MLM Growth Strategies: Accelerate Your MLM Business

In today’s training video, I share some of the best MLM Growth Strategies. Learn how to accelerate your MLM Business. You can watch my video below. I also summarized the key points from the video.

MLM Growth Strategies: Key Points

Here are the key points from today’s training video.

Take the long-term view. It takes time to build a successful business of any kind. Network marketing is no different. The major difference between employees and entrepreneurs is how they think. Entrepreneurs tend to be long-term thinkers whereas employees think more short-term. Entrepreneurs have a vision that guides them. Think about what your network marketing business will provide within two to five years of consistent work, rather than how much money you are making today.

Enroll 2-4 new business builder distributors per month, every month. To grow your MLM Business, you must learn how to recruit 2 to 4 new business builders every month. You don’t have to recruit a ton of people quickly, but you should approach five new prospects per day, six days per week, so you can enroll 2-4 new business builders every month. Do that in one company for five years and you will have a rocking team.

Build up a solid customer base. Every MLM Rep needs customers. You don’t need hundreds of personal customers though. Your goal should be to acquire and maintain five to ten personal retail customers. Once you do that, teach your team how to do the same thing. Imagine what your organization would look like if every team member had five active retail customers!

Become a leader. A stud does not want to work with a dud. Write that down and remember that. To build a big organization you must become a leader, so you can attract other leaders. We are ultimately in the leadership business. Your goal is to find and develop five to ten leaders in your organization. Work on your leadership skills and take ownership of your business. No excuses. The buck stops with you.

Follow the system. The system is the solution. When you are new to the business, follow your upline’s system. As you become successful, feel free to modify the system as you see fit. You need a system to generate leads, share the business, and to launch and train new distributors. Follow the system and teach the system to everyone on your team.

Follow a mentor. Why reinvent the wheel if you don’t need to? Find someone in your plugged in upline with the success you want and then humble yourself enough to seek their guidance and listen to them. A good mentor will shorten your timeline for success. Learn from someone else’s mistakes whenever possible.

Focus on your target market. If everyone is a prospect, no one is a prospect. Focus on a target market for your business opportunity and products. Spend most of your time, money, and energy talking to people in your target market. This allows you to work smart. You can’t sell steak to a vegetarian. Stop trying!

Focus on tap-rooting. If you aren’t a superstar recruiter, learn how to build depth. When you sponsor someone help them sponsor a couple people. Then go and work with those people. Keep repeating this process in depth. Always work with the newest most excited distributor at the deepest level in your organization. Build your business from the bottom up.

Develop 3-5 solid lead generation strategies. You need several ways to get leads. If you only have one lead source, you are just one bad day away from everything drying up. Master lead generation. When you have an endless supply of fresh leads the business is easy.

Track your results and activity. Track everything you do. Track your results. Track your activity. If you do that, you can identify areas you need to improve. Plus, you will see your business progress as the months pass by.

Bonus Tip: Do a 90 Day Challenge. One of my best MLM Growth Strategies is to do a 90-Day Blitz. This is where you go all out for 90 days and create massive momentum and growth in your MLM Business. You do 10x more than you normally would. This creates an explosion in your business and lays a solid foundation for your business success.


In conclusion, these are some of my best MLM Growth Strategies. These things are easy to do and easy not to do. Pick your easy. If you want what most people don’t have, you must do what most people aren’t willing to do.

Set some goals, develop your plan, and take all out massive action if you want to accelerate your growth in your MLM Business.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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