Be a Better MLM Recruiter: Top 30 MLM Recruiting Secrets

Today, I’d like to share 30 tips to be a better MLM Recruiter. These are lessons I’ve learned during the past 18-years, mostly through trial and error.

While having retail customers is important, if you want the true benefits of network marketing, you need to learn how to recruit and build a team. This is what leads to duplication, leverage and big checks.

Recruiting is an art form. Very few people start out as good recruiters, but anyone can learn to be a better MLM Recruiter if they put in the work and develop the skills. What you will see below are 30 things ANYONE can do to be a better MLM Recruiter. They are listed in no particular order. I hope you will evaluate yourself in each area and look for ways to improve.How to Be a Better MLM Recruiter

How to Be a Better MLM Recruiter

# 1: Work on your skills.

Skills pay the bills. The more you improve your skills, the more you will increase your conversions, and sign up a higher percentage of people you talk with.

# 2: Talk to more people.

When you are new in the business you can make up in numbers what you lack in skills. This business is a numbers game.

# 3: Identify a target market and focus on them.

If everyone is a prospect, no one is a prospect. Focus on recruiting people you have something in common with. For example, if you are a stay at home mom, recruit other stay at home moms.

# 4: Say less to more people.

Be the messenger, not the message. The more you say, the more you sound like a salesperson. Even worse, if you are a smooth talker, your prospect is going to think they can never do what you do.

# 5: Use third party tools, so you are the messenger not the message.

Point people to your company’s tools. This gives you leverage, frees up your time and allows you to work smart.

# 6: Follow up, follow up, follow up; most people need 7 to 20 follow ups before they join.

Stay in touch with every prospect FOREVER, until they buy, die or tell you not to.mlm skills

# 7: Every prospect is a prospect for life.

People who tell you NO today will eventually say yes when the timing becomes right for them, assuming you never pressured them AND you stayed in touch.

# 8: Keep a database of everyone you ever talk to and stay in touch every 90-days.

Your database is your most valuable business asset. If you talked to just three people a day, every day, for five years, and kept everyone’s name in your database you would have more than 5,000 contacts.

# 9: Stay in touch with your inactive distributors and customers.

Every month or two, reach out to all your inactive customers and team members. Many of them will come back and reorder if you ask them to and provide good customer service.

# 10: Utilize the three-way call and have your upline help you close people.

If you are new to the business, leverage your sponsor or upline via three-way calls to close your prospects.

# 11: Use an auto-responder to automate your follow up.

Every network marketer, even the old school ones, need an autoresponder. This automates your follow-up and frees up a lot of your time.

# 12: Be the type of person you want to recruit.

Set the example. Work on your skills. Keep a positive mental attitude. What you are and what you think is what you will attract.

# 13: Learn how to CLOSE; always ask the person to buy or join.

This is the one thing most network marketers suck at. If you don’t ask for the sale, you won’t get it. Don’t expect your prospect to make a decision on their own. People need to be led to a decision.stay in touch with your prospects

# 14: Learn and master the most common objections and rebuttals; expect objections.

There are only a few common objections you will hear. Learn how to answer each objection. Never be defensive when you get objections. If anything, expect them.

# 15: Lead with the business, lead with the products, just do something!

Use whatever approach works best for you. Just be honest and genuine when you talk with people.

# 16: Do not take rejection personally.

Be detached to what others say and do. Realize it is a numbers game and you don’t need or want everyone.

# 17: Have fun and put a smile on your face.

No one wants to work with a sourpuss. Be nice to everyone you encounter. Maintain a positive mental attitude whenever possible, because positive attracts and negative repels.

# 18: Go for NO!

Set a goal each day for the number of NO’s you want to hear. By doing that, you will naturally get YES’s.

# 19: Calculate how much a NO is worth to you!

A NO is worth just as much as a YES. If you have to talk to ten people to sign up one person and you make $100 for each person you sign up, that means you get $10 for every person you talk with, whether they say no or yes.

# 20: Stick with it, people are watching you.

The longer you stick with it, the easier it gets and the more credibility you have with the people you know.mlm depth

# 21: Master 2-3 lead generation strategies.

Don’t try too many different lead generation strategies at once. Get good at two or three strategies so your pipeline is always full.

# 22: When your mouth is closed your business is closed.

You get paid to talk to people. If your business is never open, you won’t recruit anyone, and you will fail.

# 23: Combine high tech with high touch.

Leverage technology, but don’t forget the personal touch. This is a people business.

# 24: Recruit up, not down; talk to the sharpest people you can find.

The people who need the business rarely join. Look for people at your level of success and motivation, and higher.

# 25: It’s easier to find a customer than a business builder.

Everyone is a consumer, but not everyone is entrepreneurial. This is a good reason to lead with the products.

# 26: Keep things simple.

The beauty of our business is the simplicity. However, it takes a genius to keep it simple.

# 27: Taproot, by recruiting in depth.

Your best people will show up in depth. Every person you talk with and recruit knows winners and consumers. Your job is to work through each person you enroll, help them sign up a few people, and then start working with those new people.

# 28: Stay persistent and consistent, it does get easier.

You must show up every day if you want to build momentum. Whatever you do, don’t start and stop. Consistency is key!

# 29: Talk to people with network marketing experience.

These people are your best prospects.

# 30: Always stay calm and never get defensive, even with negative prospects.

Stay calm, cool, and collected always. Be the lighthouse, not the thermometer.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are my best tips on how to be a better MLM Recruiter. None of this is rocket science. Anyone can LEARN to be a good recruiter if they choose too. It just takes time, money, patience and hard work.

What are your thoughts? What are some of your best MLM Recruiting Secrets? If you are a good MLM Recruiter, please leave a comment below and share some of your best secrets. I look forward to hearing from you.

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