MLM Is Hard Work!

Today is the first lesson in my Holton Buggs mini-series.  The lesson today is that MLM is hard work!  As Holton Buggs says, “most people miss the work part of network marketing.”

I don’t know what it is, but for some strange reason most people who join our industry just aren’t willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work.  It’s as if they think they can sign up today, go to sleep tonight, and when they wake up tomorrow a BOAT LOAD of money will be flowing into their business.

When that doesn’t happen, they quit.  Or, they say they were scammed.

Few people are willing to put in the time it takes to build a successful business.

The truth is, it’s hard work building ANY type of successful business, including network marketing.

It’s hard work motivating yourself (for some folks anyway) to build their MLM Business after they come home from a long day at work.

It’s hard for people to deal with rejection.

It’s hard for most people to stay disciplined and keep doing the work, even after their initial enthusiasm fades.

It’s hard for some people to deal with and lead other people.

it’s hard for people to keep working when there isn’t any money flowing in.

It’s hard for people to keep building their MLM Business when they aren’t profitable after 90 days.

It’s hard for people to step out of their comfort zone and talk to strangers.

I could go on an on, but most of these lessons really apply to any type of businesses.

All businesses require a huge sacrifice of time and energy (and most require lots of money too).  Most businesses take a year or two just to get profitable.  Most new business owners (in any industry) take a year or two just to develop the entrepreneur mindset and get their thinking right!

If success was easy in life, everyone would be successful.  I’ve learned that success is not something that just happens to you.  It doesn’t come to you.  You have to go out and earn it through hard work, personal sacrifice and constant discipline.

If you want to make it in MLM, you have to look at what the top 3% do and then copy their behavior.  Ignore what the other 97% do and do the complete opposite.

And remember this.  Nothing worth accomplishing is easy.

You think it was easy for Sam Walton to build Wal-mart?

You think it was easy for an Olympic athlete to make it to the Olympics?

You think it was easy for an author to write a book?

You think it was easy for a broke, single mom to complete her college degree while she had a job and family to take care of?

The answer to all of these questions is NO, it wasn’t easy.

But the person made a decision, rolled up their sleeves and did the work UNTIL they were successful.

If you want to succeed in MLM, you’re going to have to do the same thing!

What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment below and let us know.

chuck holmes


Chuck Holmes
Network Marketing Professional (since 2002)
Author, Blogger, & Entrepreneur

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6 thoughts on “MLM Is Hard Work!”

  1. Many people have a thought that hard work is what the people digging ditches, or climbing bridges do. Hard work is about what you said… rolling up your sleeves and doing what needs to be done for success. It isn’t always about manual labor. Hard work is anything that you are doing to help feed yourself and your family. The other great thing about hard work is the satisfaction you feel once you have done it and are able to see the results.

  2. This is a post I believe every human being should read. the fact is, to succeed at anything, you have to work: work hard! This is a big reason so many people do fail at MLM. They want to think that they can just sit in front of the TV or video system all day and the money will just fall in their lap. I don’t think anything in life works this way. To get anywhere, we have to work hard.

    Thank you for this eye opener Chuck.

  3. That was a catch for me. I had imagined (okay have been imagining from yesterday) that MLM is all about generating quality leads and sitting back. Motivating myself is the first hard task as alleged. To be honest, I am not used to multiple failure (being an 8 to 5 job person). I think I will need a character overhaul to be able to deal with challenges arising from my future.

    This article is (unfortunately) honest and will definitely sift some soft hearted people. However, I like the way you present the truth. Many of us (newbies) want to be babied around and given false hope of having no challenges at all, which is very far from the truth.
    I think having read this article, I am up for the challenge. Thanks for the pointers.

  4. Hi, you are so right life is not easy to achieve something you to work hard to receive you reward, the end is always fruitful. The ones who put in 100% get the best results and self satisfaction. We all wish we had push button and money come flowing in unfortunately that’s just happens in dream world. After coming cross this page you have knocked sense into me and I’m thinking more positive and will try to work at things to see end results normally I give up and think I can’t do this! Thank you. ~ Nas UK

    1. Thanks for the comment Nasreen. Succeeding in anything life is hard work. Keeping the weight off is hard work. Staying happily married is hard work. Building a successful business of any type is hard work. Nothing worth accomplishing is easy! Just my two cents.

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