MLM On Auto-Pilot: Growing Your Network Marketing Business 24/7

Is there such a thing as MLM on Auto-Pilot?  In other words, can you create a system where you can grow your network marketing business even while you sleep?  The immediate answer is YES and NO.

What I want to do in this post is show you how to set up your business on auto-pilot by leveraging technology.  There will still be A LOT of work involved, especially in the beginning, but a lot less work later on down the road.  And yes, even after everything is set-up, there will still be SOME work involved.

The real key to building a successful network marketing business online is to have AUTOMATED SYSTEMS that do the BRUNT of the work for you.  Study any successful business and you will see they have systems to generate leads, to follow-up, to train their staff, and a variety of other things.  You definitely want systems in your own business.

I’ve spent the last five years building my business online and the first four years were a bunch of trial and error.  It was like one big science experiment.  I wasted more time and money because I simply did not know what I was doing.  Fortunately, I stuck it out and now I run my business on auto-pilot (for the most part).

Yes, I still WORK hard, but I also work smart and I don’t have to work anywhere near as hard as most people do.  My systems generate leads, train my team, and find me new customers and distributors.

What I’m going to share with you in the rest of this post is what I do to run my network marketing business on auto-pilot.  I’ll start by sharing my own story.

About five years ago I realized that I wanted to have my own system to (1) generate leads, (2) to follow-up with leads, (3) to show presentations and (4) to help train my team.  I knew the internet was here to stay and although I liked working with my warm market and prospecting strangers, I also wanted an international reach by leveraging the internet.  I knew I wanted an online business with multiple streams of income and as a way to generate leads.

I knew I would still have some work to do, after my system was built, but I wanted to work smart and leverage technology as much as possible.

The first thing I did to get my online network marketing business running on auto-pilot was to create my own website. I built a large MLM Website for about 2.5 years before switching it over to a blog.  My reasoning for having a blog/website was that I could attract people (leads) in my target market 24/7.  The search engines would send me free traffic and my website would work for me, pre-sell my visitors on ME and entice a percentage of them to request more information about what I do.  It would also provide multiple streams of income.

Yes, there was a lot of work on the front end (thousands of hours), but now I can maintain my blog/website in less than an hour a day and I generate a good amount of leads daily (10-50). Many of these people join my company as a customer or distributor or they purchase affiliate products on my website.  In either case I make money.

Another thing I do to build my MLM Business on auto-pilot is to use an auto-responder. Without a doubt, this is my most important business tool, even more important than my website and blog.  My auto-responder manages all my leads, keeps in touch with them often, sells products and services to my leads, and gets people to join my team.  I call it my automated salesman!

All of the email messages are pre-written, uploaded into my auto-responder, and get sent out automatically.  If you aren’t using an auto-responder in your business, you should be.

Another thing I do to set up my business on auto-pilot is to use pay per click ads.  What’s great about pay per click ads is that once you know what you are doing you can generate leads 24/7.  Yes, it costs money but it is so worth it.  All of these leads go into my auto-responder and receive my emails automatically.

The bottom line is I have an online system to generate leads, provide multiple streams of income, follow-up with my leads and train my team.  It really is a beautiful thing.  Yes, I still work my tail off. The truth is, I like to work.  But I don’t spend much time in my network marketing business (about an hour a day).  I own multiple businesses and work in all of them.  And all of my businesses have similar systems that help me do things on auto-pilot.

If I had to sum all of this up in a nutshell, I would say this.

Step 1: Get an auto-responder so you can work smart.  It lets you follow up, does all the selling and will be the most important tool in your arsenal.

Step 2: Set up a STRATEGY to generate leads.  Find one or two PAID strategies that you can master that generate endless leads.

Step 3: Focus all of your time on lead generation.  Your # 1 goal is to get more leads, and never stop, and let your auto-responder to sell, sift and sort for you.

The bottom line is you need some type of system to grow and manage your network marketing business, if you want control of your time.  You can build your MLM Business on auto-pilot if you leverage technology and work smart.  Yes, there is still work involved, but you can work a lot less and a whole lot smarter than most people do.

Furthermore, I am not telling you to STOP doing any of the offline things either.  You should do all of those things in conjunction with your online efforts.

What are your thoughts?  What do you think about building your MLM Business on auto-pilot?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Chuck Holmes
Network Marketing Professional (since 2002)
Author, Blogger, & Entrepreneur

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5 thoughts on “MLM On Auto-Pilot: Growing Your Network Marketing Business 24/7”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to explain this concept- i think it is important that people realize that even when a semi-auto pilot mode or process is in place, it still requires a hands on touch now and then. No business can operate on auto pilot and a successful MLM business needs that hands on touch.

    1. You’re right, even if you have systems that help you generate leads and sponsor people on auto-pilot, you still need to be hands on and build a relationship with these folks!

    2. The key is using all the tools available. In these days and times, I just cannot understand why any business, network marketing included, would not have a website with a list building technique. Having an auto responder and a newsletter can generate heavy interest in what you have to offer.

      There is no auto-pilot system that works completely, but you can set yourself up so you are getting leads and responses even while you are sleeping or away from the internet.

      Yes, I do believe we have to talk with these people either via phone, skype or even a meeting somewhere, but to really get good numbers, using all the tools at your fingertips is imperative.

  2. Your story seems similar to mine, I have been using conventional methods for growth of my MLM business where I socialized with friends and family and did aggressive internet marketing but never thought of opting for an automated system. Now I feel the need and I will follow your advice for setting up of an auto-pilot system for network marketing growth.

    1. Having an automated system to grow your MLM Business, or any business for that matter, is vitally important. You have to work smart. You want to leverage technology, so your business can continue to grow without you manually doing all the work. Systems are really important.

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