How to Get More MLM Leads: Top 34 Best Tips

In this articlet, I want to share my top 34 ways to get more MLM leads. Keep in mind this advice would benefit any business owner, not just network marketers.

This is an extensive list of lead generation strategies I have used at one point or another in the past (or presently use).

The key to success is to pick one or two of these lead generation strategies from this list and then take massive action using those strategies. If you try too many different lead generation strategies at once, you will fail. You will dilute your efforts and end up wasting your time and money. Focus is key!

One last piece of advice: No matter which lead generation strategy you pick, you still need to connect with the person, preferably face-to-face or at least by phone, SKYPE, or Face Time. You can’t expect someone to just visit your website once and become a customer or distributor without the like, know, and trust factor. Exposure is everything, but fortune is in the follow-up. 

How to Get More MLM Leads

Top 34 Ways to Get More MLM Leads

These 34 ways to get more MLM leads are listed in no order.

# 1: LinkedIn

People spend time on Facebook to tell you when they last went to the bathroom, what they had for lunch, and what they are doing this weekend for fun. Facebook is a social platform. People spend time on Facebook to be entertained.

On the other hand, people are on LinkedIn because they want to: (1) advance their career, (2) make more money and (3) expand their business network. If I had to choose between Facebook or LinkedIn to get more MLM leads, I would 100% focus on LinkedIn.

If you haven’t done so already, create a free account in LinkedIn to let people know you are a home-based business owner. Put your phone number, email, and website in your profile so people can reach out to you if they want to. Make sure you include a good picture of yourself as well. It should be a professional photo, not one of you with your pet or family.

Next, write a good bio. Include your education, interests, job experience, certifications, etc. Your profile is like an online resume. The more information you can provide in your profile, the better. Why? The more information you have, the more you will come up in search results.

If necessary, invest $50 to $100 and hire someone with experience to help you create a winning LinkedIn profile that stands out. It will be money well spent.

If possible, stay generic. Do not say the name of your MLM Company. EVER. Your goal is to pique people’s interest and use the curiosity approach, so they can reach out to you and ask you questions.

Once you set up your profile, your goal is to connect with other people on LinkedIn. You can search for people with specific interests, connect with old friends and coworkers, and join groups. You can post articles, videos, and even comment on other people’s content. The options are endless. There is even a paid advertising option on LinkedIn, like other pay per click ads.

Remember that people are on LinkedIn for business and employment. It’s a great resource that many network marketers overlook. Be smart, provide value, and do not spam people! Be a professional and act like a CEO.

One additional tip is to make a daily checklist of three to five things you will do on LinkedIn each day to move your business forward. Set a time limit of 15-20 minutes, do those activities, and then sign off LinkedIn and do something else. That way you can be productive.

Here is an example daily checklist for LinkedIn.

  1. Send out five connect requests.
  2. Private message five people.
  3. Share two pieces of content on your timeline.
  4. Post something in a group.
  5. Endorse two people for different skills.

You could do these five things in about 15 minutes.

# 2: Email Signatures

Email signatures are another free and straightforward way to get more MLM leads.

Every email service, including Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail allow you to create an email signature. This “signature” is automatically attached to each of your outgoing emails.

Most people send at least 10 to 100 emails per day from their personal email account, so this is a quick and passive way to expose your business opportunity and products to lots of other people.

Every time you create a new email, or reply to an incoming email, your email signature is automatically added to the bottom of your message. Interested people can check out your email signature, click on your link, and visit your website to learn more about what you do.

When you use an email signature, make sure you don’t say the name of your company, EVER. Just include your name, email, phone number, a catchy phrase, and an enticing call to action (ideally in your P.S. line). Make sure you send people to a capture page first, so you can collect their name and email.

I generate 3-5 leads per day using this method. Best of all, it is 100% passive. Just set it and forget it. Here are a few example email signatures.

  • Tired of being fat? See how Cindy lost 20 pounds in one month! URL.
  • Want to tell your boss to take a flying flip? This simple business idea lets you work from home. URL.
  • Tired of being average? Want to do something great with your life? Start your new career today! URL.

Once again, put your marketing message in the P.S. line.

Facebook is a Great Way to Get Leads for Your MLM Business

# 3: Facebook

Facebook is a powerful way to get more MLM leads when you do it the right way.

The average person has at least 300 friends on Facebook, and many people have much more than that. If you have 300 friends on Facebook, as an example, and they each have 300 friends, that is 90,000 potential prospects for your business, when you factor in friends of friends.

There are many ways to utilize Facebook to get more MLM leads. Most people do it wrong. Don’t make that mistake.

The key to success on Facebook is to use the curiosity approach. Don’t ever mention the name of your company or products. Don’t spam people either. Keep it generic and positive.

You want to post interesting things such as:

  1. You are spending time with team members.
  2. Attending a company event
  3. Recognizing someone on your team
  4. Lifestyle photos
  5. Using the products
  6. Educating people about the benefits of your products

Ideally, you want to say just enough to get people’s attention, so they reach out to you and ask you questions, because they are curious.

It’s also important to make your profile PUBLIC so everyone can see it. In addition, don’t talk about politics or religion on your timeline (if you’re using Facebook to build a business). Never post anything negative either.

You can have an opinion about these things but realize when you talk about these things I just mentioned (politics and religion), you will automatically “alienate” half your potential prospects, who have a different point of view than you do.

Instead, you want to post positive, uplifting, and encouraging things on Facebook. Please know the Law of Attraction is always working. No one wants to work with someone who is negative. Positive attracts and negative repels. Remember that.

There are also options on Facebook to start your own group, to participate in other people’s groups, to use paid ads, Facebook live, or even create a fan page for your business.

My favorite strategy is to open your profile and use your personal account for your business by doing lifestyle marketing. If you do it the right way, you won’t lose friends or bug people. If you do it the wrong way and only talk about your business or products all the time, you will annoy people.

If you aren’t using Facebook to get more MLM leads, you should be. There are more than one BILLION people on Facebook. Read more about growing your business on Facebook.

 # 4: Twitter

I have a close friend who is a top recruiter in his network marketing company. He uses Twitter to get more MLM leads and sponsor more reps.

He told me that sending private messages is the most effective thing he does each day on Twitter. Some of his tweets get retweeted and shared with hundreds of other people.

If you’re using social media, like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, you can “sync” them up with Twitter so every time you update any of these social media sites, it automatically sends out a Tweet. Even if Twitter isn’t a primary strategy for you, it would be a clever idea to “sync” it with your other social media accounts.

This is a great strategy for the millennials or anyone else who is tech savvy. Like any other strategy, it will definitely be a numbers game. You also want to “connect” with people on a human level whenever possible, so you don’t sound like a walking billboard.

