MLM Genealogy Reports: What You Should Know About Them

What are MLM Genealogy Reports? And should you buy a network marketing genealogy report? Let me start by telling you that MLM Genealogy Reports are simply a print out of a list of distributors, within a specific line of sponsorship, from a MLM Company.

For instance, let’s assume Joe joined a company and built a group of 10K distributors. Each month, he would get a print out of his team, when he received his bonus check. His genealogy report would provide names, emails, phone numbers, addresses, and the sales volume for each distributor in his group. This report would provide a detailed summary of his network marketing business.

Sometimes when a distributor quits (or is terminated) he will sell a copy of his genealogy report to one of the lead companies. In addition, when a MLM Company goes out of business (many do) they will often sell their genealogy reports to lead companies, too. In return, the lead company will turn around and sell the MLM Genealogy Report for a profit. Many distributors will purchase the report, so they can contact these former distributors about their own business opportunity.

Why should you buy MLM Genealogy Reports? Let me start by telling you that I’ve never been a big fan of buying leads. I’ve always believed it’s better to generate your own leads. That being said, some people have experienced great results with purchased leads via genealogy reports. One good reason to buy MLM Genealogy Reports is that you will have an immediate list of people formerly involved with network marketing.

You know they are opportunity buyers, not just opportunity seekers. And you know that they believe in the network marketing industry, or they never would have joined the company to begin with. This means that many of these folks are qualified prospects for your business opportunity. Also, you can buy 10k or more names for less than a couple hundred dollars. This is typically much cheaper than buying opportunity seeker leads from a lead company.

The major downside of buying MLM Genealogy Reports is that (1) the person never gave you permission to contact them, (2) the contact information is often outdated, and (3) many of the distributors are involved with another company.  I’d bet that at least 50% of the phone numbers and addresses are out of date, and inaccurate.  So most of the leads will be really difficult to reach.

If I was going to purchase MLM Genealogy Reports, I would send a direct mail campaign to the list. This would be a flier, sales letter or postcard. I would simply follow up with people who responded to my offer. I think that’s a much wiser strategy than cold calling each person one at a time.  The risk of calling people is that many of the numbers might be on the DO NOT CALL list.

Contacting your prospects by mail is the way to go (as I see it).  It’s pretty cheap too. You could create and mail a postcard for less than 40 cents each.  If you decide to mail a postcard to the leads on your MLM Genealogy Report, I would start with a small mailing of 250 people and see what type of response you get.  That would be a lot wiser than sending out thousands of postcards and hoping for a good response.  If you get a good response with your 250 postcards, by all means send out more.   If not, save your money!

Some people buy MLM Genealogy Reports and send a voice broadcast to every number on the list, hoping that a few people will respond.  To the best of my knowledge, this is ILLEGAL to do.  And I do not recommend you follow this technique.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, MLM Genealogy Reports can be a valuable resource of potential leads for your network marketing business. Before you buy a genealogy report, make sure you know what you are getting. Find out how old the list is. Ask how many times it has been sold to other distributors. Make sure you get the full contact information, such as name, email, address, and phone number. After you get the leads, develop a strategy to contact them. I recommend you use direct mail, and then follow up with the people who respond to your offer.

Furthermore, don’t buy genealogy reports as a first resort.  Start out by generating your own leads.  Generating your own leads is a much better alternative than buying genealogy report leads.   Your leads will be better quality and they will be EXCLUSIVE!

What are your thoughts about buying MLM Genealogy Reports?  Leave a comment and let us know.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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4 thoughts on “MLM Genealogy Reports: What You Should Know About Them”

  1. You asked for my opinion, and I will give it:


    I am totally against this method, just as I am against buying leads. Sure, there are some who may do well with this system, but I think that it is a waste of money. I think there are a ton of other ways to get leads than to pay money for a genealogy report.

    I just cannot see many good prospects coming from this method. I would rather buy a person’s downline than purchase their genealogy report. Just my opinion.

  2. Thank you for explaining the term “MLM genealogy reports”. (Now I have added a new term to my vocabulary of lingo.) These are some good tips. I agree with you that it seems better to generate your own lead list rather than purchase an existing one. That way, you can be more sure of the reliability of the information contained on the list, as well as the age of the list. I would also not want to buy a list that many others had already purchased: think of how jaded the people on that list would already be.

    1. Generating your own leads is always the best course of action. It might take a while to figure it out, but once you have your own leads, your business will grow.

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