MLM Etiquette: How to Act Like a Network Marketing Professional

What is MLM Etiquette? Let me begin by explaining what etiquette is. According to, etiquette is “The customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group.” Therefore, I would define MLM Etiquette as the customary code of being a network marketing professional. In other words, it’s the process of presenting your business in a professional way, acting like a professional at all times, and not tarnishing the reputation of our industry.

For most people, this is much easier said than done. In fact, most new distributors are amateurs and simply have no clue on how to act like a professional network marketer. I don’t blame them though. Many upline and experienced distributors are just as bad. As a result, our industry has a bad name.

One of the worst things that people do in our industry is “puke” their business opportunity all over everyone they meet. They start by pitching friends, family members and prospects, before they qualify the prospect or get the other person’s permission to do so.  Another thing that many distributors do is lie to their prospects, telling them how easy it is to succeed or promising them that they will get rich quick.  As a result, many people are “put off” by our industry.

I compare it to a used car salesman walking around town, in shopping malls and at the grocery store, asking people if they want to buy a good used car. While I admire the guy’s ambition, his approach is horrible. The same holds true in the MLM Industry. If you want to have good MLM Etiquette, you must qualify your prospect first, and build rapport, before you ever mention your business opportunity. This saves you time dealing with unqualified prospects and makes you look like a professional.

Another way to have good MLM Etiquette is how you act when you are around other network marketers. Rather than try to say bad things about other companies or distributors, you should say good things. You should do what you can to protect the reputation of our industry. More importantly, as you build a team, you should help them. That means you are actively involved with your downline, until they become proficient on their own. Many distributors sponsor people and then forget about them. Don’t do that!

Furthermore, to act like a network marketing professional, you should dress like a professional.  When you are at business events wear business attire.  When you are sitting down with your prospects, dress nice.  Don’t wear jeans with holes in them, have an untrimmed beard, or look like a homeless person.  Dress like someone who is successful.  In addition, talk like a professional.  Don’t swear.  Don’t use vulgarity or bad grammar.  Look the other person in the eyes when you talk to them and make sure you do just as much listening as speaking.

Another way to act like a network marketing professional is to educate yourself.  Know the ins and outs of your company, the compensation plan and products.  Study the industry. Know the jargon and terminology.  Subscribe to professional publications, read books, attend seminars and constantly hone your skills and knowledge.

My final tip about being a network marketing professional is to show proper respect upline, cross line and downline.  By no means should you worship your upline, but you should show them proper respect.  The same holds true with cross-line distributors.  When you have problems, they get addressed upline, never shared with your downline.  Positive goes down and negative goes up.  Never forget that. Your team has enough problems of their own and they don’t want to know about your problems.  So keep them to yourself or share them with your upline.

Final Thoughts

In summary, it’s very important to have the proper MLM Etiquette so you present yourself as a network marketing professional at all times. You should adopt this mindset in all areas of your business to include recruiting, prospecting and team building. At all times, you should come across as a professional who takes pride in what they do and knows what they are doing. This will have a positive impact in your business, and will help improve the image of our industry.

What are your thoughts? What are the best ways you can think of to be a network marketing professional?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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