MLM Flyers: An Easy Way to Get More MLM Leads

Today, I’d like to share some practical tips on generating leads for your network marketing business with MLM Flyers.

While I am not a HUGE fan of handing out flyers, the concept does work. It is proven and time tested. Many businesses have expanded their customer base by using flyers.

However, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. In the paragraphs below, I’d like to share my best success tips, and give you some ideas about WHERE to hand out your flyers. Enjoy.MLM Flyers An Easy Way to Get More Leads

What is an MLM Flyer?

A flyer is simply a piece of paper with a marketing message on it. It normally includes a headline, a few key bullet points (benefits) and a strong call to action. It’s basically an advertisement for your products or business.

Why Use Them?

MLM Flyers are easy to use and easy to make. Anyone can do it. They are duplicatable in your organization and are an inexpensive way to advertise your business and grow your team.

Tips for Success with MLM Flyers

Here are some of my best success tips using MLM Flyers.

# 1: Don’t Mention Your Company Name or Product Name

When it comes to creating a flyer, you do not want to put your network marketing company’s name on it. Do not say the product name either. Keep it generic. Curiosity is what sells! If you give your prospect that information upfront, they will just get on their phone, search Google, and end up signing up with someone else.

# 2: Offer Something for Free

People love free. When creating an MLM Flyer, consider offering a free sample or gift card. You will get a much higher response rate when you do this. For example, my company offers free $25 gift cards people can use on their first order. If I were creating an MLM Flyer today, it would be geared around that.

Create an eye-catching headline. The headline shouldn’t simply be the name of your business; it should offer the consumer a reason to read the rest of the flyer. Pose an interesting question or offer to unveil enticing information. You can also use a sale or promotion for the the headline — something like “buy one, get one free.”

Source: Chron

# 3: Track Your Results

It’s vital that you have some type of tracking mechanism on your MLM Flyers. You need to know where your leads are coming from. You could use a certain email, website, or phone number for your flyers to make this simple to track.

To ensure that distributing a flyer is worth your time, you will probably want to track the ROI of your flyers. Include a clear CTA (call-to-action) that not only prompts people to want to check out your business, but that will also enable you to track how many customers you pulled in with your flyer.

Source: Venngage

 # 4: It’s a Numbers Game

Remember, handing out flyers is a numbers game. Not everyone will be interested. Most people will NOT be interested, but some will. The more MLM Flyers you give out the more responses you will get.

Sure not everyone will take the time to read it, but if you spend an hour dropping flyers and one person reaches out interested as a customer or to become a team member that’s time we’ll spent working cold leads!


# 5: Be Consistent

You can’t just hand out a bunch of flyers once and expect much to happen. The key to success with any type of marketing strategy is to be persistent and consistent. I would rather see someone hand out 200 flyers per week, every week, for one year than hand out 10,000 flyers at once.

# 6: The Cheaper the Better

Because printer cartridges are expensive, I suggest you order flyers online or at your local print ship. You can have flyers made for 4 to 6 cents each if you shop around. If you were to do it yourself, it would probably cost you more than that, just with the cost of ink.Flyers are a simple way to share your products or business opportunity with the masses ~ Chuck Holmes

# 7: Have a Strong Call to Action

At the bottom of your MLM Flyer, you must have a strong call to action. Tell the reader EXACTLY what you want them to do next. It might read something like:

  • Call XXX-XXX-XXXX to request your free sample today!
  • Visit my website to get your gift card!
  • Email me at (your email here) to get more information!
  • Call our 24/7 message to get additional details!

# 8: Provide Multiple Ways to Contact You

On your flyer, it’s important to have multiple ways to contact you. I suggest you include an email, phone number and website. Not everyone who reads your flyer will be tech savvy, so multiple options are always best.

# 9: Give Them to People in Your Target Market

If possible, focus exclusively on your target market. The best way to make that happen is to buy a targeted mailing list of people in your target market and mail each person a flyer. This does cost more, but it should drastically improve your response rate.