Plus, this is something that’s easy to outsource to a virtual assistant. 

# 5: Drop Cards

I love drop cards. Also known as a sizzle card, they are a combination of a postcard and business card. A drop card normally has a headline, a few bullet points, and a strong call to action. It also has your contact information, including your capture page, email, and phone number.

The purpose of your drop card is to pique someone’s curiosity and get them to call a sizzle number or visit your website to learn more. Some people use drop cards that look like $100 bills. Those get people’s attention.

The options are endless. Drop cards are inexpensive, effective, and extremely easy to use. I chose to make my drop cards the size of a business card, just for convenience. I had 5,000 made with free shipping, for less than $80.

# 6: Safelists

A safelist is an online database of people who agree to send and receive email messages from other members about different online business opportunities. Members can earn “credits” by reading emails from other members. They can then “redeem” these credits to send out additional marketing messages.

Safelists have been around for more than 20 years now. Most are crappy, but there are a few good ones out there that I use myself. I use Herculist, European Safelist, and ViralURL. They are worth checking out.

Few network marketers use safelists to get more MLM leads, but it is worth considering. The major advantage is that most safelists let you send an email to several thousand members several times per week. These people are affiliate marketers, network marketers, and internet marketers, so they are part of your target market. People are rewarded to read your email and some type in their name and email on your capture page and become leads.

The downside of using safelists is that you can receive several hundred emails per day from other safelist members, unless you upgrade your account to a paying member. This is what I do. I paid the $50 to $200 yearly fee, and I believe it’s worth it. I upgrade so I can send more emails, while not receiving other people’s emails at the same time (or fewer emails).

To put it in perspective, I belong to one safelist where it sends my email to 90,000 people per day. I normally receive 3 to 5+ leads per email. If I do that every day for a year, I will generate almost 1,000 to 1,500 leads. Not bad for the $45 I paid to become a Gold Member.

This option might be a good fit for you. It might not be. Either way, it’s worth exploring and doing your due diligence.

# 7: Online Forums

Online forums are another wonderful place to get more MLM leads.

Sadly, there aren’t too many good MLM forums left, but there are better options.

Try to pick a forum where people who visit the forum are part of your target market. For instance, if you sell beauty products, find a couple of online beauty forums in which you can participate.

Set up your free account and create a signature profile with your link in it. Focus on answering one to two questions per day and always add value to the forum. Some of the people who read your posts will check out your link and become a lead.

Just remember, you don’t want to come across as a spammer, so make sure you aren’t pitching your business opportunity or trying to sell your products in the forum. Just let your signature file do the selling for you. And make sure your link is to a capture page, not your company’s replicated website.

The real key to success is to pick one or two popular forums and focus on those exclusively. Visit the forums several times per week and stay active.

Take the time to construct a thoughtful response to each pertinent question. This is your opportunity to build trust and familiarity with your business. It is important to add value to every post, and to be genuinely helpful.

# 8: Local Events

Local events are a magnificent way to get more MLM leads.

I’m a huge fan of local events. Every community offers some type of local events, such as a Farmer’s Market, job fair, health fair, or something else.

Find a low-cost local event and set up a booth. Partner up with several of your team members to split the cost and save money. Focus on collecting leads and then do an excellent job following up with people.

If money is tight, visit the event as a guest and simply network with the vendors.

I have friends and team members who have made sales and generated 30 to 100 leads at ONE event. Isn’t that impressive?

the person who generates the most mlm leads wins

# 9: Car Magnet or Car Sticker

Get a car magnet or car sticker and put one on your vehicle.

Use a generic work from home ad. Do not mention the name of your MLM Company. Make sure the message is short and to the point and is in a large font, so it’s easy to read.

Keep your entire message to a few words and include a phone number or your website.

You won’t generate tons of leads doing this, but some folks will visit your website or call you to learn more. Best of all, it’s a passive lead generation strategy. Set it and forget it.

I’ve heard plenty of people say they sponsor five to ten people a year from their vehicle sign (individual results will vary). Read more about car magnets.

# 10: Clothing

If you want to get more MLM leads, you should consider clothing and apparel.

Order or create a nice polo shirt with your motto and website on it. Create a business name and use that instead of your MLM Company’s name.

Wear it whenever you can, while you are actively living life. Some people will ask you about it, and it’s a polite conversation starter. If you see someone staring at your clothing, hand them a drop card or business card and say hello.

Other clothing items include hoodies, hats, and t-shirts.

# 11: Blog Comments

Blog comments are a wonderful way to get more MLM leads. What you want to do if you pick this method is find 3-5 relevant blogs in your niche. Find one network marketing or home business blog and two to three blogs geared around your product line. For example, if you sell weight loss products, find a few popular weight loss blogs, or a health blog.

What you want to do is leave thought provoking comments. Answer questions. Ask questions. Provide value. Be an active member in the community. Showcase your knowledge about the specific niche. Do NOT pitch your business or products in your comments. Instead, provide a link to your capture page in the URL section of the comment, so people can visit your website and become a lead.

In addition, make sure you find an ACTIVE blog that gets plenty of traffic, and the webmaster is responsive. Some bloggers take months to approve comments. Other blogs are abandoned and never get updated. Find a blog where the blogger updates it at least twice per week and approves comments quickly.

What I like about this strategy is that it is a passive lead generation strategy. I’ve left blog comments several years ago that still generate traffic and new leads every single month. Your key to success is to leave 2-3 comments per day, every day. Over a period of a year, which would be 700 to 1000 links all pointing back to your capture page.

# 12: Amazon & eBay

No, you can’t sell your company’s products or services on eBay or Amazon. You shouldn’t do that anyway. But there is another strategy you can use.

You could sell network marketing books and include a little info kit about your business opportunity in the package with it, when you mail it. You could create a training course on CD and include an info kit about your business opportunity in the package. You could also sell non-MLM products on these two websites and include a business card for your business opportunity in the package.

My wife and I sell 20-30 items on eBay daily and I include a drop card in every package I ship out. I have found several new customers and distributors using this method. Best of all, there is no added cost since the customer has already purchased the item and paid for the shipping.

# 13: Podcasting

Podcasting is a wonderful way to get more MLM leads. Think of a podcast as an online radio show. My friend introduced me to podcasting a few years back, and I’m glad she did. Since then, I’ve made almost 900 podcasts. I generate free leads daily from my podcasts.

There are many ways to do a podcast. Showcase your personality and knowledge and make it unique to you. Don’t worry about what everyone else does. Be different.

Make sure your podcast is either educational or entertaining or a combination of both. All my podcasts are about five minutes long and focus around one crucial point. My style is to be No B.S. and to the point. That’s what works best for me.

