email marketing is a powerful way to help your prospective customers get to know, like and trust you.

Source: gobeyondseo

# 3: Write Your Emails

Your emails should be conversational in nature, read like a story, and be persuasive. Remember, you aren’t trying to sell stuff in every single email.

Your job is to educate and entertain your prospects, so you can build up the know, like, and trust factor. Keep your emails short and sweet, about three to five paragraphs long.

When you first create your MLM Sales Funnel, you want at least 10 emails, although I highly recommend having 50 to 100 emails.

Focus on creating and sending high-quality (personalized) emails versus many general emails that don’t provide value. Creating personalized emails for tightly defined segments takes time and money. But the results speak for themselves.

Source: Marketing Land

# 4: Set Up Your Capture Page

Your next step is to set up your capture page. This is a simple one-page website that is designed to pique someone’s curiosity and entice them to type in their name and email to get additional information. Here is an example capture page that converts well for me.

Being able to scale successfully means knowing what attracts and retains the customers you’ve already acquired, and leveraging that knowledge for growth that’s sustainable.

Source: Wrike Blog

# 5: Start Advertising

This is the step most people mess up. You can master steps one through four, but if you don’t execute this step, you have totally wasted your time and money.

90% of your time, money, and effort should be spent on sending targeted traffic to your capture page. This includes free and paid advertising.

I highly suggest PAID ADVERTISING because it is fast and you can scale it. Some things you can do include pay-per-click, blog comments, postcard marketing, solo ads, social media, classified ads, safelists, etc. Your goal is to send at least 100 to 1,000 visitors to your capture pages every single day.

These steps are pretty simple to do. You can even hire someone on or to help you set everything up.

Tips for Success

Tips for Success

# 1) Test everything you do. 

Smart marketers test everything they do. This means you test and experiment with words, color, images, and layout of your capture page. Sometimes, even one small change can have a huge, positive impact. You also experiment with different headlines and copywriting.

# 2) Track your advertising.

You must track each ad that you use with its own unique tracking link. You want to know how many clicks, leads, and sales each ad generates so you can ditch the losers and keep the winners.

# 3) It’s all about traffic.

Targeted traffic is your key to success. The more targeted traffic you can send to your capture page consistently, the more leads and sales you will get. PERIOD. Here’s an article I wrote with 30 different ways to promote your capture page.

# 4) Scale your efforts.

Once you figure out what works best, you can scale your efforts. If you know you can spend $500 per month on advertising and make money doing it, you can scale up your efforts to $1,000, even $5,000 per month.

Most top marketers spend much more than that each month, but they all started small and tested and experimented until they knew their MLM Sales Funnel would work great for them.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you want to build your MLM Business online, you really need an MLM Sales Funnel. It’s really non-negotiable.

You must understand that most people don’t typically buy or join something the first time they learn about it. Most people need to see something AT LEAST 10-20 times before they make a decision to take action.

That’s why you need an automated follow-up process that will stay in touch with your prospects every few days until they either buy, join, or unsubscribe.

Most importantly, your MLM Sales Funnel automates your business, so you can continue to generate leads, follow-up and close sales, even while you sleep, are at work, or are on vacation. If you aren’t using a sales funnel to grow your network marketing business, you are really missing out.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day.

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18 thoughts on “MLM Sales Funnel: What You Should Know”

  1. Before reading this post, I had no idea what a sales funnel was. I know a little bit about auto responders, but had never used one and I have not heard of the system you use. This is excellent network marketing advice and you have given me some new things to look into!

  2. I am surprised more people and businesses don’t use this technique more, or even at all. The sales funnel is a win-win tool from what I can tell. Not only are you getting great sales, but you are weeding out the ones who will probably never purchase. It seems to me the sales funnel could be used in nearly any type of business structure.

    I would think that business courses should teach things like this. It amazes me they don’t. I would also think you could use a system such as this through the regular mail too.

      1. I had never really thought how the sales funnel could make your job so much easier too. Sometimes the thought of talking to so many people can be nerve racking, but when you create a system as you explain here, when you speak with people, the majority of work is complete. Instead of a lot of time being taken to explain the product or services, you just close the deal and move on to other responsibilities.

        I am going to write this blueprint for a sales funnel and use it.

  3. I do love this system. I just wanted to mention something you may want to try.

    Every time you are selling something, by offering something small and simple to add FREE to the order, it creates a sense of “getting a great deal.” An example would be on email #2 you are offering a $10 ebook, and when you order today, I will throw in the FREE white paper teaching you how to _______. I believe you understand what I mean.

    When you throw something in for FREE, people tend to jump higher and further to get it. I have seen people pay 40% higher prices for a house full of windows just because they get a free storm door. It can be magical how the word FREE can get people to buy things they normally wouldn’t.

  4. To be very honest Chuck, I was completely unaware as to what a sales funnel was until I read this post.

    This makes good sense and by allowing you to run it on auto pilot, you are free to handle the many other responsibilities of life.

    Have you found a good supply of people that will purchase a $47 eBook? I have been told that much more than $20 is too expensive. I guess by putting it out there, you will get sales. After all, a person gets what they pay for.

    I like this system and I am going to try to use it in my business. Thank you for sharing this great advice.

    1. I think if you have built a good reputation and you have been able to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable, then you will be able to get people to purchase your product whether it is $20 or $47 in price. Of course, it shouldn’t be anything too outrageously priced. But you would be surprised what people will pay when it comes to a good product.

  5. I appreciate how detailed this post was in explaining not only the benefit of a sales funnel, but in how to establish one. It certainly makes a lot of sense to use a strategy that will allow you to generate multiple streams of income instead of just relying on one. Also, offering multiple products expands your reach more than just having one or two would.

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