MLM Gateway Review: Secret Lead Source for Network Marketers

Today, I’m going to provide a MLM Gateway review. As a quick disclaimer, I am a very HAPPY customer and affiliate with them. I use their services daily and get a HUGE value from it.

Many network marketers have experienced great success leveraging social media sites to recruit new distributors. Examples include:

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

But when you really consider it all, there was never a true social media site just for network marketers, until MLM Gateway launched.

Some of the best leads and recruits you can get are people who have been, or still are, involved with a MLM Company. Maybe they were frustrated and left their company for various reasons or maybe the company ceased operations.

MLM Gateway is full of people like them! It’s also filled with happy, successful distributors.

MLM Gateway is based out of the Czech Republic and it is free to join. It is considered a social lead generation platform.

Create A Free MLM Gateway Account

First things first… You can create a free MLM Gateway account by visiting their website and clicking free sign up. To the best of my knowledge, their service is available in every country in the world.

Once you have your own account, you go to your profile and edit it. You add information such as your city, state, email address, businesses that you are interested in, businesses that you are not interested in, and your business opportunity. You should also include a professional photo of yourself.

What you see below is what your profile page will look like. Keep in mind that part of my video is cut off in this photo. Also, your business announcements get listed below your video.

mlm gateway profile

MLM Gateway Works On Credits

When you sign up with MLM Gateway, you will receive five credits. You can also receive additional credits by purchasing them, referring new MLM Gateway members and other tasks inside the system, such as writing articles.

Here are different ways to spend credits within MLM Gateway to build your MLM business:

  • Use 1 credit to contact a member
  • Use 10 credits to bump your business announcement to the top of the page
  • A minimum of 10 credits must be in your account to run an advertising campaign, which is a CPC ad text or banner ad on the MLM Gateway site
  • Become a member of the day and have your name shown in the header of the website for 24 hours – 300+ credits

Another really cool part is how you can promote your business by writing business announcements and actually earn credits by doing so. It must have at least 400 words and can contain two links to your website, blog or MLM business page. When you write an article, it earns you ten credits, plus you get free exposure to the links in your article.

So far, I’ve published about 80 unique articles on MLM Gateway and it sends a lot of traffic to my websites and helps me generate leads, recruit new reps and make sales.

Professional/Premium Membership

As a premium paid member, you are called a PROFESSIONAL. The fee is $24.95 per month or you can pay quarterly like I did, for about $60.  You can cancel your membership at any time.

Premium Membership features:

  • 50 free credits each month
  • Listing on the Featured Professionals page
  • Unlocked leads interested in your business opportunity
  • Premium badge shown in the member list
  • Website link on the profile page
  • Video embedded on the profile page
  • Profile page with updates, website link and social networks visible to all members and website visitors
  • No ads shown on the profile page and business announcements
  • Profile views statistics
  • 10 credits for each approved announcement instead of 5
  • 15 credits for each registered referral instead of 10

I personally chose this membership level because I see the value in it. $25 is chump change, compared to what you could spend on other types of advertising.

What you see below is the page in the back office where you can create ads.

mlm gateway ads

MLM Gateway Affiliate Program

Here are some of the benefits of their affiliate program:

  1. Make money from prospects who tell you NO to your opportunity, but still need a good source of leads.
  2. Generous commissions from 35 to 50 percent.
  3. State of the art affiliate software, which makes tracking your advertising very easy.
  4. Dedicated 24/7 customer support.
  5. Exceptional marketing materials to promote your URL.
  6. Lifetime referral commissions on everyone you refer.
  7. High converting landing page.
  8. A quality program you can be proud to promote.
  9. A two-level multi-tier affiliate program, you get 6% commissions on any referrals the people you refer make.

As you can see, this is pretty much a no brainer.

Is it a Scam?

It’s hard to believe people still ask questions like this. No. MLM Gateway is NOT a scam. It is a legitimate service to generate leads for your business and connect with other network marketers. If it works for me, I’m sure it can work for you as well.