In each podcast, you can have sponsored ads. I also suggest you have a strong call to action at the end of each podcast, telling your listeners what you want them to do next, such as visiting your website. Plus, you can include your contact information or website in the description of each podcast. That’s what I do. Learn more about podcasting.

# 14: The Fishbowl Method

Fishbowl Raffles are a wonderful way to get more MLM leads. The fishbowl method is when you partner up with a local business owner. You do a raffle for a free prize. You put an empty fishbowl near their cash register. Their customers put their business card in the fishbowl to enter the raffle.

At the end of the week, you pick a random winner and send them their prize. In addition, you now have 50-100 or more people to follow up with about your business and products. You can simply call them and tell them they didn’t win, but offer them a consolation prize, such as a free sample or discount on a purchase.

Make sure you get the business owner’s permission first and make sure you give out the prize. Remember, the money is in the follow up. If you aren’t willing to follow up with EVERYONE who entered the raffle, skip this one.

# 15: Name Tags & Buttons

Name tags and buttons are another low-cost way to get more MLM Leads. You should wear a button or name tag everywhere you go.

It’s an effective way to get people to ask you questions and initiate a conversation with you. I’m not in Herbalife, but they built a huge business by teaching their reps to wear a button! Why? It’s simple, easy to do, and it works!

For my team, we have a “Drink Coffee & Get Paid” button and a “Get Healthy & Wealthy” button. Both works very well as conversation starters. 

# 16: Newspaper Ads

Newspaper ads might not be as effective or as sexy as they once were, but they still do work.

You can start out with your local newspaper and go from there. Do small runs and evaluate your results. Try out different ads until you find something that works well for you.

I recommend weekly publications over daily publications. I also suggest that you promote anything but your business opportunity.

Give away something for free and use a two-step selling process. Give away a free report, free makeover, free consultation, free sample, or free eBook, and then let your giveaway introduce the leads to your business and products. Read my article on promoting your business with classified ads. 

# 17: Fundraising

Fundraising is a wonderful way to get more MLM leads. This is when you do a campaign for a set amount of time and give a percentage of your total revenue (or profit) to a charity. If you search through your local community, you will find plenty of different organizations in need.

Reach out to these organizations and let them know what you want to do. See if they are on board. See if they have any clever ideas about how to do it.

Yes, it might cut into your profits temporarily, but it’s a wonderful way to acquire new customers and get more MLM leads. You can make your profits back on repeat orders.

# 18: Attend Industry Events

One of my favorite ways to get more MLM leads is to attend industry events. These are generic events where top earners come and speak and instruct people in many different companies.

When you attend these events, they always have a no recruiting policy, which is great.

Your objective when you attend these events is to meet as many people as you can. Strike up conversations with people. From new friendships. Ask questions, be a good listener, and ask everyone for their business card.

When you get home, add everyone to your contact database and stay in touch with them in the months and years to come.

These people are great prospects because they are serious about the industry and invest in their business education. If you take the long-term view with these folks, there is no doubt in my mind you can eventually recruit a few good people into your business.

Plus, you gained all kinds of new skills while attending the event. A true win-win.

# 19: Gifting

Give your products for birthday and holiday presents. This is a wonderful way to get some added exposure. It’s an effortless way to get reluctant friends and family to try out your products for the first time. No, not everyone will want to reorder, but some will. Do this whenever possible.

Another simple thing you can do is visit Facebook each day. It will tell you which one of your friends has a birthday that day. You can offer each of these people a free sample or a gift card to save money on your purchase.

leads you generate yourself are the best leads

# 20: YouTube

Post some videos on YouTube. Review your company’s products. Focus on making videos designed for your target market. If you are trying to sell lipstick, make videos about lipstick.

Create a separate YouTube channel for your business and create a posting frequency and stick with it. Make sure you post a minimum of one to two latest videos per week, every week.

Keep your videos short and to the point. Make them educational and entertaining, not a commercial. Millions of people watch YouTube videos every day AND YouTube videos tend to rank high in the search engines.

If you posted just two videos per week, after one year you would have 104 videos. If you did it for five years, you would have 520 videos working for you, generating steady leads daily 24/7, without you doing anything. Read more about building your business on YouTube. 

# 21: Public Speaking

If you enjoy public speaking, this is another wonderful way to get more MLM leads.

Do a speech about starting a home-based business, supplementing your income, or the benefits of what your products have to offer. At the event, hold a contest so you can collect everyone’s business cards and follow up with them later.

Many local groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Elks, and Kiwanis are looking for speakers for their events. All you must do is ask.

If this one scares you, just skip it and pick something else. This is my favorite strategy on this list, for the right person. Learn more about how to build your business by public speaking.

# 22: Radio or Podcast Interview

If you are confident and have expertise in a specific area, relating to your company, the industry, or your company’s products, see if you can land some radio or podcast interviews. This is a wonderful way to get more MLM leads. Best of all, people will contact you first.

You can reach out to several different radio programs or podcasters and see if they are open to the idea. Make sure your talk is not a sales pitch. You want to educate and entertain their listeners. This gives you free exposure. Plus, you have positioned yourself as an expert (attraction marketing).

Don’t mention the name of your company or products in the talk. Stay generic and give the best information possible. At the end of the interview, make sure the host (or you) provides a way for interested listeners to contact you.

# 23: Cold Calling

I know this isn’t sexy, but if you have good phone skills this could be a great option.

You could cold call people in the phone book once you’ve verified their number is NOT on the do not call list. It takes a special person to succeed with cold calling, but it is possible.

I just read a book where the number one recruiter in the company simply called one page in the phone book every day. Crazy but true!

Keep in mind, there are much better strategies on this list than cold calling. But for some of the old school folks, this could still work.

# 24: Prospecting

Get out and talk to people. Don’t intentionally go prospecting, but when you are out living life, make sure you introduce yourself to people and do some prospecting.

The easiest way to do this is to wear a button or wear clothing. When people look at it, and you see them, give them your drop card or business card. That’s it.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, just focus on making a friend first, get their contact information, and then call them back a couple days later to mention your products and business opportunity.

Most of us encounter 50 to 100 people every day. If you put a smile on your face, say hello, and stick your hand out, you will meet a lot of great people.

For someone who is an extravert, this is a great strategy. I have people on my own team who approach 20+ strangers daily, face to face, and they never run out of leads. Read my post on prospecting tips.

# 25: Referrals

This is the BEST way to get more MLM leads. Treat your customers and leads well and always ask them for referrals. Many people will gladly share referrals with you if they like, know, and trust you.

When it comes to getting referrals, you must be specific when you ask someone for a referral. Ask questions such as:

  • Who is the sharpest, most motivated person you know?
  • Can you give me the name of one person you know who owns a small business?
  • Can you give me the name of one person you know who loves coffee?
  • Can you give me the name of one person you know who is in great shape and always goes to the gym?

