MLM Customer Contest Ideas

Today, I’d like to share some of my favorite MLM Customer Contest Ideas. I will share ideas to (1) motivate your team members to acquire more customers, and (2) ways for you to increase your own customer sales.

Customers are the lifeblood of EVERY business. Never forget that. Without customers, there is no business.

Sadly, customer acquisition is not taught in most MLM Companies. Instead, people are taught to focus on recruiting, not retailing. I believe there should be a healthy balance of BOTH of those activities, not one or the other. Reps should retail AND recruit.

I believe reps should strive to find and maintain five to ten personal customers BEFORE they start recruiting distributors. This gives them a profitable business center. Also, it’s hard to teach something you haven’t done yourself.

It’s hard to talk about finding customers if you haven’t found any yet yourself. It’s hard to talk about “making money with a network marketing business” if you aren’t making money yourself. However, if you have five to ten customers yourself, you will make money, and in return, you can teach others how to do that.

mlm customer contest ideas

A Dream Organization 

Could you imagine having a team of 550 distributors ordering the products? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Want to know what would be even more amazing? Having a team of 50 distributors who each have 10 customers! That’s still 550 people ordering products.

I think the second example is better because if each of your 50 distributors has 10 customers, they are making money. They will be happy and less likely to drop out.

Finally, a good MLM Company (or team) has five to ten customers for every rep. That’s when you know your company is product focused and customer driven.

Why Use Contests?

Almost everyone loves a good contest. They are exciting. They give people a reason to buy something, work hard, or do a little bit more.

Almost every sales organization, in almost every industry, uses contests with their salesforce. They understand that one good contest can 5x or 10x the sales numbers.

When it comes to your network marketing customers, they also like a contest that gives them an incentive. The chance to get a discount or win a prize is quite appealing to most people.

MLM Customer Contest Ideas for Team Members

Here are some MLM Customer Contest Ideas you can use with your team members.

  1. Acquire one new customer this month who orders any amount and you will be entered into a raffle. Five random winners will each win $100.
  2. Acquire two new customers this month and win a free $25 gift card.
  3. Acquire one new customer this month and get 1 free share in the team advertising CO-OP.
  4. Acquire three new customers this month and win a free ticket to the next regional event.
  5. Sell $1,000 in products to retail customers this month and earn an extra $150 cash.
  6. If your team acquires 20 new retail customers this month, I will pick three random distributors who each will win $50.

Keep in mind, these are just examples to get you thinking. Feel free to modify them in any way that you see fit. Don’t feel obligated to use the same prizes or dollar amounts that I provided. They are just examples.

customers are important

MLM Customer Contest Ideas for Your Customers 

Next, I’d like to share some contests you can use with your current and former customers.

  1. Order product A this month and get product B for free.
  2. Order $100 worth of products and get a free $25 gift card.
  3. Refer a friend who orders from me, and I will send you a free product.
  4. Set up an auto-ship order for any amount and be entered into my raffle where three random people will each win $100.
  5. Buy $300 in products and get $75 in free products.
  6. Order this product and I will send you a sample of ______ product for free.
  7. Schedule a home party with me this month. If we sell $______, or more, you will get $_____ in free products.

As I mentioned with the previous examples, feel free to modify these MLM Customer Contest Ideas so they make sense to you. Change the numbers around and only offer contests that make sense financially.

Tips for Contests

Design your team contests for the PART-TIMER. This is key. If your contests are hard to qualify for, only your top producers will go for it. Your goal is to get a large percentage of your team to do a little bit more than they normally would, rather than get one person to do a lot more.

When it comes to your customers, make your contests simple and easy to understand. Also, promote your contests ahead of time and give your customers plenty of notice and make it as easy as possible for them to do.

mlm team contests

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are my best MLM Customer Contest Ideas. If you aren’t using simple contests to explode your sales, you are really missing out. Sometimes a small, simple contest can have a huge positive impact on your bottom line.

What are your thoughts? What have you found that works best? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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6 thoughts on “MLM Customer Contest Ideas”

  1. I agree 100% with you, Chuck! Customers are the lifeblood for companies. I always try to treat mine well and give them handwritten notes of thank you with their products. Your idea about the contest sounds amazing and easy to go through with it. I’m going to try it next time. Maybe a Christmas contest? I don’t know yet, but you really inspired me to try and do it! Like you said it doesn’t have to be huge! Thank you for this article, it gave me so many ideas that I want to go through now!

    1. Yes, doing the little things to keep your customers happy, such as sending notes or giving them a free gift, can make a world of difference on retention and reorder rates. Most businesses don’t do that, so if you do, it’s a quick way to stand out in the crowd.

  2. It is true that some businesses get confused and fail to get more customers as well as losing old customers. This can get quite problematic while trying to run a business smoothly, if customers keep decreasing. It can be tricky to attract customers but everyone loves contests, so the customer contest idea is actually great. Terms like ‘free products’ and ‘gift cards’ are actually the key words for attracting customers, and since most of your tips have these terms, it will definitely work. Instead of focusing more about getting customers, we should focus more on what they like and how to keep them as our customers, and eventually I believe the rate of customers will increase.

    1. Yes, using free products and free gift cards is a great way to attract new customers. I think these tips would apply to almost any type of business, not just network marketing.

  3. I agree that contests are a great idea! I believe you need to continuously shake things up in your business. Offering a contest in my opinion can really open a lot of doors to not only new customers, but your old ones who may have not ordered in awhile. My personal favorite contest is to offer a free gift card. The other one I like to also do is, say if you place $100 order or higher, next month I will choose a name to receive $100 in free products of your choosing.

    1. Those are great contest ideas, Jessica.

      Everyone loves a free gift card or a chance to win a cash prize. The prizes or gifts don’t even have to be overly expensive. Think outside the box and get creative. If you don’t know what type of contest to do, simply ask your customers and team members what might be of interest to them. That’s a great way to get some new ideas.


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