Finding and Being a Great MLM Mentor

In today’s training, I’d like to share my best ideas about finding and being a great MLM Mentor. I’ll cover the following things:

  • What is a mentor?
  • Qualities to look for in a mentor.
  • Where to find a mentor.
  • How to be a good mentor to others.

I’ll close out the article by sharing the names of my top 5 personal network marketing mentors. Let’s get started.

What is a MLM Mentor?

What is an MLM Mentor? It’s someone who’s paved the way before you. They’ve achieved success in the network marketing industry and they’re willing to coach you and help you succeed.

A mentor is like a coach. They’ve mastered the fundamentals and skills required to succeed in the industry, and they know how to teach those skills to others. Mentors serve as your guidepost and help you develop your potential and reach your goals.

Qualities of a Good Mentor

What are some qualities you should look for in a MLM Mentor?

First and foremost, are they currently building a network marketing business? Are they still in the trenches retailing, recruiting, and team building, or did they build a business 20 or 30 years ago and then retire to become a trainer? You want someone who’s still in the trenches and actively building a business! I can’t stress this enough. A lot of so called trainers “train” because they don’t know how to build a big team!

Have they helped others succeed? This is a big one. How many students have they mentored to success?

Furthermore, are they ethical and honest? Do they have a good reputation? Do they say what they do and do what they say? Can you trust them?

Are they willing to mentor you? Most successful people are busy but are still accessible to people who want their help.

Can the two of you get along okay? Are your personalities compatible?

If you can answer “YES” to most of these questions, you are on your way to finding a mentor!

finding and being a great mlm mentor

Where to Find a MLM Mentor

Where can you find an MLM Mentor? You can have a mentor through technology, such as Facebook, YouTube, ZOOM, or LinkedIn. If you can interact with the person one-on-one, face-to-face, that’s even better, but that’s not always possible.

I recommend you start with your plugged in upline. Go to your sponsor, find out who their sponsor is, find out who their sponsor is, and keep doing that until you connect with someone in your company in your upline who has the results you’re trying to get. Once you find them, ask if they’re willing to help you and coach you.

Keep in mind, they’re busy. They probably have thousands, even tens of thousands of people in their team. However, I’ve found that most successful network marketers are accessible and willing to help if you ask.

You can also search YouTube, books, podcasts, and blogs. All of these are great resources.

In case you’re curious, I’ve never met any of my MLM Mentors in person. I’ve only followed them through online videos, articles, and books.

How to Be a Good MLM Mentor

How do you become a good MLM mentor? The first and most important thing is you need to lead by example and become ultra successful yourself. You must also have a passion to help and serve others.

It’s difficult to mentor someone if you haven’t achieved success yourself. Master the fundamentals, the basic skills, and build a huge team. Once you do that, you will be qualified to mentor others. Of course, you can mentor others as you build your business, but the best mentors are ultra successful people!

When you mentor others, you need to take the focus off you and focus on helping other people grow. Help other people get out of their own comfort zone. Help people identify areas they need to improve and help them develop a game plan to do that.

When mentoring your mentee, you want to provide honest and open feedback. I also suggest you only mentor people who ask you to mentor them. It’s hard to coach and mentor someone who is uncoachable or doesn’t want your help.

In addition, be selective in who you decide to mentor. I would rather see you mentor two or three good people with a lot of potential than just mentor anyone.

Take a minute and think like a Fortune 500 CEO. They’re not mentoring everyone in the company. Instead, they’re mentoring their top talent. That’s exactly what you want to do in your network marketing business. Why? It’s going to give you the biggest return on your time investment.

Take the time to identify the people with the most talent and potential and focus on mentoring them!

Who Are My MLM Mentors?

I’ve been blessed to have some amazing mentors during the past 21 years. Most successful people will credit a lot of their success to amazing mentors. That’s how I feel.

What I’d like to do below is share my top five MLM Mentors of all time.

My number one mentor of all time in the MLM industry is Mark Yarnell. Rest in peace, Mark. Sadly, he passed away a few years ago, but he had more impact on my network marketing career than any other mentor on this list. His books “Your Best Year in Network Marketing” and “Your First Year in Network Marketing” are two of my all-time favorite books. He also has a ton of great videos on YouTube about network marketing. Mark Yarnell was a former preacher. He was an amazing trainer and leader.

Next, you have my main man, Brian Carruthers. Brian is a leader’s leader. He is still in the trenches building his team, and he’s been with the same company for approximately 25 years. Not many people can say that. His book “Building an Empire” is a masterpiece. He also has some amazing YouTube videos. I really admire his No B.S. style!

My next mentor is Jordan Adler. He’s the author of Beach Money, which happens to be of the best network marketing books ever written. He was with 11 companies during his first 10 years in the industry. During that time, he never made $1 and never sponsored one person. However, in his next company he found a great mentor. Since then, he’s earned tens of millions of dollars in the industry.

Up next we have Dan Kennedy. He’s not a network marketer, but I had to include him on my list because he taught me everything I know about marketing and lead generation. That’s what’s allowed me to become successful in this industry. He’s got a lot of books on Amazon. I suggest you read ALL of them!

Finally, we have Mike Dillard. He taught me attraction marketing. He taught me about sales funnels, why people buy, and how to build your business online. His book “Magnetic Sponsoring” started me on my online marketing journey. Mike is a legend!

In review, these are my most significant MLM Mentors. Of course, I have other mentors too, but these are the folks who had the biggest impact in my network marketing career.


In conclusion, everyone needs a mentor. A good mentor shortens your learning curve and helps you achieve massive success. First you are the student, then you are the master, then you are the mentor. That’s how life works!

If you don’t have a mentor yet, I recommend you find one ASAP. Learn everything you can from them. Be a sponge. As you learn new skills, share that information with others. Choose to mentor others!

Do that and never stop and you will transition from newbie to MLM Success Story! I hope you found the information helpful. Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

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