These are great questions. They work because they are specific and get the other person thinking.

# 26: Reverse Prospecting

No lead generation list would be complete without reverse prospecting. This is the process of pitching anyone who pitches you, either directly or indirectly. Here’s how it works:

  • When you get an email about a business opportunity, you reply with a no thank you, but your email signature is attached.
  • When you get a postcard in the mail about a work from home opportunity, you mail them one about your opportunity.
  • When you get a phone call from a telemarketer, you let them know about your business.

This strategy is so simple, especially the first two examples. If you aren’t using reverse prospecting, you should be.

# 27: Niche Marketing

If you have the mindset that everyone is a prospect, you will fail in business. Everyone is NOT a prospect for your products or business.

Instead, you have a target market (like every other business in the world), a niche group of people who are MOST LIKELY to be interested in what you are offering.

Segment niches that would use your product line (or be interested in your opportunity) and focus on advertising to them exclusively. Advertise in magazines that they read, on websites they visit, etc.

You are looking for a niche group of people that are already buying your type of product or service, and they have the money to do so.

For example, advertise your coffee product on a coffee website. Even better, offer a free eBook about how to evaluate coffee on that same website, and let your eBook do the selling for you. Make sense? Learn more about niche marketing.

# 28: Write an eBook or Kindle Book

Write and publish a short, but helpful eBook. It could be a traditional book, Kindle book, or eBook. Even better, give away the book for free. Let the book showcase your expertise and experience. Include links to your different websites in your book and provide your contact information.

People who read your book, enjoy it, and want to learn more about what you do will reach out to you! This is what you want to happen. Plus, people have a “stigma” about authors. It’s one of the most respected professions in our society. When you say you’ve written and published a book, people look at you differently. Trust me on that.

If the idea sounds overwhelming to you, you can outsource it and have someone else ghostwrite it for you. Many people choose this option. Of course, make sure your book is relevant to your business, and provides high quality information, or you are wasting your time.

# 29: Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the process of creating content that gets found in search engines. You create a video, article, blog post, podcast, Power Point presentation, or whatever type of content you want to use.

Your content should provide value. You should teach, train, and/or entertain. Make sure each piece of content isn’t just one big sales pitch. Focus on helping your “target market” solve a problem.

In each piece of content, you must give it a good title, meta tags, and a description. This lets the search engines, such as Google and Bing, know what your content is about so they can rank it accordingly.

As your content gets indexed by the search engines, it will start to rank. It’s important to make sure your content is of excellent quality and that you’ve done your keyword research. You are looking for keywords that people in your target market are searching for.

As people find your content, and they want to learn more about what you have to offer, they can check out the links you provide within your content, or they can contact you by email or phone. It’s important to have a strong call to action at the end of each piece of content, telling your people exactly what to do.

I would chime in and tell you not to do anything shady. Don’t try to “cheat” or “trick” the search engines. You won’t win! Use legitimate strategies by building links, using the right keywords, actively marketing and promoting your content, and creating content that offers a ton of value.

What I like most about content marketing is that you can create ONE piece of content that generates new leads, month in and month out, for many years to come.

# 30: Pay Per Click Advertising

I am a huge fan of pay per click advertising. Yes, it can be expensive if you don’t know what you are doing. Yes, there is a learning curve required. But, if you are patient and willing to take the time and money to learn the ropes it is easily the FASTEST way to get more MLM leads.

Within 10 minutes you can start generating your own leads. Even better, once you figure out what works you can scale your efforts.

A pay per click ad is an ad you see in one of the search engines, or on Facebook. People type in a search phrase and ads appear along with the search results. The advertisers of these ads write an ad, select keywords they want their ad to appear for, and then bid how much they will spend per click when someone clicks on their ad.

What I like about pay per click advertising is it is focused on a target market. Only people who type in the keywords of your choice will see your ad. It means they are LOOKING for what you are offering.

Even better, you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad. Some keywords and niches are quite expensive, but you can also find some inexpensive long-tail keywords to focus on.

Some of the popular pay per click sites include Facebook, Google, and Microsoft Ad Center (Bing, Yahoo, AOL). You can also do pay per click advertising on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, and Pinterest, too. Learn more about pay per click advertising. 

# 31: Postcards

Postcards are a wonderful way to get more MLM leads. Direct mail scares a lot of people off because of the cost involved. Truth be told, direct mail can be much cheaper than advertising online once you figure it out, plus you have a lot less competition.

Let me start by telling you that direct mail is a PROVEN marketing method. It’s been around for over 100 years. People LIKE getting their mail every day, and they normally read it.

You have a much higher chance of getting your message read by someone who receives a postcard from you in the mail than you do through any type of online advertising.

To put things in perspective, think about it this way for a minute. How many emails do you get per day with a marketing message? How many phone calls do you get a day with a marketing message? Compare those two answers with how many postcards you get in the mail every day and I know we have a winner.

I like to mail cheap, ugly postcards to prospects to get more MLM leads. I normally lead with an affiliate product first, rather than my business opportunity. People who get the postcard and like the message visit my website, type in their name and email and become a lead for my business.

You can get postcards made cheap online. You can buy leads on peel n stick labels online. You can even outsource your entire postcard marketing project to a printing company if you want them to do it. The options are endless.

If nothing else, at least consider it. Postcard marketing might be a wonderful way to take your network marketing business to the next level. Learn more about postcard marketing.

# 32: Newsletters

Newsletters are one of my favorite ways to get more MLM leads. This is a strategy very few people use. I think of it as a potential gold mine.

What I recommend is creating a newsletter geared around your company’s product line. For example, if your network marketing company specializes in weight loss products, you could make a weight loss newsletter.

Instead of talking to everyone you meet about your products or business opportunity, simply ask them if they would like to receive a copy of your newsletter in the mail each month. Provide a ton of great content in your newsletter and talk a little bit about your products and business opportunities as well. Interested readers will visit your website, send you an email, or give you a call to learn more.

You can send an email newsletter or mailed newsletter. Both methods work, although I believe the mailed newsletter is 100x more effective, even though it will cost more. You could even sell membership subscriptions to your newsletter. The options are endless.

# 33: Blogging

Blogging is a great long-term strategy to get more MLM Leads, but it’s not for everyone.

It is a HUGE time commitment, and it can take several years to get any traction. Focusing on other lead generation strategies first would be a much better usage of your time, as I see it.

Most people who decide to start a blog choose network marketing as their niche. This is a big mistake as I see it, because of the fierce competition. Ranking high on Google for any of the network marketing keywords is a monumental task, because you are competing against millions of other people writing about the same things.

