MLM Duplication: 10 Things Every Rep Should Know

Today, I want to take a few minutes and share some of my personal thoughts about MLM Duplication.  These are 10 things I think every rep should know, right from day one in the industry.  No, I don’t expect you to agree with everything I am about to say, and that is perfectly fine.  This is just my experience and thoughts on the subject after thirteen years in this great industry.

Please know upfront that many of these things will contradict what you have been taught, but I do hope you can look at your own organization in each one of these areas and see how you measure up to what I am saying.

# 1 Most of the people you sponsor will do absolutely nothing to build their business, EVEN IF you spend tons of time training, supporting, coaching and helping them. This is at least 80% of your team and probably closer to 90% of your team.  Your job is to look for winners, offer your support to everyone, and meet people where they are at, but spend most of your time with the 10%.  Not everyone joins your team to do the business (some are just product users), but of the people that do join to build a business, only about one in five or one in ten will do anything at all.

# 2 No system really duplicates. Whether you teach your team to do home parties, one on ones, hotel meetings, Facebook strategies, YouTube, blogging or any other method, it’s not going to work for everyone on your team.  Each one of us is different, with different personalities, strengths and talents.  Your objective as a sponsor is to find out what each person on your team is good at and help them build the business in a way that works for them.

# 3 Most successful people in our industry do not follow their upline’s system, nor do their successful team members follow their system.  People who make it big in our industry are leaders, and they typically do their own thing.  If you were to evaluate the ten top earners in any company, you will quickly discover that they all built the business differently from each other, even if they are all in the same line of sponsorship.

# 4 In most cases, your best people will not want your help or need it. They have the initiative and drive and will figure things out on their own and come up with a system that works for them.  Do not let this hurt your ego.  Be thankful if you have people like this on your team.  It makes life much easier for you.  If anything, stay out of their way!

# 5 Innovation is a good thing. Why would you want everyone on your team doing the exact same thing?  How does that make sense?  This is not a franchise.  All business owners need a unique selling proposition, a way to be different from their competition and stand out in the crowd.  Trying to get an introvert, as an example, to do what would work for an extrovert, but not them, is completely idiotic.

# 6 Most top earners teach a different system than they use themselves. They do this to “unify” their team and get everyone on their team doing the same thing, even though they don’t do it themselves.  I personally think this is foolish.  I think all top earners should disclose what they do/did to build their business and give their team members several business building options to choose from, and let them decide which method is best for them.

# 7 Forcing your downline to build their business the way you do it is ignorant. We are all independent contractors and independent business owners.  You are not a dictator or someone’s boss.  No one joined this industry to have someone telling them what to do or bossing them around.  If someone told me I had to build my business the same way they do, or they wouldn’t work with me, we would probably have a fist fight.

# 8 It makes more sense to duplicate RESULTS than it does to duplicate the PROCESS. As long as people are prospecting, qualifying, inviting, sharing presentations, sponsoring people, getting customers and training their team, who cares how they do it!  Once again, your real role as a leader is to help your people find a process that will work for them, based upon their personality, strengths, talents and abilities.

# 9 Typically the people you spend the most time with will produce the least.  Ask any top earner about their best three to five people and in most cases they did very little to help them, except stay out of their way.  This is a reality in our industry.  In most cases, the people you spend the least amount of time with will be your best distributors and the people who take all your time will do very little, if anything at all.

# 10 In most cases, two to five percent of your team will be responsible for 90% or more of your team’s growth.  Most top earners have sponsored 100 to 200 people personally, yet most of their income comes from the efforts of just one to three of those people. If you look across your organization you will see that most of your growth comes from a few power players.

Final Thoughts

I’m sure this blog post will ruffle a few feathers with some of you.  If so, maybe that’s a good thing.  In either case, I hope you can all learn from my mistakes I have made in the past, so you won’t have to repeat them.  I also hope you will evaluate your own team in each one of these areas and see how you measure up.  After you do that, leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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6 thoughts on “MLM Duplication: 10 Things Every Rep Should Know

  1. Mickiyas

    Hi Chuck,

    MLM is pretty much a duplication business. It’s a business built on leverage.

    If someone wants to grow their MLM business, they have to know how to sell, sponsor, and duplicate. But more importantly, they have to learn to effectively teach and train their downlines to do the same.

    This piece of advice is going to be a great time saver. This is advice beginners and even advanced level marketers can use to put their business on the right track from day one.

  2. Diamond Grant

    It is so true that most of the time the people who are the best are not interested in or do not need your help. They have a self-motivation that pushes them to research and develop a model that works best for them. At times, help from us can seem to stifle their natural creativity and drive. I have found that a good balance of oversight from a distance and being available so you can be reached if they do need your help works pretty well.

  3. Greg Boudonck

    I must admit that I am happy you are stating something I have thought for a very long time. People are not robots, and if we all did things the same exact way, it would be a boring world. What I do believe is: we show prospects what works for us, and what works for other team members, and allow that prospect to use what they feel will work best for them.

    I also feel that having duplicate websites is another terrible thing for MLM companies. I understand why many do it, because if they had members building their own websites, they could run into legal problems, but I still think it is terrible, because it creates duplicate content which the search engines frown upon.

    Thank you for ruffling feathers Chuck. It needed to be said.


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