MLM Digital Products: The Future of the MLM Industry

Today, we’re going to talk about MLM Digital Products…

We live in a DIGITIAL world. When it comes to network marketing, digital products offer a HUGE opportunity.

While most companies in our industry focus on tangible products and services, I believe digital services offer an even better opportunity.

Why? Because the costs involved in developing digital products are much lower.

Some digital products also come with a “physical” service or product attached. You will understand what I mean as we go further into this post.

Some of the leading digital product MLM Companies right now are:

  • ACN
  • Legal Shield
  • Primerica
  • World Ventures
  • Ambit Energy
  • Tempo Wireless
  • 5Linx

ACN sells internet, electricity, cell phones, home security and more. Legal Shield sells pre-paid legal services. World Ventures sells travel services. Ambit Energy sells an energy service. Primerica sells insurance. And the list goes on!

mlm digital products

Top 16 Current Or Potential MLM Digital Products

# 1 Home Security

To the best of my knowledge, ACN is the only network marketing company that offers this service. That leaves lots of potential for other companies who can find a viable solution. Companies like ADT Home Security have MILLIONS of customers. If a new MLM Company could tap “into” even 10% of those customers they could build a HUGE business.

 # 2 Internet

Do you know even one person who does not have internet access in their home? I don’t. If an MLM Company could offer an affordable, high quality internet service, they could start talking about world DOMINATION.

# 3 Leads

Leads are a digital product. If an MLM Company offered leads as one of their commissionable products, the floodgates could open up. They could have something of value to offer every person in our industry. Every home-based business owner needs more leads. There are lots of leads companies, but none of those companies operate as an MLM Company.

# 4 Auto-Responders

My auto-responder is my most important business tool. If you aren’t using an auto-responder to grow your business, you are really missing the boat. This is a software program that manages your leads for you and sends out emails on your behalf.

# 5 Web Conferencing

I personally use ZOOM for my web conferencing. But, if an MLM Company offered a similar service, I would consider using that to support the industry. 

# 6 Cell Phones

Most people can’t live without their cell phones. Other than my in-laws, I don’t know of ONE person who does not own a cell phone. There are only a couple of MLM Cell Phone companies. I believe this niche will continue to grow in the months and years to come.

# 7 Training Courses

Training courses could be a great digital product. Every MLM Company could offer training courses for their distributors as a commissionable product. Or, a new company could launch and offer this type of product exclusively.

# 8 Car Insurance

Just as Primerica offers life insurance using a MLM format, I see no reason why auto insurance could not be sold digitally using a similar format.

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# 9 Gym Memberships

I am actually surprised that one or more of the many health and wellness MLM companies have not partnered with one of the many gym franchises to sell memberships within their multilevel format.

# 10 Pest Control

This is an excellent example of what I said about a digital sale being attached to a physical service. I am also surprised that pest control has not yet used the network marketing format.

# 11 Home, Life, Medical and Dental Insurance

Earlier, I mentioned auto insurance being sold digitally through MLM. We do have the huge Primerica selling life insurance but why not veer into all other forms of insurance?

It can be so much easier if you can just open your laptop or smartphone and purchase an insurance plan through a MLM representative. 

Yes, there will be licensing procedures, but if handled correctly, I believe we could see a huge change digitally that could bring insurance prices down by using a MLM digital format.

# 12 Home Warranties

You can buy home warranties now digitally but I don’t believe there is any MLM company that offers this service. Maybe some MLM CEO will read this and the lightbulb will brighten.

# 13 Maid Service

Be it a one-time cleaning or a weekly or monthly subscription, I believe a maid service could operate quite proficiently using a digital, MLM system. What’s more, it would provide jobs!

# 14 Video Streaming Services

Video streaming has become huge in digital services being sold. Now just consider how much bigger it could get if members were selling to their network of friends and family and getting compensated to do so.

# 15 Trash Pickup

Most homeowners have a trash service. So a MLM Company , I believe, would find great success partnering with one or more trash services and using a digital format, selling the service. And the fact is, each representative would use the service too and it would be a recurring bill, so can we say, passive income!!!

# 16 Lawn/Pool Care

Could you imagine if there was a nationwide pool and/or lawn service promoted via the MLM Business Model. I can’t speak for you, but I would be a customer of that company.

Would it be a Scam?

This is the million-dollar question. Many people have been programmed to believe that if there is not a tangible product or service, then the MLM Company is not legit.

I wholeheartedly disagree. Think about how much money you spend on a yearly basis on digital or “non-tangible” products. How would it be any different if a MLM Company sold that digital product versus the company who advertises on billboards and such?

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. These are my thoughts on MLM Digital Products. What do you think? What is your favorite MLM Digital Product? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.


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