If I knew what I knew now about blogging, and I had to start over, I would pick a niche geared around my company’s product line. For example, if my company specialized in essential oils, I would blog about essential oils, and position myself as an expert in that niche.

The benefit of doing this is that people who visit your blog are in your target market. They’re looking for the information you are providing. Plus, you have less competition and can rank your blog faster and easier.

While this strategy might not be for 95% of the people reading this article, if you go this route and succeed you will have a HUGE advantage over everyone else in your company. You will have a constant flow of new leads every day, just like I do.

Also, once you build a successful blog, it’s easy to maintain. You can even outsource most of the tasks like I do.

# 34: Solo Ads

I love solo ads. This is like a joint venture. It’s when you send your offer to someone else’s email list, for a fee.

For example, let’s suppose that a website owner specializing in weight loss has built up an email list of 10,000 subscribers over the past few years. To create additional income for her website, she sends out two solo ads per month to her email list.

Someone else creates the email ad, pays her a fee for her service, and then she sends their email to her list. It’s really that simple.

When you are using solo ads to get more MLM leads, you need to make sure that your offer matches the “theme” of the email list. In other words, if you promote natural and organic products, you would want to buy a solo ad from someone with a list of “go green”  or “healthy living” subscribers. Does that make sense?

Prices can vary, but it’s a fast way to get more MLM leads.

To succeed, give away something for free and use a multi-step selling process. Make sure you send people to a capture page first, so you can collect their name and email and build your own email list, and then redirect them to your offer. Don’t just send people to your company replicated website hoping someone will buy your products or join your business. They won’t. Read more about solo ads.

Final Thoughts

I’d like to thank you for reading my top 34 ways to get more MLM Leads. What I suggest you do right now is pick two or three strategies from this list and focus on them exclusively, for the time being.

To do it right, pick a few of the one-time things and get those things done quickly (email signature, Facebook, Linked in, etc.) and then pick one active and one passive lead generation strategy.

Once you do that, you need to create a short checklist of three to five action steps you will complete each day, using the methods you picked, to generate leads. Whatever you do, have some patience, and discipline and do these activities every single day, at least five to six days a week.

Just remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You will go through a short learning curve with each strategy before you can expect to get satisfactory results and start getting a steady flow of leads.

It will be worth it though. As you master a few lead generation strategies you can put them on autopilot and pursue additional strategies. Eventually, you want to have five to ten solid methods to get more MLM leads.

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77 thoughts on “How to Get More MLM Leads: Top 34 Best Tips”

  1. This is a very detailed and useful guide I must say.

    It’s amazing how the role of social media has evolved over the years. It has now become a powerful tool for businesses to connect to the desired audience and generate leads that may positively lead to conversion.

    You have rightly pointed out the influence of mediums like Facebook and YouTube. These are particularly very instrumental in terms of generating leads.

    My two cents on the subject; when you add a personal touch in your correspondence with business associates or potential clients, it goes a long way in establishing linkages. Standard messages may sound cliched for most.

  2. IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! I’ve spent the last 4 hours on this website and I’m completely blown away! Literally, everything that needs to be known about MLM and starting a business is presented on this website. Attention to detail is amazing, I see how much effort has been put into making these informative articles. I want to give huge props to Mr. Charles for making this very user-friendly and straightforward website. Everything is mentioned here, I’m literally taking notes. From email signatures to social media, to newspapers ads, to cold calling… Everything! Thank you, Chuck!

  3. This article gives a person ideas of how to get more MLM leads. These are simple tips which can increase your leads in this area. They are not very difficult to execute, which is a great thing for businesses. Not everyone wants complicated tasks to get new leads in their business. It’s great that Facebook was mentioned. Facebook is a free outlet which can be utilized. Another fun outlet it seems is car magnets. It might cost a few dollars, but putting a magnet on a car is neat idea. Cars are everywhere and many of them are not in the same place every day!

  4. As somebody interested in Social Media Marketing the ones about LinkedIn are very good and helpful. It’s really one of the best ways to advertise your business and to get it more successful. Connections help, but content that is on point can take you stand miles above your competition. With a checklist and only 20-30 minutes a day you can make wonders as far as advertising goes. And yes, even investing into an agency or expert who could make you a good profile helps. I also truly like some other MLM lead generators you listed, such as car magnets and stickers. I have seen those for businesses around my town and can say that it is definitely effective way for local advertising.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Marko. It’s definitely worth hiring someone to help you set up a good LinkedIn profile, if you plan on using that platform to connect with potential prospects. I also agree with you on the car magnets and stickers. Many businesses in my local area use them. I always notice them.

  5. Facebook is a stellar way to get MLM leads. The massive user base makes it perfect for this. There are more than one billion people on Facebook. Best of all, you can search for specific groups of people. You can join groups, run ads, start your own group, create your own fan page, or countless other things.

    1. Yes, Facebook is one great way to get leads, if you take the right approach. However, lots of people are promoting their businesses on Facebook today. It’s crowded. It still works, but there is a ton of competition. That’s one reason it’s a good idea to venture out onto other platforms as well.

  6. I agree with your advice that no matter what strategy is used, we must personally stay connected to our prospects. This article provides a lot of useful information for everyone, thank you!

    1. Yes, I simply use the internet to meet people, but I still add the personal touch. That is the missing ingredient. If I could give anyone just one piece of advice about online lead generation it would be to leverage the internet to meet as many people as quickly as possible, but as you meet people take that relationship OFFLINE as quickly as possible and start building trust and rapport.

    1. That was my main goal when writing the article. I wanted to share some practical, simple tips ANYONE could follow and start generating more leads for their MLM business.

    1. Yes, Facebook is a great place to get leads. You can do Facebook lives, start your own group, do sponsored ads, and countless other things. The only downside of Facebook is that most people are on the site to be entertained. That is why I prefer LinkedIn to get MLM Leads. The people on that site are there to grow their network, find a new job, or start a new business. It’s just more business oriented than Facebook.

  7. Wow, it’s amazing to me how all this information is conveyed in such detail. Facebook seems to be one of my favorite choices, considering that it is the most active social media site in the world.

    1. Thanks. It took me a LONG time to research, edit and write this post about how to get more MLM Leads. Of course, the information would benefit any salesperson or entrepreneur, not just network marketers. Once you know how to generate leads, business becomes more fun and more profitable.

  8. What you said really resonates with me, especially the quote you see below.

    “The real key to success is to pick one or two of these lead generation strategies and then take massive action using those strategies. If you try too many different lead generation strategies at once, you won’t get very good results. You will dilute your efforts and end up wasting your time and money. Focus is key as everyone should be active on it.”

    I am so glad to come across this great and good post. Thanks man for this.

  9. Wonderful article, I had been very blind for a long time, and my leading strategy hasn’t been working well. I definitely will take your advice because the only way I’ve been looking for prospects is Linkedin.