Flyer printing stipulates a great opportunity to advertise within restricted budgets and at the very same time, generates real results. The key thing here is to pick the venue for distributing your flyers. All you need to do is establish the places wherever your target market may be usually found. Your flyers must be designed in such a way that it provides reasons and generates a desire to purchase your product or service.

Source: Medium

# 10: Respect No Soliciting Signs

If a community of business has a no-soliciting sign, do not hand out flyers. Do the right thing and follow the rules. I’ve also found flyers to be much more effective if you hand them to someone, rather than leave them on someone’s car windshield or door at their house.

When it comes to flyer distribution, best practice is to check laws first and always get permission from private property owners before you leave your flyers. In most cases, you’ll find it’s easy to get permission to place your flyers where customers will see them – which is why flyer printing is such a popular form of marketing.

Source: PsPrint

# 11: Teach It to Your Team

The only thing better than giving out 10,000 flyers yourself is to have 10 team members each give out 1,000 flyers. This is the power of duplication. Teach your team how to use MLM Flyers to get more leads and watch your business explode.

# 12: Test Different MLM Flyers

While tracking your results from each flyer is important, the best way to improve your response is to test out different flyers. Sometimes, even a few small changes on a flyer will lead to a much higher response rate. If you don’t test it, you will never know what works best.

Best Places to Hand Out MLM Flyers

Before handing out or leaving flyers at any of these venues, please check with the management team first to make sure it is okay.

Flea Markets

Flea markets are a great place to hand out your flyers. You could rent a booth and hand out flyers to shoppers or just walk through the venue and hand out flyers to everyone you meet.

Yard Sales

You could visit local yard sales, or even have your own yard sale and hand out a flyer to everyone you encounter.

Farmer’s Markets

Most communities have a Farmer’s Market you can visit. You could set up a booth, give an MLM Flyer to each vendor, or hand them to people you talk with.

Community Events

There are tons of different community events you can attend as a vendor or guest and give out flyers.

In Your Bills

You can enclose a flyer in each bill you mail out and in all outgoing mail. I’ve done this for many years now and it does work. Someone must open the mail. Chances are they will at least read your flyer.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are a great place to leave flyers if you have permission to do so. Ask the management team first.

Fitness Centers

If your company sells a health and wellness product, fitness centers can be a great place to hand out flyers. What works best is to strike up a conversation with someone first and then give them a flyer.

Public Restrooms

Public restrooms are a great place to leave flyers. Every uses the bathroom multiple times each day so you have lots of people seeing your flyer.Flyers are inexpensive and easy to hand out Anyone can do it That's why they work for generating leads." ~ Chuck Holmes


Most libraries have a bulletin board you can put a few of your flyers on.

Gas Stations

Gas stations have bulletin boards you can attach a few flyers to.

Bus Stops

If you use public transportation, the bus stop is a great place to meet people and hand out MLM Flyers.


If the restaurant is a mom and pop type restaurant, ask if you can leave some flyers near the cash register or entrance.


Visit your local laundromats and leave several flyers. Most people at the laundromat are stuck there for a couple of hours and are bored. There is a high likelihood they will at least read your flyer.

Community Bulletin Boards

Look for community bulletin boards where people can post flyers. Make sure you add new ones frequently.

Reception Areas

Reception areas in small businesses, especially accountants, veterinarians, insurance agents, and the doctor’s office are great places to leave your MLM Flyers.

Small Businesses

Think about the different small businesses in your local community and brainstorm businesses that might allow you to leave some of your MLM Flyers.

One Last Important Tip

Here is an important tip. Keep a list of all the places you leave flyers. That way, you can resupply each of these venues once each month. Having a list of locations ahead of time will save you time and gas money from driving all over town trying to figure out where you will leave your MLM Flyers.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are my best success tips on using MLM Flyers to generate leads for your MLM Business. I hope you found the information helpful. What are your thoughts? Have you used flyers before to generate leads? If so, leave a comment below to share your experience. I look forward to hearing from you.

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