My Tips for Success

Now that I’ve been using MLM Gateway for about 9-months now, I can share a few tips for success that have worked well for me.

# 1 Do not spam! First and foremost, do NOT pitch people on your business. EVER. That is what everyone else is doing. You must find a way to be different and stand out in the marketplace. Form connections, be authentic, provide value and you will naturally “draw people in”. That is what you want to do.

# 2 Write articles. Publish a few articles on the site to showcase your expertise. Do not write about your company. Do not write a crappy article. Write something high quality and unique that provides value and makes you stand out in the crowd. This will result in a lot of article views and a lot of clicks to your website.

# 3 Utilize their PPC program. One of my favorite features with MLM Gateway is their PPC platform. This platform has helped me generate a TON of leads and new reps. Test out a few different ads, send people to a capture page and track your results. This might just be the best kept secret with MLM Gateway.

Final Thoughts

I cannot say anything negative about MLM Gateway. I believe it was an excellent idea and I do suggest you use it as one of your lead generation mechanisms. I wouldn’t count on this site alone for lead generation, but it is definitely a good tool to have in your toolbox.

I highly recommend you visit MLM Gateway and create a free account and see what it can do for you.

Update: This post was originally written by Greg. After Greg wrote this post for me, I went to MLM Gateway and checked it out, since I had not done so previously. Once I did a little research, I realized it made sense, so I joined on the spot.  After doing that, I came back to this post and re-wrote it to what you see now.  Therefore, please know I am an affiliate with MLM Gateway.

chuck holmes


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15 thoughts on “MLM Gateway Review: Secret Lead Source for Network Marketers”

  1. What no ones talking about is how much traffic this can potentially bring to your website, and how profitable it is to post content on that site?

  2. I’ve joined in November 2018. I am not happy with the results. 1. I referred 47 people to this forum and I have earning commissions on the sales of these referrals. I have not received a commission payment to date. 2. I received 4 leads which resulted in zero signups. I researched the leads to see if they were actually human beings. Guess what…. No results. I cannot find none of the leads on social media. Plus to connect / open communication with a lead it costs 20 credits. So the leads are fake and you wasted 20 credits per lead. 3. I guess its suppose to be a great forum to promote your business. Other business owners tend to throw up their business on you. So its been a great waste of my time and energy. Beware of MLM Gateway forcing you to waste money on credits and getting no results.

    1. The minimum payout is $100. That’s probably why you haven’t been paid yet.

      Most of the leads will not result in signups, maybe in 1 in 100. That is normal with any platform.

      I’ve acquired more than 10 reps/customers from MLM Gateway so I know it works. Their PPC platform is out of this world for driving people to your website.

      Promoting your business there is the wrong approach. What you should be doing is connecting with other people and using attraction marketing. Everyone there is there to promote their business. You have to find a way to be different and stand out in the crowd or you will go unnoticed.

      Just my two cents.

  3. I’m registered on MLM Gateway and unfortunately haven’t benefited much from it because my business is UK based and most of the leads on there are based in the US. One of my business partners here has been on it much longer and has the same experience.

  4. Avery good part of joining this gateway is that you can promote your business by writing business announcements and actually earn credits by doing so. You connect with like minds and can even reach out to prospects. You can also add your links too and get genuine and unique traffic.

  5. A lot of users on the MLM gateway know that other users have an MLM business and are there to promote their business, so they obviously expect offers from other users.

    1. Of course. That’s part of being on the website. You will receive other offers. The key is to provide value and become a respect member of the MLM Gateway community. By doing that, you will attract prospects into your business.

  6. Yup, I keep telling people I send to the site that, just like any social media platform, you dare not spam other members just so you don’t get flagged and lose potential leads.

  7. Wow! I really believe this is an excellent idea and I am definitely going to use it as one of my lead getting mechanisms to help boost mu MLM network. Thanks for sharing this!

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