    1. Nothing wrong with LinkedIn, or any other lead generation method, if it is working for you. However, if you’ve tried something over and over and over, but cannot get it to work, it might be in your best interest to find a different way to get more MLM Leads. There are so many different strategies you can use.

  10. Its always better to stick to one platform and be 100% active than use variety and mess your business up. Also each platform has particular capabilities, don’t use Instagram like you will use Twitter. Two different platforms

    1. Yes, sticking with one social media platform to get more MLM Leads is very important. My favorite platform to date is LinkedIn. While I love Facebook, the people are on LinkedIn to find a new job, grow their network, or start their own business. Also, whatever platform you pick, I highly recommend you have a daily list of 3-5 things you will do each day to grow your business on that platform. Get organized and follow a simple “to do” list and you will be much more productive.

    1. Yes, LinkedIn is a very good way to get more MLM Leads. It starts with having a good profile. Do not mention the name of your MLM Company in your profile. Be generic and use the curiosity approach. Also, when posting on the “timeline” do not say the name of your company or products. Instead, use value driven posts. Educate people. Answer questions. Ask questions. Provide value. You can also start your own group or participate in other groups. Furthermore, LinkedIn allows you to publish articles. Because LinkedIn is such a trusted site, a good article can rank very high in the search engines and send you a lot of traffic and visitors. Finally, you can also “connect” with people in LinkedIn. You can search for people by certain demographics, or careers. These are just a few of my best tips on how to get more MLM Leads on LinkedIn.

    1. You’re welcome, Conrad. Learning how to generate endless MLM Leads makes building your business fun, and much easier. Even if you can just master one or two of these strategies, you can have an endless supply of fresh, qualified leads beating down your door.

  11. The real key to success is to pick one or two of these lead generation strategies and then take massive action using those strategies. You are right, it isn’t just about knowing the strategies but also putting it to use.

    1. That is correct. If you tried to do all of these lead generation strategies at once, it would be difficult. I doubt you would do any of them effectively. However, if you take the time, money and energy to really master one or two of these strategies, I’d bet you would get some amazing results. Get really good at one or two lead generation strategies and then you can add other strategies one at a time to your marketing portfolio.

  12. You make lead generation sound so simple. Now that everyone is home because of COVID, they can definitely leverage the lead generation tips you provide in this article to keep their pipeline full and sign up more recruits.

    1. Lead generation is simple, if you keep it simple. Most people tend to over complicate it. I suggest you pick 1-2 ways to get leads, maybe one offline method and one online method and then focus on those exclusively until you get really good at them.

    1. Yes, if you have your own Facebook fan page, you can leverage Facebook’s sponsored ads platform. This is a wonderful way to grow your audience. You can also build up your following organically, although that might take a little bit longer than using paid ads. I had a fan page for a long time and then I switched to a group. I did a group for about 8-10 years and recently switched to just doing everything on my own personal page now. There are many ways to leverage Facebook to get more leads for any type of business. I have found Facebook live converts very well in my network marketing business.

  13. Came by to practice tip #11! Seriously, this had great tips for lead generation. I personally did do cold calling, but I didn’t use the phone book. I just called people who were in MLM in the past, and struck up a conversation. It works for me, but it is not easy to get others to even start using the method. Most are terrified of it. But great stuff, and with cold calling, I would most recommend using genealogy leads over just random calls. What’s your thoughts on using genealogy leads?

    1. I would recommend genealogy leads over regular people. But, I would text them first to save a bunch of time and only respond to people who responded to my text.

    2. Jaye,

      That’s great that you do great with cold calling! That is something that is very uncomfortable for a lot of people especially if they get rejected. Have you tried some of the other methods yet? I think that you will find more people by doing multiple techniques. Just a thought.

  14. wow! thanks for the awesome leads, but I do have a little challenge…I have been able to get some leads through facebook and would really like to make them my downline…so what do I say or do with the list…what am trying to get is this what do I do after list generation and don’t forget most of them…I do have their phone number and we have done whatsapp chat a number of times and I need to take the conversion to the sign up page

  15. Leads have long been the source of sales for businesses located in different areas. Network marketing leads are a unique aspect of this process. But obtaining networking marketing leads has long been a challenge for those that are in the industry. Generating leads has been a unique aspect of how this process works.

    1. Email Signatures

    Emails are actually an excellent means of securing these links. Signatures are often placed at the end of emails to keep them interesting. Permission may need to be granted to secure the leads for oneself. Network marketing helps people identify unique contributions from emails sent from fans. Emails may need to be combed to find the signature or other piece of information included therein.

    2. Solo Ads

    Surprisingly, solo ads are the perfect means of gathering interest from local consumers. They may sign up for a list serve and look through information about the concepts most relevant to them. Network marketing leads are accumulated by tracking interest in what people are interested in buying.

    3. Workshop Contacts

    In-person contacts are one of the better strategies people can use to stay on top of their game. Workshops are the perfect spot for those interested in locating a new source of leads. Network marketing leads take time to be cultivated by professionals in the know.

    4. Referrals

    Referral marketing has helped teams adapt to changing marketplaces. Looking for referral sources will help produce network marketing leads. In many ways, referrals are a unique source that can’t be replicated.

    5. Television

    Advertising has continued to evolve over the years and television remains an important feature. Generating leads has been a essential focal point of online businesses. But owners have to be aware of how leads tend to be followed through upon in an industry. Taking out television ads is a poignant reminder of how consumers tend to make purchases.

    1. I agree with all you stated here except one; television ads are quite expensive and if you can afford to take one out, you are doing much better than I am. I believe that TV ads are as expensive if not more than a billboard.

      I believe you need to stick with a more cost efficient form of getting MLM leads. Email signatures are a great way, and to add to it, through your email you can install a few links leading back to your capture page.

      As for referrals, you should ask for them from every single person you talk with.

      1. Good point, Greg. For most people, generating leads from television ads is a risky investment that they can’t afford to try. I know some people have had success doing it for most people, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone new or anyone on a tight marketing budget.

    2. Of all the ways to get MLM leads you talked about Shannon, I think that getting referrals is the best. If you treat people well, provide great customer service and ask for referrals, you will get them. I also think it’s a good idea to offer incentives, such as a cash bonus, for referring people to you. Just my two cents. Thanks for the comment.

  16. If you are involved in a MLM business, then you will know how important it is to generate as many leads as possible. It is advisable to use a number of different techniques for lead generation in order to get the best results, but some techniques are more successful than others. One of the most effective ways to generate leads is to ask for referrals.

    If an existing customer is very happy with the service that they have received from you, then the chances are that they will tell their friends and family about your business. However, this on it’s own may not be enough to ensure that the people that they have told will also become customers. This can change though if you offer your existing customers something in return for the recommendations that they make.

