MLM Getting Started Guide: 10 Steps to Success

Today, I’d like to share my MLM Getting Started Guide. In a nutshell, these are step-by-step instructions on how to get started right in your MLM Business.

During my 18-years in this amazing industry, the # 1 observation I’ve had is that most people never even START their MLM Business. Yes, they sign up, pay the fee, and join the company, but they never launch their business. They never do anything to get their business off the ground. As a result, most people quit, thinking the business doesn’t work.

I’ve never understood how someone can sign up for a business, pay money, and then not do anything. If I had to bet, at least 9 out of 10 people who join our industry fall into that category.

I don’t want that to happen to you. I want you to succeed. Remember this:

It’s better to start right than start over.

If you’re going to take the time and money to join a business, why not give it your best shot? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Plus, in 10-years from now I don’t want you wondering “what might have been” had you given your MLM Business your best shot.MLM Getting Started Guide

MLM Getting Started Guide: My 10 Step Program

With no further waiting, here is my 10 step MLM Getting Started Guide.

As a preface, if you have a successful upline you are currently working with, and they are teaching you something different than what I have listed below, please ignore my advice and listen to them instead.

Step # 1: Complete Your Quality Enrollment

The first step in my MLM Getting Started Guide is to complete your quality enrollment. This means you order one of the value packs, sign up for auto-ship, navigate the back office, get answers to your questions, and learn the basics about the business from your sponsor.

Ideally, you want to complete this step face-to-face with your sponsor so they can help you. If that’s not possible, leverage ZOOM, Facetime, or Go to Meeting. This step should be completed within your first 24-hours in the business.

Step # 2: Write Down Your 20 Reasons Why

Your next step is to write down your 20 reasons why. At least 95% of the MLM Reps I’ve met do NOT complete this step. That’s a big mistake.

If you don’t know WHY you are doing the business, the how does not matter. Without knowing your why, you will not survive the setbacks, disappointment, rejection, and temporary defeat you will experience in your business.

Write down your 20 reasons why and share it with your spouse and coach. Be as specific as possible. It’s not just dollar amounts or making more money. What would you do with more time and money? How would you spend the time and money? Who would you help? Why?

This step should be completed within your first 24-hours in the business.

Step # 3: Have a Sense of Urgency

To be successful in your new network marketing business, you should think of your business as a million-dollar enterprise, not some little part-time side hustle. Pretend you wrote a check for one-million dollars and you only have one-year to earn it back.

By adopting this mindset, you will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes, to succeed in your business. If you do things right, you should have 2-3 rank advancements BEFORE your first product order arrives in the mail.

Step # 4: Make Your Name’s List

It is critical that you make an extensive name’s list. Many people try to skip this step. That’s a big mistake. The average adult person knows more than 2,000 people by name. Your job is to create a big name’s list as quickly as possible. For your business launch, you want to have at least 100-200 names written down.

Do not pre-judge anyone. Use a memory jogger if needed. Your job is not to sponsor everyone into the business or sell them a product. Instead, your job is to simply notify them about what you are doing and see if they’d like to learn more.

This step should be completed within your first 24-hours in the business.

Each day that passes, you should add more names to your name’s list. Think of your list as a living, breathing document that gets updated daily.people join mlm and do nothing

Step # 5: Schedule Your Two Launch Parties

The next thing you want to do is to schedule your two launch parties. These could be an in-home party, a conference call, or a webinar. You want to schedule two events so people who can’t make it to your first event have a second option.

Ideally, you want to schedule the two events about two to three days apart. Both events should be held within your first five to seven days in the business.

You should have both “launch parties” scheduled within your first 48-hours in the business.

Step # 6: Contact Everyone on Your List

The next thing you want to do is to contact everyone on your name’s list and invite them to your launch party. Use your upline’s inviting script. They will teach you what to say. Be short and brief and do not give your prospect too much information.

Instead, you want to use a curiosity approach and see if they are open minded enough to look. You should contact all 100-200 people within your first 72-hours in the business.

Step # 7: Conduct the Two Events

Now it’s time to have the launch party. In most cases, your coach will lead these two events, so you can learn by watching. Make sure you introduce the speaker properly and then sit back and watch and learn.

Let them do the talking and conduct the event. If you’re doing a live event at your home, make sure your house is clean, the kids and pets are in the other room, and the television is off. Also, make sure you start and end on time.

Short and sweet meetings are ideal. 30 to 45-minutes is a good time frame to aim for. People are busy and have short attention spans.

At the end of each meeting, sign up interested prospects on the spot. Sell products on the spot. And make sure everyone leaves your meeting with information they can take with them, such as company literature, a DVD, a product sample, a catalog, or whatever your company uses.

Step # 8: Follow-Up

The fortune is in the follow-up. Follow-up with everyone who attended either of your two events. Follow-up with people who couldn’t attend.

Expect objections and learn how to overcome objections. Leverage the three-way close with your coach until you learn the ropes.

You want to follow-up with each prospect several times. From personal experience, most people I recruit take anywhere from five to ten follow ups before they buy or join. Just be patient and remember not everyone will sign up or buy on the spot, although your best people typically will.your why in mlm

Step # 9: Enroll New Reps & Customers

As you follow-up with people, you will find people who are interested in being customers or reps. Sign these folks up! Strike while the iron is hot. The longer you let them “cool off” the less likely they will join your team.

Also, have realistic expectations. Not everyone will buy or join. In fact, most people will not be interested. As a rule of thumb, assume 1 or 2 people out of every 10 people you talk with will join or buy.

When people join or buy, walk them through a quality enrollment process, just like your sponsor did with you.

Step # 10: Duplicate This Process with Your New Reps

Duplication is the secret to success in network marketing. It is the magic sauce. As you sign up new distributors during your two launch parties, you want to repeat these 10 steps with each new person.

Keep things simple and let them know you have a game-plan for them to follow. Do not deviate or reinvent the wheel, even if you think you have a better way. Listen to your coach.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this is my MLM Getting Started Guide. ANYONE can follow these 10 simple steps. EVERYONE should do these steps. Remember, “it’s better to start right than start over.”

How you start in your new MLM Business has a huge impact on your long-term success. You want to get started right so you can develop a great success story you can share with others. By following the 10 steps mentioned above you will be well on your way.

What are your thoughts about my MLM Getting Started Guide? What do you and your team do? Please leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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