MLM Postcard Marketing System

I’m proud to announce my MLM postcard marketing system. Let’s face it, most network marketers struggle to get leads.  They don’t want to bug their friends and family and they don’t know how to generate leads online. Sound familiar?

Postcards offer a simple solution to your recruiting problems. If you can lick a stamp and mail a postcard, you can succeed in your network marketing business. Best of all, you can share my MLM postcard marketing system with your team and get more duplication.

Postcards are proven.  Direct mail has been around for more than 100-years.  People enjoy getting their mail each day.  While your prospect might not read your email, or return your phone call, there is a good chance they will read your postcard.  Getting your prospect to read your marketing message is more than half the battle. 

Even better, postcards have a long shelf-life. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have postcards in my desk that I received several years ago.  I still look at them from time to time, especially if they look interesting.  Compare that to the mass amount of emails I delete each day without reading and you will see why postcards are so effective.

A Common Mistake & What to Do About It

A common mistake I see many network marketers make is they mail a postcard to promote their MLM Company.  This is a quick way to go broke fast, as I see it.  Why?  Because most people are skeptical of MLM and the upfront commissions you earn when someone joins your team normally won’t cover the cost of your postcard mailing.

What smart network marketers do is use a funded proposal with their MLM postcard marketing system.  In other words, they offer a system or training product for purchase on their postcard, which gives them upfront money, and then they offer their business opportunity to their leads on the back-end.

Once again, this concept is called a funded proposal.  You earn enough money from whatever it is you are selling on your postcard to help cover, eliminate, or offset your mailing costs, so you can essentially generate leads for your network marketing business for free.

Setting Everything Up

If you had to set up a MLM postcard marketing system on your own, it would be complicated, expensive and very time consuming.  You would have to create a postcard, capture pages, auto-responders and figure out where to buy mailing lists.  The average person doesn’t have the time, money, ability, or patience to do this.

What makes more sense is to plug in to a MLM postcard marketing system that is proven, works, and is affordable, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.

My MLM Postcard Marketing System

I am proud to be partnered with an affiliate program called Lead Lightning, which is also known as POWER LEAD SYSTEM. This is an ONLINE MARKETING SYSTEM you can use to promote any network marketing business.  It is also a funded proposal, which enables you to earn up to $526 per lead.

As you mail postcards and generate leads for Lead Lightning, it automatically promotes your primary business opportunity, whether it is a MLM Company or another affiliate program. You simply buy your postcards, mail them out to your leads, and people start visiting your website.

How Lead Lightning Works

Lead Lightning gives you your own capture pages and domain, along with pre-written auto-responder campaigns.  When someone visits your Lead Lightning website, they type in their name and email and start getting your auto-responder messages. These emails “sell” your prospects on the Lead Lightning system AND introduce them to your primary business opportunity for you.

Lead Lightning has a high converting sales page, which offers different upgrade options to your prospects. They can purchase the $7 lifetime membership option, or one of the higher priced upgrade options.  If they go all in like I did, it will cost them a little over $700, of which you will make $526 (assuming you went all in too).

What the Postcards Look Like

Here are some photos of the postcards.  You would simply customize them with your website, instead of what you see.

mlm postcard marketing system


mlm postcard marketing system


If you want to, you can even create your own postcards from scratch, although I don’t recommend it.   If you want to see more info about the postcards, you can check out this link.

How Much Do The Postcards Cost?

Here are the current prices for the postcards.

  • 500 postcards cost $95 + $4 shipping
  • 1,000 postcards cost $144 + $4 shipping
  • 2500 postcards cost $195 + $4 shipping
  • 5,000 postcards cost $289 + $4 shipping

I’ve purchased postcards from many different vendors in the past, and I believe these prices are great.

Where Do I Get Leads?

I have several different vendors I can recommend for buying leads.  I suggest you buy leads from a trusted vendor.  You want to buy a list of other network marketers, if possible.  If you join Lead Lightning through my link, I will share my lead trusted lead sources.  Otherwise, you can just do a search for “MLM Mailing List” on Google and explore your options.

What Type of Response Rate Can I Expect?

I cannot guarantee a specific response rate.  It will vary by list.  You need to test out several different vendors to find the best ones.  I’m happy when 10-20 out of every 100 postcards I mail out become a lead.

Keys to Success

The keys to success with a MLM postcard marketing system are two things.  First off, you have to try different vendors to see which ones offer the best leads.  You will never know until you test it.  Secondly, you have to mail postcards consistently to get results.  Don’t just mail a couple hundred postcards one time and expect to get big results.  You won’t.  Instead, you want to make a commitment to mail 20 to 50 postcards per day, every day, for at least one year.

The Next Step

You might be wondering what the next step is.  What you need to do now is visit my Lead Lightning website and become a PLATINUM member.  Go all in, if you can afford to, so you are eligible for ALL the commissions.  If you can’t afford to do that, pick the option you can afford.  Once you do that, send me an email or give me a call so I can help you order your postcards and get started.  If you have questions, feel free to give me a call at (352) 503-4816 EST.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  This is my MLM postcard marketing system, in a nutshell.  It works for me and I know it can work for you.  I hope you found the information helpful.

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