    Offering an incentive in this way will can mean that your customers will do some of the hard work for you in terms of telling people about your company, and how the products they have purchased have benefited them. The incentive that you offer is really down to you, but if it is something that increases with each recommendation, then you may find that you get a large number of new leads using this technique.

    The most important thing to bear in mind when trying to get new referrals is that if you want people to talk positively to other about your business, then you need to ensure that you treat all your customers well and give them best possible experience when dealing with your company, so that they can’t wait to tell everyone about it.

    1. You are absolutely correct Mike. Use the Golden Rule with all your customers and you will get great referrals. I will mention though that you should learn to ask for referrals from everyone, not just customers. If someone says no, still ask, “Do you know of anyone that would like to try ______ (the product). Many people will know someone that likes the items you have. They will give you names even if they said no as long as you treated them right. Referrals are a great way to attain leads.

      1. Good point, Greg. If you treat people well when you talk to them, you should ask everyone you come in contact with for referrals. You never know until you ask. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

    2. I couldn’t say it better myself, Mike. Getting leads from referrals is the best and most cost effective way to go. You have to treat people right, over deliver, and provide great customer service, but some of your best distributors and best customers should come from referrals.

  17. Network marketing can be an arduous venture for some. Even though there are a lot of hurdles to clear, it’s not an impossible thing to move forward within. Many people see the notion of selling or recruiting as a daunting task. However, if you know how to generate leads, you will never have to fear reject. It all starts with knowing the products and information that you are promoting. Do not start your quest on day one. Master the products, benefits, and ideas of your business opportunity. If you know everything there is to know about your opportunity, you will be able to convert anyone. However, if you are unsure, timid, or just aren’t prepared, you will falter. With that in mind, consider a few ways to generate leads with relative ease.


    One of the easiest ways to get more people involved with your business opportunity is simple, blog. Setup a blog in which you detail the benefits of your business, the products you sell, and your progress. You want to create a conversational, non formal style here. Upload pictures, and showcase an enthusiasm for what you’re doing. Remember, if you’re enthused and happy about what you do, others will join you. If you play on the notion that things are “difficult” or “not going well”, people will naturally leave. You have to show them that you’re not only enjoying your experience, but that you’re making it work. This attracts more people. If you can peel back the curtain, and let others in on what you’re doing, the leads will come in and conversion rates will rise exponentially.

    Video Marketing

    Beyond content marketing, video is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. You do not have to be a professional to cut a good marketing video. All you need is a camera, and your ideas. Prepare a presentation before hand, and just talk to the camera in an interview format. Talk about how you’re making money, or rather the opportunity that you have. Show others how you are doing, and what you’re doing to make things happen. The more you explain about the process, and success, the higher you will climb in any MLM world. If you’re not keen on this, look to hire someone to help you with video marketing. You can look into whiteboard animation videos, tutorials, and more.

    The aforementioned are just 2 ways that you can generate marketing leads. Keep in mind, above all else, you have to master the information that you have. The more you are familiar with your networking materials, the better chance you will have in the aforementioned arenas. Do not go on conjecture, study up, and get prepared. It’s within that time spent preparing, that you will gain confidence to turn leads into conversions properly.

    1. Very wise words Anthony. You are absolutely correct. Each and every day should be a learning experience, so that we can “master” the art of getting leads. Blogging is a great way to get leads, but the old fashioned way of just getting out and meeting and talking to people is still the best. We have become so inundated with using technology, that many people have neglected the old way of face to face socializing. By doing this, people realize you are a “real” person and not an avatar behind the computer.

    2. Blogging and video marketing both work well. I use both methods. However, both are more of a long term lead generation strategy. Even if you are doing those two things I still suggest you talk to people face to face about your products and business opportunity.

  18. Network Marketing provides a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in becoming financially independent. There are many stories of people making a substantial amount of money in network marketing groups, but you will not reach that point if you do not implement effective marketing strategies.

    There are many network marketing strategies at your disposal, but I think that online forums gives one the best chance of reaching a wide audience of prospects. Online forums normally have hundreds, if not thousands of members. Becoming a member of several online forums dedicated to your network marketing niche can put you in position to present your proposal to many people from the comfort of your home.

    Joining online forums is simple and fast. You can begin making posts within a matter of seconds after joining. Forum members will see your network marketing proposal within your signature link. You will be able to attract a number of prospects within a matter of days.

    Using online forums to announce your network marketing opportunity is cost effective. You are not required to inject hundreds or thousands of dollars into this marketing strategy. This marketing tactic can be used without any cost. This is wonderful if you are on a tight budget.

    There are dozens of ways in which you can present your network marketing opportunity to prospects. Online forums is one of the best ways to do this. This tactic is simple, free, and can provide positive results within a short period of time.

    1. Yes, forums are a great way to reach a wide variety of people who may be interested in your products, services or business opportunity. The main thing is to find forums that have the target market you are seeking. You wouldn’t probably want to post about health products on a gamer’s forum; yes you may get a lead or 2, but you could be perceived as a spammer or troll quite easily. Study the forums and make sure you are not coming off as a spammer. If you offer educational information, people will take you more seriously.

      1. Good point, Greg. You definitely want forums with people in your target market. That being said, I would avoid home business and MLM forums. Instead, I would look for a forum where the people in the forum would be a good user of my product or service. I think that is the best route you could take.

    2. Leaving comments in forums is a great way to generate more MLM leads, but you have to be smart about it. You should leave comments every day for 6 to 12 months. You want to be active in the forum and make sure that every comment you leave provides value. You also want a catchy signature file that creates curiosity and sends people to a capture page first, and then redirects them to your offer.

      1. Yes, you are correct Chuck.

        If a person just visits a a forum once or twice per month, they will not gain credibility or a good rating. Many forums use a rating system, and if a person actually leaves good, solid information that helps other people, many of those people will click your signature link to learn more about you or what you have to offer. That is the key with forums, give educational information that helps people, and the help will come back in the form of leads.

  19. Network marketing leads is the perfect way to help your home business prosper, gain new customers, incease your sales, advertise your products and more. Social media marketing and email marketing is the perfect way for targeting customers who are interested in your products or services. Social media marketing will also allow you to develop loyal customer relations through chat, video, and more.

    Promoting your business is fast, simple, and easy when you choose to use the new modern day social media marketing or email marketing. It will save you a lot of money compared to traditional marketing methods. Loyal and trusting network marketing leads can be found by using email marketing or social media marketing. It will surely make a nice investment for the future of anyu business. Special software designed with the most up-to-date technology will draw people to you, your business, and products and servicesfast.

    Free leads can take your business to the top. There are emailing and lead capturing systems that will help provide your business a stable future to serve your customers a very long time. Traditional marketing methods are becoming a thing of the past. Everyone can be found shopping online. This is because it is easy, convenient and saves both time and money.

    Network marketing leads can provide you with the special tools you need for gaining those who are interested in your services. Each business is unique so tols are designed just for you. Top rated sources are also provided and a no-hassle return policy if you are not completely satisfied. Get started today and tomorrow your business will become a true success story.

    1. Danny, while I agree with you that email and social media marketing are great forms of marketing methods to attain leads, I feel that you dare not neglect the old fashioned, traditional marketing methods. I believe a person is wise to use both and always keep a close eye on statistics. I have found that many people will not even read their emails, but if you send them a postcard in the normal mail, they will read it. Don’t give up on traditional methods even when using the new technological marketing methods.

    2. Social media can be a great way to generate MLM leads IF you do it the right way. You don’t want to spam people or annoy people by puking your business all over people. Instead you want to draw people in by posting pictures and testimonials of your lifestyle and you using the products. Email marketing can work as well. But make sure you have permission to email the person first AND keep in mind that most people don’t read their emails.

  20. Generating leads from network marketing can be accomplished with many different strategies. One of those strategies is to maximize existing business networking relationships. In addition, carefully growing the network with valuable contacts is critical in keeping the flow of leads steady and growing.

    This network should be maintained on a one-on-one basis. Regular meetings with key people in the network will provide a wealth of relevant information. This includes leads, industry news, and introductions to new network marketing contacts. Consistency with these relationships is important – it might take 3 – 5 meetings before material information is received.

    To maximize the relationship’s value (from both sides), people who service your target market are the ones to be added to your network. They should be experienced business people with a solid knowledge of the industry. Ideally, they should not have a relationship with your competition. Also, try to keep the contacts to one per industry. If IT consultants are good contacts, avoid networking with ones that compete with each other.

    In addition to leads, people want information on their industry, market trends, and competition. If possible, always be the one to provide information – your network will appreciate it. The amount and value of information you receive back will be a pleasant surprise.

    The investment in a one-on-one business relationship can create a great deal of value that will last for years.

    1. You provided some wise insights Jason. Networking with other professionals is a key system in always having a supply of leads. It is best to always build your list. A list of prospects and a list of others who are in a business that is an asset to your business. You can build contacts such as these in many ways. One of the primary places I find like minded individuals is on Linkedin. I also like how you said to find just one in certain areas so you are not “pitting” competitors against each other.

      Thank you for the very wise comment.

    2. Yes, joining networking groups can be a great way to meet new people. Just keep in mind that every other person is in the networking group is there for the same reason as you. So don’t be surprised if people try to recruit your or sell you something either.

  21. Prospecting is a sure way of generating network marketing Leads. It entails aiming a specific group, company and people. Drumming up a newly -opened business, hard work is needed when it comes to marketing it. How do you market it? When do you market it? Who do you aim at? This creates a dilemma when opting other ways. Thus prospecting remains the solution.

    Cold prospects are brought incrementally closer through exposure. Ideas regarding the business are presented to a lively recipient. Prospects are able to judge the validity of the products sold easily. This also helps maintain the warm prospects and increase sales for hot prospects.

    One first identifies a prospect, approaches him/her then lastly meets him/her. Prospects are identified on basis on their needs, likes and residence areas. An appointment is booked on a relevant and potential need a prospect may have. Meeting the prospect face to face creates a rapport. A mutual beneficially reason to business together is thus put across. This renders it easier to win the prospect.

    I highly prefer prospecting to other ways such as blogging because you already have a solution after meeting the prospects.

    Try prospecting now and watch your business grow!

    1. To be very honest Tim, I am slightly confused as to what you are saying here. All forms of marketing is prospecting. Blogging is prospecting and “snail mail marketing” is prospecting. How ever you are marketing your products, services, or business opportunity, you are prospecting. I have a feeling you may be speaking of just getting out and meeting people. If that is what you are saying, I fully agree. That form of marketing is one of the best. Just talking to people has been proven to still be one of the best ways to get leads.

  22. I am pretty sure you have heard the stories of people quitting their jobs due to the income coming from their network marketing business. Yes, you can become financially independent, but it is vital for you to select a strategy that will provide you will outstanding results for a long period of time. Video marketing is my favorite way of securing leads for my network marketing business.

    There are dozens of video sites currently in existence, but YouTube is the only video site that continues to drive hundreds of leads to my multilevel marketing offer. At this time, YouTube is the most popular video site today. Leveraging YouTube gives me a chance to present my offer to thousands of people around the globe.

    I post at least three videos to my video channel each week. My videos are approximately three minutes in length. I begin each video with a brief introduction of the product or service. I proceed to explain to the viewer why he or she should join my network marketing group.

    In my opinion, video marketing is one of the most effective ways of generating leads for your network marketing business. Posting videos on YouTube can help you become a successful MLM entrepreneur.

    1. Yes, that is a good point. Videos on YouTube are a great way to gain leads, but I would go further and say that it helps to also blog or find other ways to actually take the videos you have made and embed them in other locations.

      I regularly write at a place called Hubpages in which you can write an educational article and install pictures and embed videos from Youtube. Hubpages has a very strong Google presence.

      This is just another way to build views on the network marketing videos you have made.

    2. YouTube is very powerful. It’s a great way to connect with your prospects. Plus, Google owns YouTube so your videos can rank high in the search engines which gives you a lot of free traffic. The key is to make good videos that provide good value, that aren’t one big sales pitch. You also have to make videos consistently.

  23. You had brought up getting business cards. Vista print does offer great deals, but I did want to offer some more advice. My wife and I developed our own business cards for Gringo & Boricua. I found that there are some great templates in my word program; I use Libre Office. You can develop your own cards and then go have them printed on glossy stock. We did this at Office Max and they came out great.

    Just a hint on another way to do your business cards.

  24. This is quite a list. Great job of putting this all together.

    Personally I think #1 is important; #2 and #7 can work together. You can make signatures in your forum posts just like the ones you use in emails. This can work quite well. On #3 you may want to even consider making a separate Facebook page for your business. Tailgating is huge here in Puerto Rico. We have used it before to sell our books and a Puerto Rican drink called coquito.

    All these are great tips. I will be bookmarking this post to come back and use for try this times. Thank you Chuck!

      1. Yes, you are correct Chuck. The only way they will send it to your whole list and more is to pay for Facebook advertising. I wanted to mention that a newsletter is very wise, and when you are sending it–I use Mailchimp, set it to also hit Twitter and Google +. I have managed to pull in a few leads using that system.

        I also agree with car magnets. It seems people love to call when they see car ads.

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